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  1. TheTickles

    I suspect you are here to feed off the rage of others. I'll ignore you from here on in. Have a good time in planetside 2 . Hope to meet you on the field of battle.
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  2. technopredator

    I'm so glad I didn't download the 1.7 GB (FATA$$ patch that they could've compressed more with 7-zip maximum setting but they didn't, so much for suggesting it), yes I was playing again because I felt like it, get over it, and now I see SOE screw the damage again, is hard enough to survive without it, and also so glad I'm making my final transition to MechWarrior Online, they actually care about balance, no this stupid "Hey here more damage for you, but we're not saying that you'll get farmed like never before", strategy actually counts, here you only need numbers, this game should be renamed ZergSidePlanet, it was great when there were about 50 soldier on 1 region, you could actually be strategic to win, and lag has killed me more times than any other thing, and MWO will have community warfare soon, so what I'm going to miss is the good old days when skill was needed to play this game; oh but you'd point out my KDR, that's a BS insignificant stat because if you get sniped on roll over by a tank or killed because lag wouldn't let you see enemies that's not my fault AT ALL that's not losing a duel 1vs1 because I suck more, specially when I constantly tried to reinforce a region while more reinforcements got there, the way it's implemented, it's just a useless stat. And the forced limitations and respawn "options" very "attractive" and not to mention how easy is to cheat this game which doesn't so easy on MWO. Good riddance and thanks for all the fish SOE, you suck!
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  3. chriss2534

    it has no bullet drop
  4. Rohnlex

    Awesome news
  5. BobSanders123

    *ehm* mcg *ehm* Other than that... Good work SOE! Can't wait for MAX swords!
  6. Rudy236

    i cant play planetside 2 since this update the download stooped when there was 59,667 KB left, i tried restarting the computer but it didn't work. PLEASE HELP
  7. RIctavius

    I just want to father hit you so hard.
  8. Assassin22

    ok is this 30 sec. revive timer right because it dont act like its 30 sec to me i played a little bit to day and my friend said i was gone within 5 sec so WTH
  9. disky00

  10. Wandering Mania

    I am disgusted with this patch as you converged the camos into one, you backhanded the people who spent thousands of SC for full camo sets for weapons,armor, and vehicles. For each permanent use set was 1500 SC now I myself had at least 6 sets and now there "one camo fits all". I wasted 9000 SC about with no refund in SC or even a few extra certs. Now that is not to mention the unneeded changes to the mini map that make seeing how many certs I have to spend almost imposable to see now. So like I said for supporting SOE I get slapped in the face and no cert or SC refund for the changes you should have made long ago or before the game was launched.
  11. BFBirdy

    Still have not gotten my camos back.... Liar :mad: But in all seriousness when are we going to get these back?
  12. Clandestine

    Any comments on the Railgun? are they fixing it? the shot delay kills it and the gun feels off, anyone who is looking for a sniper rifle get the Long Shot is way better. I wish I could get my certs back :)
  13. TomGettingBetter

    Okay, I'm glad that you guys finally decided to stop making us pay a goddamn fortune to be able to coordinate camos, but it really really sucks for those of us that paid two to three times more for these things when they were separate items, and now have them pared down. Not to mention the fact that it's nice and all that you guys have made the base shotguns unlocked for everyone, but it means that those of us that already wasted the station cash now have an empty wallet and exactly the same thing that everyone else does. In theory, shouldn't a game try to reward dedicated customers, rather than make the real money they spent on your product moot? I've got something in the range of 45 dollars spent on items that are now free, and wouldn't have bought if you gave enough notice on these changes coming. At least when some other games (like Warframe) put in major changes that affect purchased items, they give the player back some of the imaginary money so they can further enjoy the game rather than say "Well ****, should have been able to tell the future. Guess you'll have to spend more money on these new things we have!"
  14. RafeLongshank

    Yup, I have the same issue... and I've never noticed it before, but this is the first time I have looked at this section:

    *Warning: Retrying Resources/Assets/Assets_188.pack
    Patching Resources/Assets/Assets_185.pack
    *Warning: Patch application failed for Resources/Assets/Assets_187.pack due to Bad Algorithm ID: 36608. Starting over.
    *Warning: Retrying Resources/Assets/Assets_187.pack
    Patching Resources/Assets/Assets_189.pack
    *Warning: Patch application failed for Resources/Assets/Assets_185.pack due to Bad Algorithm ID: 6657. Starting over.
    *Warning: Retrying Resources/Assets/Assets_185.pack
    Patching Resources/Assets/Assets_190.pack
    Patching Resources/Assets/Assets_192.pack
    *Warning: Patch application failed for Resources/Assets/Assets_189.pack due to Bad Algorithm ID: 37632. Starting over.
    *Warning: Retrying Resources/Assets/Assets_189.pack
    Patching Resources/Assets/Assets_193.pack
    *Warning: Patch application failed for Resources/Assets/Assets_190.pack due to Bad Algorithm ID: 39424. Starting over.
    *Warning: Retrying Resources/Assets/Assets_190.pack
    *Warning: Patch application failed for Resources/Assets/Assets_192.pack due to Bad Algorithm ID: 37376. Starting over.
    *Warning: Retrying Resources/Assets/Assets_192.pack

    Is there a fix for this constant failing and retrying?
  15. SharpShooter101

    I decide to log in to see game i update it often but don't play so when i log in i see no more warp gate spawn that's cool well i choose to spawn as medic and i get quiz and i get medic as the class i should be (medic is my most invested and favorite class) and i see new hunter bow? cool too mini-map and health bar got smaller i don't know but good job on update Sony hope this game lasts a long long time!
  16. meep01

    Hey guys. I've done the class test but I'm not satisfied with it, is there a chance to do it again ? Pls anwser ! :3
  17. cruczi

  18. ScrapyardBob

    No. But the devs have said they would like to make it per-character (or per-server?) in the future.