Scheduled Maintenance February 27th, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Darthy

    Titanfall isn't exactly a competitor for Planetside 2. They're two different kind of games...
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  2. ElTovar

    Great change!
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  3. liamsmithuk


    Replacing PlanetSide2.exe
    *Warning: Patch application failed for Resources/Assets/Assets_022.pack due to Bad Algorithm ID: 44288. Starting over.
    *Warning: Retrying Resources/Assets/Assets_022.pack
    *Warning: Patch application failed for Resources/Assets/Assets_179.pack due to Bad Algorithm ID: 40448. Starting over.
    *Warning: Retrying Resources/Assets/Assets_179.pack
    *Warning: Patch application failed for Resources/Assets/Assets_150.pack due to Bad Algorithm ID:
  4. SuecoViacho

    "Wow so much rage about the camos here.

    They said they will consolidate previously bought camos too.

    Learn 2 read pls."

    learn to read too:
    it sais something about peoples who purchsed ONE camo, they will get free stuff, but People like me (purchased 3 camos yesterday :/) are not mentioned
  5. Ttariel

    I see nothing really negative...has it been done has SOE learned the way of making us happy ?

    I will take all of SOE out for a dinner. Later i will have a date with higs hair, its gonna be strange but cool.
  6. Darthy

    That's a bummer man. I'm glad I only bought a single camouflage.
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  7. Brogan9001

    What about the pullback bolt attachment?
  8. Defaceo

    Of course it sounds awesome to you - you're NC.
  9. JibbaJabba

    Of course. Very different in more ways than I can count. They both however appeal to me as a gamer. I love planetside but being an old-school quake player I'm looking forward to some good twitch shooting. There are other games that appeal to other PS2 players as well. I'm not a BF4 fan but I know that has a lot of cross-appeal for PS2 players.

    I'll be getting Titanfall for PC when it releases. The question is do I continue to pay a membership for Planetside and pop in now and again? Slapping me in the face by making real money purchases suddenly obsolete with a patch doesn't encourage me to give more real money. Titanfall is just a couple weeks out. The memory of getting burned by Sony will still be fresh in my mind.

    If they refund 2/3 of the SC, or cert points for those that bought all three camos then I'll hit the renew button without hesitation.
  10. GotBuds

    Relax about the Camos Everyone!!! :)

    I understand being frustrated and not having the answers readily available to us when we want them.

    I too have several questions about the future of my camo sets I have bought, and I own numerous ones :(

    Like all things SOE, I am sure we will have a resolution to our issue/questions when the time is right, and that they will make it good with us that have supported the game with our money.

    I have found that venting my anger on the forums, only leads to more anger for

    Let's let them finish this patch, then we can beat them up about everything else.

    Anyone with me?
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  11. ST4LK3R

    You learn to read. You still don't realize what's going on, do you?
  12. Planetdoge

    Why nerf Amerish nights? Looked just fine to me.
  13. JibbaJabba

    You've missed the point. It's not about consolidation. It's about money spent on nothing.
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  14. Darthy

    Ahh I see. Titanfall isn't my cup of tea, as I like a game with a good story, the thing about Planetside is that you kind of make your own story.

    I totally get your drift about the camouflages too, I'd be annoyed if they weren't refunded.
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  15. Hypersot

    Yes, I can give you an explanation:

    Old Age :D
  16. Spacelife

    Hehe, I like how they didn't write out estimated time of maintenance this time so people won't get false hope when it inevitably takes longer than planned.
  17. Plunutsud pls

    Let me tell you what's going on:

    A bunch of people donated for cosmetics in virtual reality and are now whining about something SOE did in complete accordance with their TOS - which we all agreed to.

    Welcome to f2p.

    I donate too but I don't expect to keep anything I have in this game forever.

    Neither do I expect anything I bought with cash to remain unchanged.
  18. Mianera

    Agreed! I had to buy all 3 pieces of camo and it was damn annoying. Now I found out that all that money was wasted.

    Let me make a comparison here ( pretty far fetched one, but the same point applies)

    Let us say that I bought World of Warcraft with all their damn expansions which I had to pay for individually in addition as well. Then 1-2 weeks later, Blizzard announces that when you buy World of Warcraft you get all the expansions included for free. It's not the same but it is the same principle. I would feel screwed over, be angry and feel that I wasted my money.

    What annoys me the most is that it is entirely within SONY and their marketing rights to do so and the same for every other company. I don't think we will see any SC refund or any refund of any kind. Things changed, we have to get along with it. Sucks so much, goddamn I am annoyed over this.

    Sorry guys, but I don't think that SONY is going to let the loyal and lasting customers get a refund here. I've never seen or heard of a company do that... ever.
  19. Cobsy

    Ok hey hey hey, hold on a minute.. Are you saying that for 1000SC you get 3 camos.. so considering ME, who've bought every single ******* camo (excluding a few playerstudio ones) Have paid 2000 more SC PER CAMO, than future players get? HELL NO! I mean.. NO! ALL OF MY NO!
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  20. Plunutsud pls

    Reading all this makes it look like you guys have never donated in a f2p game before.

    The devs can change what they want and when they want.

    Read the TOS.