Scatmax change Incoming

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  1. evansra

    I dont know what the think about this...

    I hate shotguns(pump action) but i like my scatmax :p

    Overall i think it will work out for the best, untill they add flamthrowers to maxes then scats will be redundant and tr/vs will be king of the maxes :)
  2. RichardDunn

    I hope I can get my money back when they nerf my Uppercut. I'm sick of the devs catering to the whiners. In this game whiners = winners.
  3. RobotNinja

    FINALLY!!!! Now ScatMaxes will be only marginally effective at extremely close range (5m or less) and completely suck and get roflstomped at everything else as they should.
  4. Vertabrae

    While I make no judgements on the max, I do have to say one thing. The last week I have seen numerous threads written by TR or VS players talking about people leaving the game due to balance issues, mainly with the Phoenix. Almost every thread has more than a few NC players talking about how their faction dealt with being UP for so long, and how their faction hung tough and didn't quit. Numerous comments where made, saying in effect, good riddance the game is better off without you.

    Now all of a sudden the shoe is on the other foot. Something you don't like is happening (exactly what happens remains to be seen), so if the NC suffers a massive population loss, how are you any different than the TR or VS who have already left?

    Not trying to start an argument. Simply stating the double standard I see so often in these forums. What someone else has is OP and must be nerfed. Until it belongs to your faction. Then it becomes "It sucks to be you, but I'm all right"
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  5. Drippyskippy

    Drippyskippy said:
    “QQ, wwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, <whine> <whine some more>”

    Please, QQ more drip! Cry for me!

    (bottom of the page)
    This was the post I was referring to in another thread you are the same guy that re wrote my post with your own words and proceeded to disregard my points due to your childishness. Nice try, hope you weren't trying to preserve some sort of reputation.

    So, you would rather something as important like meta game be pushed back a few more months because they had to entirely redesign bases and change how capture mechanics work instead of fixing shotguns by changing a few numbers in the coding? You see attempting to fix the problem with your suggestion would just push SoE's development process that much further behind than what it already is. Added with the fact that your post didn't even address my counter point to your post about making capture points more wide open which results in an infantry farm for vehicle users. I can only assume that my previous counter point you didn't think about and therefore entirely countered your suggestion. Fixing one thing and breaking another thing happens, but if you could prevent it you might as well do it. For SoE there won't be any problems that will exist if they nerf shotguns. Sure maybe they could over nerf them and then people stop using them, but for them it isn't a big deal because most people have already spent money on them. Now, I don't mean to say that I agree with their business practice of releasing OP weapons then nerfing them and not offering a refund, its complete BS in my opinion.
  6. Zar

    don't know what your on about been playing nc for a weak went 25 and 0 with a vanguard, two of those kills were prowlers stock btw. and i do alright as ground pounder kill at least one or two people a death only nano weave 2 as a engi. the Reaver i feel could use some work but it is not horrid i kill vs pilots just as much as they kill me o_O same with the TR. on the other hand the max i feel like a walking god kill about 20 people a go with stock stuff and no certs its unreal xD thing prints certs.
  7. Vertabrae

    There won't be any refunds. You pay for Station Cash. If it unlocked something, then it worked exactly as advertised. Can't get a refund when it worked properly. You didn't pay for the gun itself. Legally, you only paid for the SC. Anyways, it's in the terms you agreed to when you signed up that everything is subject to change at SOE's discretion. Gottta read that fine print.
  8. FigM

    Right now ScatMax with slug ammo outperforms VS and TR Max at medium and long range.

    5 meters? try 100
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  9. RichardDunn

    NS. I know I'm not getting any money back, I'm just expressing my hatred to all the whiners calling for nerfs and the developers need to feed them. They make up a small minority of the players yet they seem to have the loudest voice.
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  10. Czuuk

    And you think that will keep people who get two shotguns in the face from whining?
  11. QuakerOatsMan

    Have they released the patch notes yet? Do you guys honestly think there was nothing comparatively wrong with any of the shotgun weapons on a MAX, or that there might be just some simple change such as a fire rate decrease (which by the way would still allow infantry to be instagibbed as long as the MAX user can aim—while still allowing MAXes using slugs to have better range capabilities and giving other factions' MAXes the ability to fight back appropriately at CQC range). As it is now, the shotguns are much more "spray and pray" with a more rewarding result compared to the VS/TR MAXs' circumstances. (Do note that NC MAXes have a practical monopoly in CQC fights. Why should they be the only MAX that requires a special method to take down, simply because of the weapons they carry and not their armor?). If the devs make a change, it is usually because they see something wrong with the game according to how they designed it or wanted it to be—they play the game too, and they have access to hard statistics. They are likely to change anything that stands out in ruining player experience or that seems out of place (also consider the high possibility that the future MAX revamp will complement these changes).

    I find it funny that many NC players automatically assume the worst of nerfs are coming. It's not the end of the world. Sorry, but it only makes you look pretty bad if you're complaining before even the actual patch notes have been released (assumptions are bad).
  12. Sebyos


    Pls prove me wrong Higby and do it well.
  13. Drippyskippy

    Sorry about that, I actually care about the game and want it to be a fun experience throughout its hopefully long lifespan. Not a game riddled with OP weapons. I can understand though, you only care about yourself and the guns you use while I care about the community as a whole and want an even playing field for all players. Look, I bought the G2A rocket launcher (Nemesis) when it was OP with certs. Of course I would love to have those 1k certs back now that it is a mediocre weapon, but at the same time i'm happy that SoE decided to balance it thereby making other rocket launcher more viable. Balance = good. You call it whining, I call it advocating for fun and balanced gameplay for all players.

    Edit: That being said, no need to start getting upset yet. There is always that chance that SoE ends up not nerfing them or even buffing them like what they did with the Phoenix. No telling whats going through their heads, from their track record SoE doesn't seem to have a very good grasp on what makes things OP, so who knows they may not deem them OP in their eyes.

    You obviously haven't used the mercy's or cosmos. I do think they need a tighter cone of fire and less randomness all together, but TR and VS maxes are much more useful for me personally. I do use NC scatterguns as well and I think they need more rounds and half the damage. Someone peeking out of a spawn room shouldn't die as fast as I can click my mouse. But then they should get a tighter cone of fire so that they are effective to in between medium and close range. Anyways well see, I just hope they dont make them completely useless.
  15. TomaHawk

    What is the metagame they're working on?'

    oh, and the counter point to your original counter, which came from MY counter originating from that following counter... HAa AHha HAHAHAHA... seriously? My basic point was to change the closed quarter nature of some of the caps so they're not all a copy from one another. So not all caps are infantry centered, and not all are vehicle centered.
  16. Jezs

    Good thing I didn't spend any smedbucks on hacksaws yet.
  17. Dawgpound12

    Bout time for some balance.. You took away "OP" prowlers and maxes, now it's the scatmax's turn.
  18. Tekuila

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  19. Nocturnal7x

    Pumps are the worst. Im hope they get the closest look.
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  20. MurderBunneh

    Ha ha ha ya you are one of the people that depends on op shotguns to get kills in infantry combat. Enjoy.