Scatmax change Incoming

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  1. HazyW

    Its about time, shotguns and the NC maxes that use them are pretty blatantly overpowered
  2. MurderBunneh

    I have a BR 50 on Connery and I will be happy to come see you with my new Pump and Phoenix this weekend.
  3. MurderBunneh

    Infantry will still die to it in 0.0000111 sec just like they do to any AI max.
  4. -Synapse-

    The damage would be nerfed, so giving it a bit of range would balance out said nerfs.
  5. Plunkies

    Yay, back to beta NC max where they do no damage at any range!
  6. Major

    Give us a comparable mid-range guass rifle, heck, give it the same stats as the other factions AI weapons, then we will all be balanced and the never ending cry fest can stop.
  7. Drippyskippy

    Already played LoL, where do you think SoE got the idea of releasing an OP weapon, waiting for people to buy it then nerf it and bring it into balance with all the other weapons. That is what Riot does with their new champions they release. Dota 2 is a much better game and yes I do play it. One of the best balanced games. I don't "whine" about things in that game because when I get stomped its because the other team used skill/teamwork to beat me. That game has 1 thing this game doesn't have quite yet, its called balance.

    You beat me with skill/teamwork/strategy I applaud you and respect you as an enemy. You beat me with OP cheesy weapons that require little skill, I don't respect you. Taking advantage of game developers failures does not earn you respect.
  8. TheMercator

    There is nothing OP with the pumpaction. When your first shoot doesn't sit you are dead. Or at least you are when your opponent has some skill. I also don´t know why they say they are no-skill weapons. But just spraying around with carbines isn't?
  9. MykeMichail

    I hate to break it to you all, but if they nerf shotguns, then the current most effective way of taking down a MAX will also be nerfed.

    So, on one hand, they nerf the Scattermaxes. But on the other hand, they nerf shotguns which make it harder to take down said Scattermax.

    I can kill almost any MAX in the game (except those with high level Kinetic) with one magazine of Sweeper and one magazine of Rebel. Pretty much any high capacity semi-auto shotgun and side arm combination will do it.

    Nerf shotguns, and that MAX mightn't drop so easily.

    Dude, seriously, this is COMPLETELY false. Either you have no idea how low-range the Scattercannons on a MAX really are, or you have no idea how to handle cone of fire bloom whilst using a MAX.

    If you alternate arms, you can be firing with one whilst the CoF settles on the other, and still maintain ridiculous accurate DPS against infantry at up to about 100 m. At 100 m with a Scattermax, you might as well use bursters.
  10. ChaosRender

    I hope this means the NC will finally get a max worth using, and not some piece of Biolab garbage.
  11. Elaan

    No, it just means that TR Mercy MAXes will become the only worthwhile MAX while the NC joins the VS for burster duty.
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  12. Krayus_Korianis

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  13. IronWarrior

    Anyone with a half a brain uses C4 or Rockets to their heads.

    Trying to shotgun a NC max? Yeah right.
  14. Krayus_Korianis

    Yea... I can kill someone as a scatmax quite far away (past the effective meter limit that they allegedly have)... Without slugs.

    It's spray and pray with the other MAXes.
  15. ChaosRender

    VS with cosmos are pretty nasty, but yeah I only pull my max to use the stock buster, not even worth certing in to till gets a descent AI gun. (And no I don't care how good they are in Biolabs, since biolabs domes are some of the worst fights in this game other than the crown.)
  16. doombro

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  17. Epic High Five

    Nothing beats standing 40m outside of the effective range of a dual mercy MAX and killing it from full with less than a full mag of my SAW while it helplessly plinks away at my shield. It's obvious as hell what gun I'm using after I fire the first shot, why do people try to engage me at that glorious 20m+ range that the SAW dominates in?

    The best part of the shotgun nerf is going to be that it's going to happen at around the same time that the NC rotate to the horrible SE Indar warpgate. And then wait there getting stomped for 2 months while they drag their feet on the MAX overhaul.

    Yayyyyyy. It's gonna be great.
  18. Antivide

    Or use a freaking concussion grenade. Come to Connery, TRG and the TR alliance will show you how to kill Scattermaxes.

    Completely pathetic. The TR on Connery have adapted very well, everyone else not so much.
  19. Accuser

    Tighten the cone, decrease per-pellet damage, and decrease damage to other MAXes = balanced.
  20. RobotNinja

    Time to face the music NC. You've had one single thing that was actually marginally useful on a highly situational basis for far too long.