Scatmax change Incoming

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  1. Jachim

    Funny, NC maxes I find aren't stupid to fight at range, they just wait until the MAX gets close and press their left and right mouse buttons 3 times each and it falls over, while the TR/VS maxes have literally a 10 second TTK on NC maxes.
  2. Jachim

    Oh and not bouncing betties?

  3. Devrailis

    That's EXACTLY the point, they're going to get in close anyway. No NC MAX who knows his guns would risk using slugs at range because they wouldn't win against another MAX. It's almost always a better bet to find a way to close the distance.
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  4. Tilen

    @Jachim Yes, them too. There was no particular reason for me stating only the ones from the opposite factions other than I couldn't remember their names as I don't use them. I do get killed by the above stated a lot though.
  5. thannhauser1

    So you should keep the distance.Problem solve!
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  6. Zorro

    That does not mean that each faction should be excluded from different types of weapons. The TR could have an automatic shotgun, while VS could have a blast which knocks enemies back. The NC could have a machine gun that is basically an arm-mounted gauss rifle.
  7. Udnknome

    lol.. Great analogy! I use this term when holding a SCU at a tech plant with my outfit. Wait for the mindless cod to swim into our nets.
  8. Goretzu

    PAS 2.0 needed to be released, and there was no room unless they made it a 0.5 hit kill.
  9. Jachim

    They don't find a way to close the distance though.

    See, the issue with the NC Max, pre-nerf, is that they can sit on an objective and farm themselves 100+ kills on anyone who tries to approach. Proper aiming means they don't even need to see (flashbang/concussion spamming etc) to kill, as long as they're pointed at the door with their 12-shot mags, they can fire for the entire time they're concussioned or flashed and still **** anything.

    Now, I do believe the nerf currently is /slightly/ over the top. Mostly because I feel that ALL the max's should be very powerful and be feared by enemies, but they're currently not feared. They're attacked head on.
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  10. Devrailis

    While I kind of get where you're coming from, from my perspective, closing the distance doesn't always mean going out towards your target. It can also mean forcing your target to come to you. Either way the result is the same, you end up with a fight that is right inside the MAX's insta-gib zone. The point is, which is what a lot of TR/VS players were saying, is that there simply weren't a lot of options available to them besides either 1) Not fight or 2) risk getting face-melted.