Rocklet Rifle Discussion

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by FirePhox, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Corezer

    Am I the only one liking default more than typhoon?
  2. FirePhox

    I think everyone is at the moment, what with typhoon being invisible and all.
  3. Corezer

    didn't know typhoon was broke, just like having more opportunities to shoot more things rather than a ghetto s1
  4. FirePhox

    The typhoon bug has made me appriciate the default type more; I've been using it exclusively lately and the range is suprisingly good. With a few other LA's using it, you can put a lot of pressure on Armour. The damage can be frustrating though, if you hit tanks from the front then it really does just tickle them, it's more useful as a finisher though for burning vehicles.

    Typhoon on the other hand has damage that they simply cannot ignore, if you use it from behind then you can punch a hole in any tank pretty quickly; what's more is that typhoons absolutely ruin maxes if you can get close enough to use barrage. The gravity limits its range but gives it the quirk of being able to fire around hills which can be fun.

    Both the ammo types are decent and have a lot of uses, just depends on how and where you play for the most part. Locklets are still pretty shtty though which sucks.
  5. Eternaloptimist

    Nope - I stick with default as well. The drop on the Typhoon rocket is a bit of a limiter for me when popping off single shots at slightly longer range. And I prefer it as a multi role weapon.

    Tbh I've used the Rocklet so infrequently that I haven't got a feel for any limitation that the default ammo may have compared to Typhoons. The point blank mag dump has been perfectly effective on those few occasions so far (one Spear turret, one Lighting and one esf........all heavily damaged before I got the kill shot).
  6. Corezer

    I still use typhoon sometimes, basically in situations where I use C4 the typhoons stack damage, but otherwise I'd rather assist in taking down planes and I would still rather run from a max and peck with my rifle at range either way...

    I think there was one time where I dumped on a max and he killed me with a small amount of health left so I knew typhoon would have done it, but I can also think of times where I dumped on a reaver and they got finished off by an AA lockon that otherwise would have only scared them off (lord only knows how many times I'd get popped off a roof by an air hammer) hell I even once solo'd a bad scythe trying to pod me.

    It's great not to be helpless against some bad kid who just sat in warpgate eating burger king while he "earned" the resources to pull farm tools.

    There are also plenty of times where I finish a sundy in 2 bursts that prolly wouldn't have died in 1 with typhoons, so I got the kill where if I weakened it more someone else would have downed it while I was reloading but that's a little guilty pleasure lol.
  7. SupaFlea

    Honestly I would of preffered a Tool rather than another weapon. yes it allows me to kill Sundies by on my own again which kinda negates the debuff of C-4 they did for that reason. My main gripe was Tactical Squads didn't have much use for LA, HA could do it all better except plant a beacon on the roof but that is a weak reason to have a LA in your squad. I wanted a tool that was usable to me when playing solo but also had some tactical benefit while in a squad. I forget this thing is there most of the time.
  8. Insignus

    I'm going to throw this out here. I perused this forum because I was curious to see what Light Assaults talk about. I don't actually play light assault, as I believe I have <1 hour doing so out of my 708 hours of game time (I have philosophical objections to your existence as a class that are moderately ameliorated by the times I need you to kill shielded sundies)

    I couldn't help but notice you all mentioning the anti-aircraft abilities of the Rocklet.

    I fly Valkyrie a great deal. Light Assaults like to shoot at me with the rocklet. Let me offer you my perspective.

    It is effective enough that it earns you an immediate death sentence. I will stop what I'm doing and catch you in mid-air or wreck you off a pinnacle just for purposes of spite, because you've become an AA threat that is easily destroyable. More commonly I'll task my Gunner to CAS you to death. Or I'll solo swap and tag you myself.

    But it is not effective enough for me to have ever been seriously threatened by it, set on fire, or even killed by it as much as I can remember. The Damage is decent. But the tracking is sub-par, and I can evade them. The reload and ROF is kind of meh for what its trying to do. But it also instantly tells me what altitude you're at, which if I combine that with scout radar, lets me vector people on you or get you myself.

    Its sole major strength is that like the striker, it offers no real lock-warning. I also like its ability to give LA's the power to keep attacking Shield Sundies after they use the C4 to pop the shield. I like dropping LA's who operate like that.
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    personaly for me typhoon feels like the way to go but overall i find the rocklet to be lack luster in places ...
    the default feels like only being worth against esf´s as it does jack against infantry and takes too many shots to do propper dmg against valkyries and above, it´s pretty worthless against groundarmor .. locklets while able to lock on both vehicle and aircraft don´t realy do much dmg aswell especialy as the burst is taken away ... typhoon while losing its range and capability against air feels overall more fair to do dmg against almost all goundtargets ... though i argue that a explosive bolt hunter might be better than the typhoonlauncher in places ... i would like to see some slight dmg adjustments on it ..
  10. WarEagle1

    The Lockets need to be able to shoot multiple rockets, not just one at a time. The low DPS sucks for what it costs. Until they add this feature , don't buy them.
  11. Sil4ntChaozz

    Confirmed shielded Sundys are the bane of my demolition loving existence. Certed a little into blockade armor I'm thinking that was a mistake.
  12. Corezer

    I feel blockade is better during prime time, where shield is better late night.

    basically, if pops are low, it's a lot of work/a specialized loadout to muster the firepower to blow a shield sundy. If pops are high and it's a battle of rockets vs repairs, blockade goes the distance where shield is as good as nothing in a few seconds.
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  13. M4L4CH1TE

    Not a mistake but maybe a misuse. Blockade sundies are for protection when rolling (and avoiding mines). They are not as useful as shield or stealth sundies when parked.
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  14. TomoB

    It always astonishes me how one LA can easily destroy standard deployed sundy as 1 burst of rockets takes half of sundy's health away. Makes no sense that rifle firing small rockets makes more damage than HA's dedicated anti-armor rocket launcher.
  15. TR5L4Y3R


    aside from this being utter bullscrap good job on the necro

    a rockletrifle burst even with typhoon ammo is barely as effective as a rocketlaunchershot from a heavy ..
    the LA uses the rockletrifle in addition to C4 for sunderer busting ...
    STILL a full burst requires you to be close to a vehicle other wise you have to fire 3 single shot with a halfburst afterwards to not spread your shots, typhoonammo has a stronger projectiledrop even ..
  16. TomoB

    Replying to aged topics isn't forbidden so maybe necropolice should go and see if Gotham City could use his skills in crime fighting.

    Yeah I exaggarated a bit about the rocket damage because I was so annoyed by the fact that LAs are better in taking out vehicles than HAs. It's much easier for LA to be close to sunderer and other vehicles especially if there are trees and **** nearby so it's not a problem to toss C4 and spam those typhoon rockets so that every shot hits the target making him at least 2x more effective than HA who is supposed to be the main AV guy. Typhoon burst equals to 1 shot from rocket launcher and using it requires less skill because spamming will usually cause partial damage even if couple of rockets miss (and LA has plenty of rockets). When HA misses his shot it's 0 damage and he rarely gets close enough to vehicles so he could use C4. AV grenades are only useful in celebrating new year or something, not taking out vehicles. HA usually runs out of rockets before he can destroy single vehicle from a distance and closer he's dead because he can't fight inf and vehicles simultaneously at same ground level. It astounds me that they gave LA better tools against vehicles than HA. LA was already good against infantry because of his multiple attack vectors and flanking capabilities and now he's the ultimate vehicle destroyer. Give the man a cloak or shield too and universe is complete!
  17. TR5L4Y3R

    wrong .. the mere fact that you require to get close and to use the emviroment to sneak up to any vehicle is a clear skill factor for the LA ..
    you speaking about the magdumbspread is not a possitive .. a full on magdumb spreads like hell in which you can lose significant potential damage and as such put yourself in greater danger of being taken down before you may get your 3rd or 4th salvo off and the reloadtime between bursts is signifcant enough ..

    otherwise you can take a heavy assault with a rocketlauncher and fire away from afar .. heck take the NC tvguided missilelauncher even with being limited in fuel, even if it´s slow you can fire at a tank from behind cover, a HA at almost any situation can rely on heaving a engineer close by to drop ammoboxes thus ammo is less a concern, still the HA has more than enough ammo to down any vehicle unless it retreats and fully repairs .. the AV-LA is a one man commando ... that´s the difference ...

    with the rocklet launcher YOU HAVE to get upclose and personal .. and against such heavy armored vehicles like the lightning, mbt , ANT and sunderer that can all equip AI efficient options (yes even the lightning) the LA has to put in more effort than any vehiclegunner ... not to mention small firearms do jackscrap ..
  18. SarahM

    I'm currently using Typhoon - it's nice when you've got a tower or hill or some other vantage point.
    I think I'll prefer the default for uphill battles though.

    I didn't try locklets yet but the low lockon range and lack of AA locking make them rather uninteresting.