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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by FirePhox, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Iridar51

    On your loadout screen, under your secondary weapon, there's a tool slot with two arrows on its sides. Click either of the arrows, or the tool slot itself, to select Rocklet Rifle as your tool.
  2. Iridar51

    Just a general tip:

    When you want to combo C4 with Rocklets, always detonate C4 manually. While you can detonate it with Rocklets themselves, it will be a net loss in overall damage. Rocklets only have splash damage versus aircraft, so the only way you can detonate C4 is with a direct hit, and Rocklets that directly hit the C4 will not deal damage to the vehicle.
  3. Daigons

    So far I'm liking the Rocklet Rifle. For me, it's a tool to help you finish off crippled vehicles that you come across or where C4 hasn't done it's job. It's rather amusing seeing all the Chicken-Littles whining that the skies will be over-flowing with LAs raining fiery death onto everything with their new Rocklets. After four days of driving/gunning vehicles, we haven't been killed by a Rocklet Rifle. But it hasn't stopped the hapless LAs who fire their Rocklets at us to remind us that we missed them and to drive back and kill them.
  4. Eternaloptimist

    Click the left or right arrow on your tool slot and it appears. Unless you've got a bug or something.
  5. Shocky

    Rockletrifle is a joke. is sort of like the archer, yes i know the archer is good at killing maxes but against vehicle its crap unless used with an entire squad of people, but how often does that happen. back on topic the Rocklets fired from the gun are only a minor annoyance to anyone and any thing. if you use the standard fire mode and hit your target, well all you will do is piss it off. it takes more then a full 2 full volleys to kill a max and this is if all of the Rocklets hit, in combat scenario this is not always the case as it is with many weapons in this game the theoretical vs the actual. theoretical 2 and a half mags of Rocklets will kill a default max, actuality the max might kill you and only one of the Rocklet shots will hit or if it doesn't kill you, you'll run out of ammo before killing the damn thing.did i forget to mention my default pistol does more damage then this thing.

    on to armor, why just why all it does is piss it off and let it know where you are the only thing this thing has that's better then my ******* pistol is that it can do some some damage to the armor that's about it, i will say that its good for finishing off tanks that survived my two C-4 bricks onslaught from on high but rarely does that happen (unless the damn thing moved and i missed the drop) i will say that its good for finishing off sundys as well before it was you had to guard thing from being repaired until it burned to death now you can just kill.

    against air same thing its a joke. C-4 > Rockletrifl.
    the typhoon rounds cost 500c one C-4 brick costs 200c, that one C-4 brick will take you further then the typhoon rounds. and the 2nd brick only cost 500c in total 700c for both C-4 bricks that's still a better investment then for the typhoon rounds. the locklets cost the same 500c but you cant dumb fire and its lock on is just as long as lock on launchers, this is basically you spending certs to Nerf yourself.

    but since i've heard roomers that they want to make C-4 place-able only and that this is to compensate for the lack of tossing C-4 bricks they are sorely mistaken all this does is piss off what ever it is i'm shooting at. its like having a back up candy cannon all the time.

    did i forget infantry. it has no splash, i"m sorry no it has splash up to 0.3m and 1dmg up to 1m does less damage then my ******* pistol and if i use the alt fire i wont hit the heavy charging me.

    in closing the Rockletrifle need improvements or it needs to be moved to engineer as something that the eng can use instead of the turret. i sill think the dual wielding idea for the LA was better then this joke of a gun. at lest Rockletrifle its free.
  6. Iridar51

    RR isn't supposed to be powerful on its own. Compare RR to something like Heavy Assault Rocket Launcher. Those are quite weak too. At least RR has different firemodes and remains accurate while flying.

    C4 on LA was always a hot balancing topic, and we can't talk about RR without taking C4 into account. RR enables any LA with C4 to solo destroy Sunderers and finish off tanks after one C4, essentially doubling our AV capacity.

    It's a great utility.
    Actually, no, it doesn't have splash damage against infantry. Only Flak effect against aircraft. I don't see it as a bad thing. The less splash damage in the game, the better.
  7. Eternaloptimist

    I've finished off a couple of burning vehicles with it with one shot and killed a couple of smokers with three mags or so. I've also obtained a few assists. And I've seen more than a few vehicles and aircraft run away after I've hit them with the Rocklet. In other words, it's a bit like a baby HA RL (but with more ammo). I think it is a nice addition to the LA armoury without being OP, considering that we had nothing in the tertiary weapon slot before.

    If I need to finish a vehicle that survived my C4 I don't need to carry an UBGL carbine or a crossbow with rocket bolts any more (neither of which I particularly like). I know the LA and C4 combo has been a contentious topic for a long time and the introduction of the Rocklet caused very nearly mass hysteria. But I think the only thing that may have actually changed is more people playing LA, at least for the moment, until the novelty wears off.

    AFAIK everything in the game except the Gal has something that can insta-kill it and I can't help thinking that this is by design.
  8. Demigan

    On the topic of how LA's can now kill shielded Sunderers...
    I attacked one recently. Threw 1 c4, detonated it, tossed the next, detonated so that I maaximized the damage potential, then I had to empty my all my Typhoon missiles, magazine after magazine, with only the last missiles destroying it.
    That's a LOT of time to destroy a Sunderer, and if I had to spend missiles to try and detonate my C4 it only increases the risk that you might not have enough. I think theres a lot of heavy bias going around from players who had their non-shield Sunderer killed and heard that you could solo one as LA now, assuming that this goes just as fast. Such as Ogremax or whatever who claimed it was impossible to defend a Sunderer now as they died too fast even if they defended it with Spitfires, mines and occupying a turret.

    Similar to Engineers requiring a lot of time to solo a shield Sunderer, so does the LA. Similar to an La, the Engineer (and Heavy with C4 for that matter) most classes can quickly solo a non-shield Sunderer.

    It's all hysteria. The Sunderer shield works fine, people should use it appropriately and an LA wont have an easy time soloing any shield Sunderer thats even remotely in use or defended.
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  9. Daigons

    The only time that I had trouble with taking out a shielded Sundy or any type of Sundy was when it's properly defended. Certain players are just being salty that they now have to babysit their cert machines. Time to adapt to the changes in the game.
  10. Corezer

    The problem here is that sundies aren't "cert machines" a spawn is hardly worth anything, and players are so uncoordinated that even if u have a sunderer on the other side of the base to surround them, the fact is you wont see any xp roll in until it's the nearest sunderer to where people are dying, especially with the "respawn now" feature that doesn't save any time from looking at the map, it just allows you to be dumb.

    additionally, deploy shield is a problem because of the way it works in general. Soloing a sunderer that is active, now that 2 c4 wont just blow it up, is hard, and deployment shield doesn't change that. a sunderer under attack from a group, no matter how many defend it, will usually die the moment someone slips in with a couple bricks, cause there's nothing u can do to repair the shield, it's literally a one trick pony for stopping rogues but the minute an attack is continuous you'll be wishing u had blockade.

    all sunderers need a passive increase to repair rate while deployed, like 20%, and blockade needs to further increase resistance when the sundy is deployed, prolly another 5% or so to all sides. This allows a sunderer to recover from rogue attacks better presuming anyone spawns there, and allows for a defended sunderer is better able to be in a state where it will survive a c4 attack while under attack. A completely undefended sunderer will still be destroyed with 2 bricks and a bunch of rocklets. I don't see that as a problem, because you're literally letting them do it.

  11. Abunis

    I think its fine as is.
    Everything will be OP when its a counter to your playstyle. Changing up strategy is what makes Planetside fun.
    Its not that hard to kill a light assault with vehicle guns. Tanks that move around are harder to C4Fairy. At least one tank in an armor column will be C4'd. This is an advantage in probability, not the strength of LA. (Ex. Dalton-Lib at high altitude. 1 mobile flash on the ground, good luck hitting it. Now 1000 stationary flashes on the ground. Dalton easily finds a target and 1 shots. Dalton op! )

    On-foot Locklets seem underpowered. Consider Icarus jump jets and finding high altitude vantage points. That way you can lock down a small area as a light assault. G2A is not the LA's job, not should it be. But locklets do make nice scare tactics because all pilots seem to bang the afterburners when a lock pops up.

    Bailing LA's with RRs seems a bit troll. A simple fix would be to allow dumbfire capabilites for locklets while airborne. That way, for lock-ons to work, the LA would need to be grounded. A heavy assault that attempts to mid-air rocketlauncher has its hipfire cone increased. Why hasn't anyone done HA (TR) Striker bails yet?

    Planetside needs to have powerful weapons. Powerful weapons have counters, or counter-play available.
    You could always ram a bailing light assault.
  12. Demigan

    You can't lockdown anything.
    I engaged a shielded Sunderer with a friend, both in Lightnings. 3+ LA's engaged me (it was around 5 but I can't be certain) with Rocklets. While I took the Rocklet barrage and kept the LA off of us my friend wore down the Sunderer and destroyed it.
    And those LA's only barely got me to 25% health in that time. Sure I used fire suppression in the meantime, but that's not exactly a huge health bonus. LA's can't lock down anything with Rocklets. The best you can do is use Drifter to stay above them as Drifter allows you to float for 30 seconds, while you unload all your missiles in around 20 to 25 seconds (17,25 seconds of reload+the time to unload the missiles although I may have accidentally counted the first magazine reload). Additionally you can try and land behind them for a higher damage output. But using Icarus? That's just not smart at all. Even Skirmisher jumpjets are better since they give you more height total, and the Icarus has almost no vertical distance it can cover, which you kind of need to attack vehicles.
    Also let's not forget that if the owner of the vehicle exits that you are still holding a Rocklet Rifle and he's going to gun you down.
    Lastly even when you use all your Locklets you can at best kill one vehicle, unless you really are good and unload with full rear-attacks. Unfortunately even with full rear-attacks it takes 3 magazines to down an MBT/Lightning, and you only have 5 magazines in total standard.

    Locklets take forever to lock-on, the best thing you can use is the flak missiles.

    It's easier to gun them down in the air than to ram them.
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  13. Demigan

    New info about Rocklet vs Shield Sunderer:
    My first attempt I already logged: First two separate C4 strikes then unloading my entire Typhoon magazine. The last magazine kills it but only one or two need to hit.

    My second attempt was different and in the VR room on a full-level shielded Sundy, so it might not be 100% the same as in Live: First unload Typhoons until the shield is broken, then detonate the C4. This requires 3 magazines and the C4 then insta-kills the Sundy. This is faster than the 2 C4+4 and-a-bit magazines required if you first detonate C4.
    Then I tried a full blockade Sundy with the same result: 3 Magazines and 2 C4 does the trick.

    This brings down the TTK a lot, since you don't have to throw the C4 separately and you can switch to your Rocklet without having to wait for the C4 to arm. Then you can unload 3 Magazines and quickly switch to your C4. Even so this is still a 15 second endeavor.
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  14. Eternaloptimist

    Would placing the C4 on one end of the sundy first, then rocketing the other end or the side before detonating it be possible? or maybe cut down the ttk? If this hasn't been tried already (and found lacking) I'll have a go myself. But I only play at weekends, so tomorrow at the earliest.
  15. Demigan

    That's exactly what I was describing: First you throw 2 C4, then you switch to your Rocklets (meaning you skip the arming time!), then you fire 3 Magazines which break the shield and detonate the C4. One dead Sundy. Ofcourse with the 500 extra health in the PTS you might need another magazine.
  16. Eternaloptimist

    My bad - I misread your post to mean rockets first, then deploy C4, then detonate it. :confused:
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  17. Daigons

    The funniest Rocklet Rifle moment that I witnessed was when a BR-112 LA bailed out the Lightning that we just bagged. The injured LA went straight up into the air while firing their Rocklet Rifle at our undamaged MBT. The LA went straight up in the air with their Icarus jump jets to max height, ran out of fuel, and the LA fell down and died on impact while still firing.

    Over the past few weeks, I've been noticing a down tick of C4 fairy action and a lot more Rocklet usage.
  18. FirePhox

    I think now that all LA have the ability to engage vehicles, people don't immediately switch to c4 when they spot one anymore. As powerful as c4 is, it really is everything or nothing; I can't count the amount of times I got shot while trying to press that button.

    Having auraxed it, I've ditched the c4 for my RR with typhoon ammo. I miss c4 for its anti-infantry applications more than its AV ones though. (chuck it through a window and blow 5 people up)
  19. Eternaloptimist

    Have you noticed how all the "nerf C4 now they've got Rocklets" threads have died out since forum found a new nerf to be outraged about (thermals)? Maybe it'll start again if more LA start to take advantage of the thermals nerf and the number of attacks on vehicles goes up?

    Or perhaps it has dawned on people that the Rocklet is not a super OP end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it weapon? Probably not as I suspect the Rocklet was just an excuse to restart the old C4 OP argument.

    Do you think that LA will get nerfed in some way later on since the carbine CoF buff and the Rocklet or do you think we're safe from that because the devs just want more people to play LA (see the other less-played class - Medic - and their recent buff to KD counting)?
  20. FirePhox

    I don't think the LA will be nerfed any time soon while there's still the outrageously OP HA and Infiltrator around.

    Carbines 2.0 has had a very positive effect on the fun factor for the class, but real talk: there's still little reason you would want to bring an LA over an HA in most scenarios. LA's status as a roofmonkey is kind of a funamental problem with the class; if you're on a roof and you die, you're done, whereas a HA or any other ground class for that matter is far, far more likely to get revived and therefore keep on trucking. (not to mention the other benefits of playing those classes)

    The CoF buff was just a fix to the longstanding issue of LA's having no unique ability compared to the other classes (now they actually have mobility to grant them extra push potential, at the cost of being an easier target; although it's only half done at the moment, the pistols, shotguns and SMG's are still useless in midair but hopefully that will change at some point.)

    As for the rocklet rifle, that was just a extremely overdue fix to the class having no tool slot. The RR is pretty decent at the moment, but needs more Ammo types really. Jammer and Flash were considered at one point but didn't make it in the end which is kind of a shame.