Feb 19, 2016
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    Connery TR
    Valkyrie* enthusiast

    *Full Warranty is provided to all passengers for safe arrival. No warranty is provided for lost meals, comestibles, or loose items within Valkyrie passenger compartment. Warning: Do not dispose of grenade casings, ammunition containers, ration packs, land mines, or human remains within Passenger Compartment. In the event of a crash, invisible, inflatable, super-duper rubber duckies will activate under your seats, saving you from certain death. Please only exit the vehicle upon hearing the agreed upon signal of "DROP DROP DROP" or "OH **** OH **** OH ****". This concludes our in-flight safety briefing.

    To be a Planetman in such times is to be one amongst 40,000. It is to live in the most vitriolic and jaded of regimes in modern gaming. These are the tales of those times. Forget the promises of balance and co-operation, for so many have been seduced by Niche Metas. Forget the power of logical arguments and appeals to ethical behavior, for in the grim dark future of Planetside 20,000, there is only stupid. There is no peace amongst forumside, only an eternity of NERF/BUFF and SkubWars, and the laughter of trollish gods.

    The Principles of War and Platoon Leading in Planetside 2