Recon dart spam is YOUR duty

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by EViLMinD, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. EViLMinD

    Too many infiltrators, on my server, seem to have no idea what their recon tool does. The majority of the battles I engage in - and I've been in many - I don't see any.

    See plenty of enemy pulsing blips, though.

    Why don't people understand how bloody useful radar warning is? Are they ignorant, lazy, uninterested in being useful to their team... or just plain stupid?

    Sniper rifles* and becoming semi-invisible is neat, but the real value of the class is it's ability to hack and FIRE FLIPPIN' RECON DARTS.

    I understand that not every player cares about their faction's success. That, they only care about the shooting aspects. How it's of no benefit to their personal success if allies are vulnerable to enemy flank attacks. Sure. I get the 'I could care less' approach. Just a game. I understand.

    I just choose not to accept that weaka$$ attitude. If you fight for freedom - you must do your damn job.

    Recon darts are GOOOOOOOD. They give experience! They help everyone survive! Kill bad guys more efficiently!

    Spread the word, folks. Tell these foolish nubs and scrubs what they gotta do.

    * Yes. There are lethal shooters out there who could demonstrate their value to their chosen cause whether they help out with darts or not. But, most players are not that skilled with their SRs.
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  2. Benevon

    Any decent scale fight I end up in, just about EVERY infiltrator is tossing darts around. BLIPS EVERYWHERE!!!!

    But I do run into some mid scale fights where there aren't many infiltrators around, at which point I cover as much area as possible and look for the nearest engineer to restock. Since I've taken a step back from sniping as much as I used to, I throw my darts out constantly with allies around and, often enough, leads to those few blips behind a large rock that nobody knew about.
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  3. Akeita

    Well... 2 darts wont keep up long if you havent put cert into it, which make it difficult for a new infil if there's no ammo pack
  4. KoS-1

    Change to infiltrator and spam the darts yourself.

    No one here has the right or can tell others how to play the game the way they want to.
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  5. EViLMinD

    I do and I do.
  6. RenegadeHelios

    You can. Doesn't mean anybody listens or cares. :p

    Regardless, I've been doing this since I started. My biggest pet peeve is Engineers not putting ammo packs down when people ask, Medics running right past me in the open field, as I'm running after them comming for a medic, HA's mistaking me for other factions, pointblanking me, Harassers randomly jumping out of thin air to run me over, even though they see my blue cloak and there's open space for miles around, tanks blowing up positions that I'm behind, as I work to take out over 20 some rocket launchers in a firing line only to be teamkilled, and so forth.

    There's people who don't do something simply because it doesn't fit their playstyle. There are fields worth dying on. This subject is not one of them.
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  7. Stinneyt

    On the rare occasion I play some class other than Infiltrator, I really miss the recon dart.
  8. KoS-1

    In their defense. I can't count the number of times I've killed someone. Who on my screen wasn't anywhere near me. At least not close enough for any part of the harasser touch them.

    On the opposite side. I've ran straight over people/friendly and not put a scratch on them.
  9. KoS-1

    Good for you.

    You are right. People can tell/talk. I should have used force instead of tell.
  10. CuteBeaver

    V4 V4 V4 V4 V4 ... enough said.

    I really hope they put back those terminals soon.
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  11. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I don't play much, so I haven't certified into the Recon Darts. With that said, I use them all the time and will spam them whenever I come across an ammunition pack.
  12. zaspacer

    Question: are you mainly attacking or defending a base?

    If you are mainly attacking, then you are not seeing Recon Dart blips because the Infiltrators run out of Dart Ammo and then they keep playing without them. Or they are saving them until they need them since they will only get 2. 2 Dat Ammo Supply does not make for effective Dart Spamming.

    If you are mainly defending, check the number of players at the base. Often defenders are only a handful of players vs. a zerg, so you may not have any Infiltrators.

    If your ally Infiltrators are trying to Snipe and no be seen, they they will not fire Dart because doing so shows exactly where they are on the mini-map when it is fired. Same thing if they are trying to be sneaky with SMG or other guns, or just trying to be sneaky. Using darts was changed so now it gives away the position of the person firing it in a way that also shows them to be an Infiltrator.

    A lot of Infiltrators don't put Certs into Dart, so they have 2 that last a very short time. These players don't want to camp a Terminal and spam using it every 5 seconds in order to Spam darts.

    This too.

    PS2 Devs removed a lot of Terminals from bases, so attacking Infils have to rely on Sunderers and Ammo Packs to resupply Darts. So blame Engineers for not dropping more Ammo Packs on the battlefield too.
  13. Jawarisin

    The problem here is: I killed all your friendly infiltrators :)
    As for your concern, I'm an infiltrator, so if there's no recon darts, I usually simply use mine.

    Adding my vote to that.
  14. MrMurdok

    Swap class to Infiltrator and do it yourself. My duty is to run up to one of the AV turrets, hack it, kill the gunner with my auto scout and then peg a couple of tanks in the rear, and the last think I need is a huge red circle screaming "GUYS MURDOK IS HERE! COME KILL HIM!"
  15. Cobra Commander


    It's a situational tool...if I'm in that situation, then I'll use that tool...but most of the time I'd rather not advertise where I am.
  16. Vaphell

    Don't look at me, according to i sit at 28k+ darts used (26.5k rank 6) compared to just 11.5k total kills. That would be almost 2.5 darts/kill.

    Amen, furry sister.

    Seriously, i can blow all my darts in 5 seconds, trying to herd mouthbreathers with just enough cpu power in their heads to run from one red dot to another and uncover the enemies who are about to go all medieval on their oblivious *****.... and then despite 50 engineers around (turrets, vehicles everywhere) there is no ammo pack to be seen in a 200m radius.

    The price tag is another issue, if you are a noob inf just scraping by, there is no way you can afford ~1800c it takes to max the thing out.
  17. repairtool6

    Seems like this topic needs to be repeated time after time :)
    Agree 100% with OP. Cert up and use the darts at all times. This is the infiltrators primary function.

    Also, just my opinion:
    The use of darts are not 'situational'. They should be put to use at absolutely all times, no matter what imagined 'risk' you put yourself in. The benefit is simply to great to pass up. Dont try to be smart about this. Dont make up fancy tactics or strategies where you cant use darts because they 'expose you'. 99.9% of the time this is BS.

    Just use the darts and then take everything from there.
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  18. BloodyG

    you will give away your position anyway, afterall we have the cloak sound and show up on the minimap when we fire our weapons.

    what keeps an Infi alive is staying mobile, i always get hunted down when i camp one spot to much, not because i spam darts like there is no tomorrow.

    when you fill the whole base with darts how will they know where you are?!
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  19. Ryouhki

    well, at this time I've shot 29641 recon darts with my 2 characters.
    Hope those helped,,
  20. EViLMinD

    Even lvl 1 darts are worth it for most engagements. Doesn't matter if they don't pick anything up. It helps everyone when you know if an area is clean or not.

    One infiltrator can make or break an engagement. I've see it happen over and over again. Tower defenses are a prime example. I'll spawn into a tower that is being captured. We're getting wrecked, and there are no recon darts to be found. Oh, but there's plenty of NC infiltrators running around...

    I always spawn the class that I believe will benefit my team the most. I have no problem resing a fallen MAX or reping an AMS bus or rocketing a preying lib. This is what I gotta do to help my comrades win. It's my duty, as a teamplayer, to help where I can.

    This game is flippin' spectacular when the majority of the players are focused on the same objectives (the critical ones), assisting one another and mindful of what is happening around them. But, it sucks when too many players are running our like headless chickens and faffing about. An empire can't win diddly that way; especially, against determined enemies.

    I really don't care if some players prefer to be useless twits. Yes, they are free to do that. Anyone can be willfully incompetent if they want to be. No one can make a player care or not be terrible. It's a free game. But, no one can tell me that I can't call chumps out when I see them F up so blatantly. I'll be damned if I'm gonna bite my tongue to spare some schmuck's feeling. I'm not asking for the freakin' world here. I'm just saying your a waste of space if you don't spam darts when you need to.
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