[Realistic Suggestion] Blood, Exploding Bodyparts

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by foam, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. foam

    We all know ragdoll isn't in the game. Okay.
    I am unaware of the stance SOE has on blood and gore, but seeing as how we are playing a game where the object is to blow the f**** out of an entire enemy force of soldiers because they disagree with our ideology I can likely say with safety that what I am about to suggest is not impossible.

    I think blood & gore needs to be added to the game. Some simple things that need to be suggested are:
    -Blood when you get shot
    -Blood trails on the ground if you fall below 100% healthbars, or perhaps 50% or 25%. Another strategic gameplay element possible right here.
    -Small pool of blood when you die
    -Perhaps blood marks or streaks of blood on your armor after taking health damage, goes away after being healed
    -Body explosions or bodyparts randomly blown off after being directly hit & killed with an explosive weapon (tankshell, etc)

    I am not asking for something specific like "Shoot leg with rocket launcher and leg blows off". It could be extremely random for all I care. The point is to have at least something added to the carnage in this regard.

    Here is a small video demonstrating how it could look. The video is for you to get an idea of what I'm talking about. The severity of the blood in the video is I think too exaggerated, but toned down would look great for PS2's needs.

    The game is already a meatgrinder, why not add a little meat to it for effect? :)
  2. Guyshep

    Gibbing isn't in this game for the same reason ragdolls aren't: It'd be a pain to be a medic.
  3. WilsonMG

    Will never happen as it would require the game to be re-rated by the ESRB and would likely result in the loss of the "T" rating.
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  4. UberBonisseur

    Heh, running after the gibblets of your squadmates to revive them sounds like fun to me
  5. Bags

    I don't really see the need and adding it would only further decrease performance.

    You could ask for it to be a toggle but by turning it on you'd only be gimping youreslf really.
  6. foam

    That could easily be worked out. Perhaps only limbs would blow off. With some thinking involved it's entirely doable.
  7. foam

    I don't see how some blood decals popping up could drain performance too much.
  8. Shamoox

    Won't happen, Sony wants more players. Blood & Gore results in less players. The whole reason the game is F2P is to have a large player base.
  9. Sparks

    + it'll never get off the ground in censorship galore Germany nowadays.
  10. Flaeb

  11. Fuse

    Exploding body parts realistic? Maybe you should be able to cert into reactive metal rounds, then when you shoot someone they gib and can't be rezzed. haha
  12. Chenjesu

    Game runs at terribly low framerate for everybody, and you want to lower it even more?
  13. RetroRayner

    Yes, AWESOME Idea, the servers can't render soldiers 51m away in large battles, but lets add to load and have the soldiers we can see explode and spill blood.

    ******* GENIUS.
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  14. Fuse

    Not that I support the OP's suggestion, but how would that add to server load?
  15. Stigma

    Adding gore or not is probably mostly a choice they make based on the PG rating (or whatever that US system is called) that they would get from it. This game is intended to have a wide an audience as possible so they probably don't want to have a mature rating.

    More to the point I don't really think that adding more gore necessarily would benefit the game all that much. Unless the game revolves around it (zombie games ect.) then I just find that gore is a little tired and overused. Maybe some very simple blood-puffs for shots that get past the shields or something would be a nice little visual feedback but unless it actually adds something to the game like feedback I don't feel its needed. Blood decals on the walls would just get silly in this game. Imagine a zergfest in a tower. The walls would be covered in red in minutes =P

    I don't think it would be a problem performance-wise. The games problems are all related to CPU usage. The graphics part of the game actually runs pretty fast (i can run ultra and still be CPUbound 99% of the time). Adding a few decals wouldn't be a problem if you wanted to do that as that is fairly trivial resource-wise. Also since it dosn't directly affect gameplay there could just be an option to turn it off.

    As said it probably won't happen though simply because of the rating system and mass-market appeal.

  16. foam

    Why should that matter if there is no purchase necessary? Games like Half life, half life 2, battlefield 3 were all successful despite being 1 time purchase plus having blood.
  17. Furbz

    It wont happen, gibs would kill the mass market appeal and completely bog down the servers with physics calculations and players computers trying to render that mess. While it might sound great in concept to have blood and guts whirling about in the battlefield, it's currently unnecessary and would ruin the experience for quite a lot of users.
  18. Chenjesu

    It wont happen.

    I just wont.
  19. TheRunDown

    Most games that have Gibbing is client side, so the novelty is only valid to the client who gibbed the person. Anyone else would see a different sequence of gib on the screen.
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  20. ritual

    The Half-Life series is at least partially a horror series, and battlefield 3 is a much more realistic war game than planetside..

    Planetside is a teen rated sci-fi/fantasy shooter, with bright colors and flashing lights and massive amounts of derp. Realistic gore doesn't really have a place.

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