[Realistic Suggestion] Blood, Exploding Bodyparts

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by foam, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Xonal

    The one thing I want for the game is ragdolls. Over the top ragdolls so when a a hill covered in infantry gets slammed by a Zephyr bodies go flying everywhere.

    Not hugely concerned about any gore being added.
  2. LordTankT9

    Reviving could have been a fun:
    *Somwhere on the battlefield
    Doctor: Duh... witch of these is who's leg? Never mind... *revives
    Soldier: Why my arm is leg!? I have breasts!!! No it's actually a butt!!! Doctor why?!
    Doctor: *Derp... What do you want? They like dropped me few minutes ago after 30 seconds of introduction.
  3. foam

    Perfectly okay.
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  4. Baleur

    No. Ragdolls will be in the game.
    http://www.planetside2.com/forgelight (click "Integrated top-tier physics" and read)
  5. Guyshep

  6. TheRunDown

    Rag dolls would be ok, I spos.. With rag dolls the medic would just need to chase the corps, if it was hit by an explosion.
    if there was Gibs the medic would have nothing to res.

    Roger that, Ok lets see, I think this is a Leg.. or an Arm.. /yell Does anyone see his Head or Torso? Hes our Only Engineer! So need to Get this guy up, our Spawn computer is Down!"
  7. Uncle_Lou

    Ragdoll and body parts would drastically reduce server performance, as the server would have to make all the physics calculations as well as track every severed body part; it would then have to communicate all that data to players close enough to witness them.

    No thanks. I'll stick to warriors that just pass out and take a nap when hit in the face by a 150mm HEAT shell.
  8. Ryloxx

    ForgeLight is designed to take full advantage of each machine's capabilities without slowing performance or affecting gameplay. Impressive lighting, graphic and environmental effects will not compromise the in-game action.

    Apparently that will too, I can't wait! ;) (I'm sure thousands of others as well)
  9. Auditore1478

    you realize both NC and Vanu are using energy weapons that pretty much kill you by burning you, right?
  10. Marka Ragnos

    I think you should turn into a flat 2D version of your char when you get ran over.
  11. RetroRayner

    Did you really ask that question? Do I really need to answer?

    Erm,because it is more complex calculations their hardware has to perform, it is more rendering their hardware have to perform.
  12. Ripper

    great idea OP. id love to see flying body parts and sprays of gore !
  13. Babaganoush

    Maybe we should also add a feature where we have to pick up gibbed bodyparts in order to keep the rebirth respawner stocked with... gibs.
  14. Marinealver

    What he said.

    Besides even though we would like the gore many games are pushing for a T rating because they hope that gets a larger poll of customers.

    However we all know that is not the case and it is simply a good excuse not to program any more effects (vehicle entry and exit animations anyone?) We all know that an M ratting dosn't keep kids from playing HAL0 any more than an R rating movie keeps kids from watching it.
  15. evilduck

    just no

    all you need is feedback. you have sound and animation feedback as well as feedback from the ui
    what else do you need to know that you have hit someone?

    the "gore is so cool" thingie i ve never understand. its not cool, its tasteless and borderline p o r n .
  16. Thagyr

    I always thought gore was in game. Ever since I saw this lying outside an AMP station. Unless Vanu come with detachable arms and heads.


    On the subject though. Ragdolls maybe for sheer hilarity factor, but blood and gore wouldn't really add anything.
  17. wolfva

    If they added gore like that to the game, medics would need an additional tool....'the shovel'.
  18. Evilnox

    hahaha. DANG bro....just hit redeploy, it's going to take me hours to find your legs and left arm to fix you up.

    Some blood and gore would be nice though. I remember how awesome I thought it was in gears of war when you show someone in the head with a sniper rifle...POP!
  19. Garrix

    Yea, screw all the bugs and rendering issues, what this game needs is MORE DATA FOR THE SERVERS TO HANDLE (and your own crappy pc's of course!)!
  20. Figment


    ^ Some initial tests from the original PlanetSide found on one of its developer's blogs.

    It was then called "PlanetSide - Buckets of Blood". :)

    And no, it wouldn't fit PS and it would probably cause a lot of performance issues and the rating. Now bullet holes... I miss those. :(

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