Operation: Make Faster Game

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  1. Wineclaw

    Good read, thank you.

    As for a question, is there any timetable for when we'll start seeing these FPS improvements? I assume these optimizations will be patched it bit by bit.

    And since my question will probably be asked countless times by the time I post this, will the Roadmap be used to tell us when we might start to see improvements?
  2. TheBloodEagle

    Great to finally get some news! I have a feeling PS2 is going to start looking uglier/sterile/clunky though; aka console feel vs PC; sorry to be a downer.
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  3. Towerful

    Nice! good post, and good feedback from the devs!
    everything else I can think of has been said or asked
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  4. Rockit

    Sounds like all this is going to take some time but great news you guys are able to get very focused on it now.
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  5. blueangleofdeath

    I'm super duper siced!! It looks like my 6 core is finally going to pay off :) I really like the scoring system, this will really help the teams on what people are using and how to make stuff better. The other great thing is we can see if our performance is increasing over time or going down hill.
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  6. MuldoonX9 Developer

    It has to load the map. Just like starting the game has to load all the terrain and players, pressing M has to do a lot of stuff to make sure the map is ready for your viewing pleasure. Grabbing data, drawing the hex lines, rendering it. A lot of the map is dynamic because hard coding parts of it would be evil. This does make its loading slower, but makes it nicer for the UI team to work with. There was caching for the map that went in for an update, and that made it so it would only have to load once, and then it would come up much quicker afterwards. However, this caused a few weird crashes so it was pulled the next update. I'd expect this to come back eventually.
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  7. Jagerbomber9

    There's no way that could be right!
  8. WeaverMSI

    A long-awaited and very welcome post, Ryan. Ignore the naysayers and show us what your team can do when they focus!
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  9. Moises J.Ramos

    Wow thank you. Hopefully I will finally be able to enjoy PS2 without having huge FPS drops. For example tonight I got on, and omg I was flying a mosquito behind a galaxy, and the FPS drop was just terrible (10fps). I mean I can run high end games well. As I understand that Forgelight is knew I was meh ok. So I'm really glad to hear this. Be back in six months.
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  10. RIctavius

    A coke/coffee fueled answer by what is a tech wizard, best damn day ever, won an alert , wasnt chuffed about the second one, got the good news. Now.... lets talk dates here.
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  11. NC_agent00kevin

    OMFG its OMFG!


    But really, Im very happy to see this. Ive been running a Phenom II x4 B55 @ 4.06ghz, which drops me into the 20 fps realm during big fights. Ive seen teens but thats when things get utterly ridonkulous in game. If I could get 35fps in massive battles, Id be completely satisfied. I have no plans to upgrade to a better CPU in the forseeable future as my system handles everything else I throw at it fine - from gaming to video encoding to 3D world compiling.
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  12. daniel696

    But this is only takes 2-4 months right ? One month is already gone. 3 then ?
  13. ACExWOLF

    Question : What about AMD processors support, will it be fixed?
  14. FocusLight

    You don't have one, YOU ARE THE C.O.

    Damn it man get this right, we rely on you to know all the complicated stuff we don't, like, what is the meaning of life and stuff :eek:

    @OP A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Thank you for sharing this. I have to say though, it you can somehow manage to improve something's effectiveness by 90%, your current system sure is weak :confused:
  15. Shralla

    Well keep us up to date. I won't be playing until there are some massive improvements, and it seems like we might finally get them.
  16. Goldoche429

    What's the ETA?
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  17. Wallonthefloor

    Ahh an update that will truly revive this game for me.
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  18. Faidwen

    As someone in the industry, I applaud you for your witty, well written, technical update. Seldom do we see developers NOT dumb it down for the end-users.

    This was a breath of fresh air!

    Thanks in advance!
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  19. Leer

    "....and AMD users will see a pretty significant benefit from the parallelization of visibility operations." looks like something is worked on. FWIW: I didn't know AMD wasn't supported.
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  20. Leer

    yup, I had to reread that...the impossible extra 20%.
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