Operation: Make Faster Game

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  1. Drsexxytime

    Thanks Ryan for posting, and actually posting it on the official forums. This is a positive step.

    Now, all of this sounds fantastic, it really does. But the buzzard looming overhead is "when". We have been going through an incredible dry spell for content, something that cannot happen in the Free 2 Play segment. I'm sure you can't answer the fresh content part, but when at least can we see this fix? Please don't say November 15th.
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  2. Drasilov

    Don't want to be cynical but is this the same team that worked on Everquest 2? Because if it is you wont see any of this - or some of it might work a bit or crash your machine....or take two years to bring to almost 100% complete before abandoning it completely.

    After a bit I took "announcements" like this with a large handful of salt, never mind a pinch.
  3. Rohnlex

    Took you long enough ;), i hope we get some improvements soon
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  4. khord

    Mmmmmm frames
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  5. TheAntiFish

    Sounds almost too good to be true.

    I must've left my tinfoil hat in the vanguard....
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  6. TheRunDown

    From the title I was like..
    Ohh please let it be like some sort of patch that speeds up progression in game.. cause that kinda sounds like Call of Duty.. I have to say I did squint my eyes a little in worry..

    But /hurray for FPS Boost! and maybe my AMD 8350 can do something!
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  7. VanNayr

    Is it just me or did they call this the "OMFG Update"?

    Love these guys...
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  8. asdfPanda

    'Well I got X frame rate at a bar in Indar on a Tuesday while it was raining'.

  9. Luighseach

    Its the MAN keeping me down...I'm going to go listen to Sound Garden now.
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  10. Azerin

    Yay news! Much appreciated. I know a lot of people that can't wait to see the results of your work.
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  11. Stew360

    Great news , but is there any DX11 suport coming with this ?
  12. Airazor


    I am the Low-end PC and I NEED THIS hahah. I have played since November and Planetside 2 has been the ONLY game I have played so much of. The Outfit guys and the kick *** battles keep bringing me back....even though I was getting 5fps (no lie) I truly hope this OMFG really pans out well! I want to play this game for as long as I can!

    PS: Thanks for the honesty and humor in the post. It goes a long way! :)
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  13. Stew360

    On occlusion visibility features i would like to know ( because iam not sure to get whast you want to do clearly ) , is this could affect the player render distance or player render quality ? Also is the guys who are like lets say behind a walls will not render at all not even on the minimap if they are firering ? And how is the client will know when something need to be rendered or not ?

    Is this feature can create even more problems with Mana turrets render distance and stuff like this ?

    Basically is the players and vehicules render distance will be improoved or reduced ?

    Edit ive look at this to migth understand better
  14. vanu123

    Id rather take 60 frames of ugliness than 5 frames and frequent crashes of pure beauty. Playability is all I care about at this point.
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  15. WyrdHarper

    Good work; the Brass is impressed!
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  16. Luperza Community Manager

    They'll be coming. :p You'll see a few throughout the coming weeks.

    As I stated in a previous thread, we won't be providing a release date.

    We will be doing a lot of testing on our PTS and then slowly pushing out updates to the live servers from there. We want these updates to be significant enough for players on the live server to feel the difference, but we also want to avoid any bugs or crashes that come with testing the optimization changes we are working on.

    Patience is key here. We're going to do this right and we're going to take the time we feel necessary to make sure your gaming experience is fanfrickentastic. :)
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  17. EMCONAlpha

    I believe I can speak for most when I say....

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  18. Van Dax

    quick question:
    with the occlusion change what will happen to splash weapons(such as the lasher or ppa), will they still be able to hit enemies around corners?
    (pretty sure grenades are done server side so they wouldn't change)
  19. CanadianSniper

    With the Occlusion... will that make aircraft suffer from FPS drop too seeing their higher up and can view more? and will it hinder crossfire or SLI rigs at all with a wider FOV?
  20. DeadliestMoon

    Dude, cut that crap out.