Operation: Make Faster Game

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by codeForge, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Flukeman62

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  2. Pano

  3. R3dBeaver

    so? any preliminary result from the test server?
  4. \°•ζ•Я•Ĩ•M•°/

  5. R3dBeaver

    Ummm something happened tonight server side? saturday night it was the same laggy stuff at 48+ pop... tonight it was... smoother. much smoother.

    not as smooth as TEST, but still...
  6. BlazingBlood

    Will this cause us to have to change our video cards or graphics cards? Just curious as to if this will change the minimum requirements to run PS2
  7. libbmaster

    If anything, it will bring the minimum requirements down.
  8. RushInNow

    I don't have read before but when is the patch coming on the ''real'' server ? Because i am waiting after that for like 1 month.

    Computer Spec :

    Window 7
    AMD FX-6100 3.3 six core
    Geforce GT220
    8g of ram 1333ghz
    500w power supply
    MSI motherboard (don't remember witch one)

    And atm on ground fight in 48-48 + fight i have 25-35 fps.
    Aircraft 5-15 fps.
  9. libbmaster

    November 6th.

    I think.
  10. codeForge

    We're more committed to releasing the patch when it's high quality than we are releasing at a specific time. We have time "targets" but reserve the right to keep it on Test till we all feel pretty good about it. While nothing in computers will ever be perfect, we want an incontrovertibly high percentage of players to see a better performing game.
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  11. Ash87

    Alright, but are we near that point now, and it looks like tomorrow will be release, or does it look like it'll be delayed a couple more days.

    Either works, it's just that people are coming back to try this (You can see a bump in population last week around the date that the OMFG patch was originally slated to be released), and knowing whether or not it's going to be coming out tomorrow or next Wednesday would be good.
  12. SquattingPig

    My guess is if there are no problems with SLI we'll see the patch tomorrow or the day after.
  13. masterryang33

    Well its tom. and no patch yet. Super sad face :( . Oh well maybe tom. Finger crossed, you know maybe you should cross your fingers as well. You know what maybe we should cross d...... Never mind..... :)
  14. Reaper

    hey look its the day after tomorrow and SOE is silent
  15. masterryang33

    Alot of people on the road map seem to thing its going to be the 12th and some think the ps4 launch day. Either way i have stated this before, Early in a month is 1st through the 10th, Mid month is 11th through 20th, and late month release is is 21st through 30th/31st. So as previously stated, either SOE has trouble with understanding beginning, middle, and end or they will be stringing us along. Either way 2 days left to still keep it in the early part of Nov. Otherwise its just another missed deadline and we will be left holding each others dicks wondering how the hell this happened. Release the damn update and get to work on new content to attract new players. I'm sick of 30 on 30 battles, if i wanted such a small player count id be playing BF4, but no i want all out war which would be possible for this game if we had the player base, which is bleeding out like a gutted victim of some demented killer.
  16. Blarg20011