OMFG:P1 - Some Early Testing Results

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by codeForge, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Drasilov

    Any room in all this to make triple screen usable?

    Its really difficult trying to aim when you are permanently zoomed in :(
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  2. Bigmil1

    Yeah double xp, and maybe some type of "Loyal soldier" camo thrown in for all of us who have waited patiently and not gone off to BF4????
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  3. BoomBoom4You

    I hear you, but it's better late than never.
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  4. BoomBoom4You

    Also, please take a 2nd look at the central HUD. Sooo ugly!! Otherwise great stuff.
  5. NyaR

    Release it as is, I can't even play the slideshow stable servers after tasting the fluid test server.
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  6. Zotamedu

    Any news on the frame stutter issue? I had a hard time playing yesterday because of strange stutters so the performance actually felt worse than on the live server. It seems I was not the only one with the problem. As soon as it's sorted, I'll be back on the test server to tweak my settings because this game is quite good looking when you turn the settings up. I would like to be able to play with flora and shadows on.
  7. KaMiKaZePiG

    Hmm... I'm not really seeing better performance on PTS, in fact at the bottom of the bio lab with only a small/moderate fight going on I was dipping to like 38 FPS... only going back up to 70-80 when I was further away from the action.

    That's generally worse than live when I'm much closer to a steady 60 FPS. Hopefully you get all the kinks out before releasing.
  8. Redzy

    Good job so far. I personally do get significant framerate improvement that makes the game a lot better. Since GU11 I've not had huge framerate issues, but this is much better than the stuttering I still get on Live.

    What still bugs me is the fact that the game crashes to desktop on log-out. Or is it simply that "log out" means "exit game" now?

    I did not log in yesterday nor today (yet), but last time, there were several UI issues, namely:

    HUD indicators too bright and distracting, but not as clear as the old ones.
    Reload indicator perhaps too thin and really hard to see while piloting a Reaver.
    Bio Lab being one hell of a design mess.
  9. St0mpy

    Thanks for the reply! If you get a moment it would be great to hear the design format of the benchmark, a small paragraph (or a Q&A thread if you like ;) ) of what it intends to test and how would be awesome. All we know from the OMFG releases is one is coming and thats it atm.

    For instance when you say "on PTS" that sounds like its not going to be a stand alone downloadable and may not even run locally like many game benchmarks so some pre release news about its aim and progress would be great, for the benchmark geeks at least.

    Thanks again!
  10. TheBTron

    Thanks, everything running a lot better on the test server, just leave out the Bio Lab updates.