OMFG:P1 - Some Early Testing Results

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by codeForge, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. S7rudL

    More polish.

    Thank you for the hard work.
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  2. treeHamster

    I know, it's amazing how much better the information gets distributed if you use the OFFICIAL COMMUNICATIONS CHANNELS, instead of some noise filled social media website.
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  3. Lividicus!

    Yeah... About that.... Is SOE FINALLY going to get some optimizing for SLI and CROSSFIRE systems? It's pretty sad when you have alternate frame rendering on and are only using 30% of your GPU and 30% of your CPU load, and are getting 25 fps in big fights...
  4. treeHamster

    Also to let you know, we COMPLETELY understand that dates can get set back, but you can make 90% of the people shut up and be happier if you just give us your next projected date instead of giving us the silent treatment.
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  5. VSDerp

    so we're getting a patch on pts soon?
  6. codeForge

    Practically daily patches VSDerp. Sometimes more than one a day. =)
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  7. VSDerp

    thanks man:D and keep up the good work.
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  8. shaql

    indeed, there is one patch coming very soon ;]
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  9. RoyAwesome

    3 on the 23rd, 1 on the 24th, 3 on the 25th, testnext is updated for a patch tomorrow.... Yep, checks out.
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  10. Roll Fizzlebeef

    I've noticed a number of significant performance improvements on the PTS.

    While the community is greatly looking forward to the optimization, I think there are just as many fearing the new biolab layout.
  11. xDeGuerrex

    Thanks for the good work :)

    Gotta go see what's new then !
  12. redmamba

    Only spent short time on test srv and I must say I'm impressed.
    Flying is actually fun now. No stuttering and FPS drops :D
  13. lilleAllan

    You should delay it another day and fix how godawfully broken hsnv scopes still are on low settings as well.
  14. Kunavi

    Much appreciated, thank you for your efforts.
  15. SgtCheese

  16. Ketadine

    Hmm game launch 20 November 2012.
    First major optimization patch 6 November2013.
    This better be one helluva patch considering we waited a year for this!
  17. daniel696

    Should we have Nexus ? just to test the performance there... LOL
  18. libbmaster

    Keep 'em coming.

    Just make sure you get over to the PTS forums and read some of the stuff about the bio-lab. We would really like it if you did that.

    But otherwise, great work!
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  19. Grimfalcon77

    Sadly, for how long this game has been spiraling downward (shoddy updates followed by a true lack of updates, resistance to fix 4th faction, performance issues that took a year to finally look at, etc) my entire squad has all but quit at this point as of today now that BF4 is out.

    Not to say BF4 won't be glitch-filled as most EA games are but I had such high hopes for this game. I was a subscriber for the last 6 months and cancelled as of today seeing that this OMFG that has cannibalized all development on this game is further delayed.
  20. Nocturnal7x

    Time to upgrade man!

    Oh and BioLab is bad bad bad.
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