OMFG:P1 - Some Early Testing Results

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  1. shaql

    it's heavily bugged atm, but if you want to get there, find me on PS Universe IRC ;] I can show you the Neeeexus:
  2. Keiichi25

    I don't mind waiting a week. I haven't had near crippling issues even with the annoying Alt-Tab crashing bit and sometimes the random ctd. While I want more stability, I rather it be worked out a bit more to make it less so and I am sure the rest of us would rather not dread another patch and watch it go MEH on us even more than the last several GUs.
  3. Keiichi25

    Content won't help the game if people are having slideshows in fights, or constant crashing of the game that frustrate the hell out of users, including the comm system where people who are trying to work as a team, can't... And worse yet, alt-tab crashing trying to switch channels or what not through third party comm systems. If you seriously think player studio is more important than a game not crashing or slideshowing... You seriously have the wrong priorities, since it is the fight between PLAYERS that make the game more interesting than putting in more content, and it kills that part of people are crashing out or unable to play due to unsustainable frame rates.
  4. Mastachief

    Why is soe not listening to the biolab feedback?
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  5. St0mpy

    1. Any news on the downloadable player benchmark announced as part of OMFG? Keen to get my hands on that, would also help users report discrepancies in testing. Thanks!

    2. Please dont approve the biolab redesign on pts, its depressingly bad in several respects.
  6. Airazor


    PLEASE don't stop or slow down the OMGF, make sure you squeeze as much frames and optimization as humanly possible :) Even after OMGF is done and all is looking better, KEEP trying to make it even super better after that! We want this game to last another 9 years if possible!

    1) Make game run amazing and smooth (Great fps) on every machine from here on in. Always program for the lil guy first then the big comps later.

    2) Make sure you pump out new continents, weapons and most important new vehicles! We love what we have, but man do we want some cool stuff! (SC is coming your way if you manage this more frequently!)

    3) To push the "Coolness" if this game we gotta have space combat, navel combat or cool floating islands...just sayin! Auraxis could be a pretty awesome awe-inspiring planet. Lots of potential!

    4) Use the forums more! Lot's of people use it and it is the best way to get the word out other then twitter. Your Die-Hard ps2 peeps use the forums, also they are prolly the peeps that spend the most money on the game. So give us the info first!

    Keep up the good work guys! :) I'm excited to have some frames finally!
  7. BITES

    I'm unfortunately in the "less frames" pool ... but I'm also running SLi.... so looking forward to the fixes for SLi ...
  8. Moltke

    if you'd like more of the community to help out, maybe you can award the account 2X exp for the amount of time they spend on the test server. I'll be on after exams to help out anyway tho.
  9. Ronin Oni

    Hi Ryan,

    Just wanted to make a note that I think it might be worth advertising PTS more aggressively.

    Launcher ad and even a loading screen message would both be great ways to reach everyone who plays. MOST gamers don't use any social media (Facebook, Twitter, Forums) to keep tabs on the games they play and only ever really know what's shown to them in the game itself.

    100k certs to play and experiment with, as well as occasional Boost rewards are certain to help attract the numbers needed to properly stress test I'd think. They just don't even know about it. (In fact, I think it'd be good to set up broad test times, say 4-6 hour blocks on the weekend at different time frames, and anyone who logs in and spends at least 30-60 minutes on PTS gets an XP boost for partaking in the test event. These more comon rewards could be 1day 50% boosts or something.)

    Also, it's kinda hard to find the client for test... it should be made more prevalent. Link on PS2 homepage would likely be ideal.

    Just my $.02 ;)

  10. DeadliestMoon

    Crashing on exit isn't as big a deal as you are making it out to be.

    I'm sorry but this all just sounds greedy.
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  11. codeForge

    Hey guys, just wanted to note I'm not being purposefully terse on the biolab issue. I'm personally focused on performance, but I can say that the design team hears you loud and clear and you should expect some word on the biolab issue soon.

    As far as the Benchmark Level, we're still working on it but it's nowhere near ready yet. We'll have it on PTS as soon as we can, we're excited to use it too!
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  12. Phyr

    We weren't expecting you personally to make a comment on the biolab, we just want somebody to acknowledge it. I'd like to hear the reasoning/goal is for it.
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  13. Meliorist

    Thanks us? Why, with a patch like this, we should be thanking you!

    So thank you, and glad to be of help in testing.
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  14. Hoki

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  15. TJ Reaper

    :D If we can get the game to run decent on this Acer Aspire 7750G switchible graphics to the AMD 6670M 2 GBs GPU :p I would spend a lot more money on this game :D Cause I would also be able to play a lot more. So Dev's :p look for my account and monitor my stuff :p cause then you'll see what happens
  16. TJ Reaper

    I'm only tagging you becauce you're signature is bad *** just like the Orginal Song that reword lyrics is kick ***. :D
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  17. TJ Reaper

    A week can do a lot in the game, these guys dont just work 9-5, some of em dont leave until 10pm, and some of them come in for the night work :p
  18. Rogue1138

    Game on test is running much smoother for me. Xfire even works okay so long as you switch to AFR Friendly in the profile. Actually getting 70% or better GPU usage on both my 7970s. Now just fix the eyefinity/surround support and I will be happy. Runs a lot better than BF4 right now!
  19. deggy

    Thanks :D
  20. libbmaster