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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Jaamaw, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Jaamaw

    Thanks Kylerr!
  2. Jaamaw

  3. Herby20

    One of the best outfits on the server. You guys always provide a challenge regardless if where we might be, what vehicles we might be in, or what the situation is like. Friednug+Jaamaw is super scary too.....
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  4. WaaWaa

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  5. Jaamaw

    Be scurrd! ;) ty for the kind words Herby!
  6. Jaamaw

    :mad: WaaWaa makes me rage!

  7. Jaamaw

    Shameless bump!
  8. HarvestCheddar

    How do I apply to be a TR spy? These forums are hidden, right?
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  9. Jaamaw

    We currently don't require one, the TR are pretty easy to predict/find on the map ;)
  10. Jaamaw

    Bumpin the Jaamz!
  11. VSDerp

  12. Herby20

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  13. VSDerp

    herby you wanna have a derp off?
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  14. Herby20

    I don't know if I could defeat someone named "VSDerp" in a derp off. I shall pass.
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  15. Heme

    I don't know.. You are Pretty derpy, there herby.
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  16. Jaamaw

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  17. Jaamaw

    Join today folks!
  18. Jaamaw

    Got a Community Clash pre-season game on the 19th against UxB! Make sure to tune in!
  19. Herby20

    Those 2v1 fights I had against Friednug+Jaamaw and Dreadnaut+Himofeelia tonight were pretty much the craziest and most nerve wracking moments I have had in PS2. I know near the end of the night TR seemed to be pulling mass air, but for like 20-30 minutes that was the most intense air combat I have ever experienced in in this game.

    I recorded some of it, and I'll try to get it up sometime tomorrow.

    Edit: BAM
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  20. Jaamaw

    Awesome, love seeing those on the receiving end of the Dalton battles!