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  1. Jaamaw


    "We have all the batteries you will ever need!"

    We are not a clan. We are a community of like minded gamers who are tired of nonsense found in other clans, communities, games and servers. We are a gaming community that started in BF3 in 2010. NNG got involved in PS2 during the beta, and has grown ever since. As an outfit, we specialize in "no nonsense" and strive to be drama, racism, bigotry and sexism free, but more importantly to have fun. Respect for our fellow members and players in the games we get involved in is our priority; We have established a reputation for this and will uphold it. Our Official PS2 Guidelines can be viewed here (http://nononsensegamers.com/forums/threads/nng-planetside-2-division-guidelines.1630/)

    NNG typically will run no more than one platoon on the field at all times, usually it is 1-2 squads of highly capable soldiers. Sometimes we open to public for recruiting but most of the time we are outfit only. We focus on engagements with other outfits (friendly and enemy) and try to refrain from "ghost capping". NNG has casual play most hours of the day, which revolves around cert farming or getting into fun engagements. We have team building practices and war games every Sunday and Wednesday at 8pm EST. Around 7:30pm EST Friday and Saturday NNG shifts to a "NNG Operations Platoon" where we buckle down, and give it our all and go searching for rival outfits or dominating alerts. NNG typically has a semi-strict comms policy which can be reviewed here: http://nononsensegamers.com/forums/threads/teamspeak-guidelines.1577/


    Nothing short of the best. NNG ESF and Liberator pilots are feared and in the air and revered as some of the best on the server. From Flash to Magrider NNG has the most respected and knowledgeable operators of heavy Vanu technology. NNG infantry single-handedly turn the tide of battle no matter the enemy numbers because NNG plays all the roles, utilizing what you are best at rather than forcing you to be the best at something. Of course NNG would be nowhere if it were not for some of the most dedicated leaders on Mattherson, who are always in the thick of battle tactically spearheading attacks. Wanting to improve your gameplay? Our leaders and members are constantly making themselves available for others to learn and become "NNG good" at Planetside 2.

    **As of 4/12/14 NNG has 28 BR100's


    We are looking for players who have the ability to listen and follow directions as well as have an enjoyable time playing the game. NNG is not as focused on KDR as we are focused on how well you can operate with NNG as a group or unit. Being an effective killer with a high KDR is one way to play the game effectively; However, we at NNG know that Planetside 2 is a much more complex game which goes deeper than KDR. Our armies need pilots, medics, motion detectors, battery re-suppliers and repair junkies!!

    We just started up a TR outfit sub-division, so if you would like to be in NNG but main as a TR, go right ahead! The TR outfit it lead by Mustarde (CondimentActual) so send him a /tell in game if you wish to join up!
    Simply click this link: www.nononsensegamers.com then:

    Once your website registration is complete, you will fill out our PS2 Membership Application.

    Following the submission of your application, an open thread will be created for our membership to view, share positive comments with you, etc. (Members should not discuss any issues with the applicant in these threads). This application thread will remain open for a minimum of 3 weeks.

    After the 3-week waiting period, your application will be closed and moved to a members-only vote, which will last for 1 week. (Member votes need to be (yes)/(no)/(abstain) and reasons must be given for all votes).

    After membership voting, a final review of your application is completed by PS2 Officers.

    Applications submitted too close to voting date are automatically rolled over into the next month's voting.

    All results from voting will be announced via a forum post on or near the 1st of each month. At this time you will be contacted via Forum PM, Teamspeak, or in-game to receive your NNG Tags. We do ask that you do not put [NNG] in your TS name itself until the tags are granted to you. You are granted membership into NNG (all games), but you will only receive the PS2 forum banner to let others know which division you applied to.
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  2. CrazyKillerCat

  3. Keleborn

    biggest bad-***** i know cant wait to get back in
  4. ThaneKri0s

    Have tons of fun and get tons of certs playing with NNG everyday!:D
  5. Laners

    I can confirm that NNG has some serious swag issues
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  6. Jaamaw

    Addicted to the swag!
  7. VSDerp

  8. Jaamaw

    Woo! Derp is master infiltrator!
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  9. VSDerp

    gotta teach you someday since all you know how to do is smg infil :O
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  10. HarvestCheddar

    Quick question, how much nonsense does NNG tolerate? :p
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  11. Forlorn Hope

    Friednug and Jaamaw scare me when they are in a Lib. That is all.
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  12. VSDerp

    you haven't seen me in a lib before than. i might not kill anybody but it's scary to see me in one !
  13. VSDerp

  14. warfighter926

    NNG is full of great players and they know what they are doing its always fun fighting against them :D
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  15. Kylerr

    if you're on Mattherson VS than you have no reason not to join these guys. Great, friendly group of skilled players
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  16. VSDerp

    thanks man! we haven't fought each other in a while !
  17. VSDerp

    [IMG]Special Thanks to [EXOC]Cheeserolla for capturing this great moment in NNG history.
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  18. Forlorn Hope

    You guys are running some tight air squads. Its fun to watch and sucks to fly against unless SMG has a squad of our own up. Keep up the good work. Friednug kill me in an ESF less please, why do you have to be so damn accurate.
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  19. VSDerp

    thanks man!
  20. Jaamaw

    Thanks for the props!