New battle rifles on PTS. Thoughts?

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  1. VhynSeven

    Sooo, I wanted to ask this to someone who has access to the PTS, since I don't and I can't find the answer anywhere...
    I noticed that the Dragoon (the TR Battle Rifle) got a new attachement in the latest PTS patch, called Heavy Magazine, which adds 2 shots for an 20% increase in hipfire accuracy. What I want to know is :
    Does this attachement is a Rail attachement, like Extended Mag ? I think it should, but I want to make it clear.

    On a side note, with the removal of first shot multiplier and the decrease of the recovery delay, the Dragoon should be better at landing follow-through shots, isn't it ?
  2. Vengeanceofthefallen

    The Dragoon's Heavy Mag will be in the ammoslot, so you can balance out the cof increase by using a lasersight, yeah now its better at semi firing and of course full auto... the go to loadout will be semifire-lasersight-heavymag imo....
  3. typnct

    i actually didnt like any of them beside the vs one which is pretty much unique
    the nc one seems like a standard choice for infil's but i dont think that any other classes would equip it
    the tr one seems... how do i put it... just bad, the explosive ammo isnt worth it as their radius is too small

    changes i would make
    nc one - 3 hit kill on any distance also special ammo(2 shots on each mag) - ricochet's from the wall once
    vs - charged shot(500 dmg) - kills half the mag or 300 dmg directly towards the health(ignores armor with no headshot multiplier)
    tr - explosion is directed towards the front of the hit area - 3 meters front 200 dmg max 5 meters 10 min no headshot multiplier from the explosion

    other ideas - for the vs,tr and nc - can hit light armor's driver directly for 250 dmg if shot at the right spot
    underbarrel - stun granade(quick detonation short term)
    special handle - deployed on the ground - 100 degrees freedom of aim(like a turret), increased rof by 20%, small shield(100)

    special ammo - camera directed 400 m/s - 50 dmg less for being used
    special ammo - small emp, when shot at a vehicle, it kills their hud for 0.5 sec
    ice spike - shoot ice spikes(because why not?)
  4. Prudentia

    as far as i know the VS hipfire attachment is still bugged and does 112 damage instead of 167 so it's kinda hard to test it's effectiveness. and i haven't done the math yet to compare it against other 167damage tier hipfire weapons. but if i remember correctly it doubles rof? so that would be 167@370 which is terribly meh, but still, if you jumped in CQC it's better than not running it and there is no disadvantage to it's long range effectiveness. that last point really :eek: 's me, if you pick something with such a big increase in short range power it should come with a decrease in long range power.

    NCs piercing is definitely the most funny of the 3 specials, just spam into a zerged room with 4 or 5 people at once and you just completely dunked on what mass lashers can do.

    and TRs explosive ammo is just straight garbage. 75 splashdamage works for the lasher because of the 75 mag, but it takes 14 bullets to kill someone with splash damage alone, so this really is only a "oh no, my enemy ran behind a box after i hit him twice in the body, time to keep shooting at the ground to kill him slowly". imo explosive ammo needs 2 things: 100 or more splash damage shift and much increased bulletdrop so you can turn it from a Battlerifle into a pocket Mortar
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