New battle rifles on PTS. Thoughts?

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  1. Gushroom

    If you go infil and up close to the faces of a group you can just tap 3 enemies quick with saboot round it is really fun mechanic i wish all had battle riffles had that as an inbuildt attachement. why limiting to nc. and yeah then they could also add the super velocity thing your talking about
  2. Gushroom

    but well posting better concept ideas here wont matter, they will release as they are now....

    Imagin the explosive rounds with the jackal bx adapter on the new tr battle rifle, would have been so fun
  3. frozen north

    Mostly because, at least at launch, it was terrible. Mandatory 2.9 second reload post firing, plus roughly 0.75 seconds of total firing process, and an effective one shot range of only ten meters made a lot of people ( myself included) not like the attachment. Cause if I don't get the kill with the burst, odds are, I wont live long enough to try again.

    That's what it came down to for me anyway.
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  4. Ragnarock

    Completely agree on piercing bullets. Also It looks like I'm gonna need a damn good pistol with this new rifle. The lack of grenade launcher also broke my heart.
  5. Ragnarock

    When holding a tight area with the Promise LMG, I often unload all the 150 bullets. when idiots walk into the line of fire, I don't stop shooting. Its really not my problem. Especially when we're on the defence it is just unacceptable. If they get teamkilled, they get what they deserve.
  6. frozen north

    The lack of foreseeable effectivness broke my heart.

    I mean, to be fair, after the train wreck of a release that occurred with unstable ammo being completely broken, and the promise being arguably the best of the new LMG's ( since under sustained fire, it becomes one of, if not the lowest recoil LMG in game). So I think the dev's are desperately hoping to avoid another round of OP releases, but this feels like it goes to the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

    The only reason to use the new battle rifles over a semi auto iron sights sniper is the fact that, last I checked, these were still coded to have perfect accuracy, regardless of stance or movement. Meanwhile, the current battle rifle can out kill these things, and every medic has access to a better long range AR ( SABER for TR, reaper DMR for NC, and CORVUS for VS) and a 3 round burst fire AR that puts up a good amount of competition.

    And with their limited attachment options, the new battle rifles lack the versatility that has helped make the current battle rifle as popular as it is. And its often a rare sight as is.
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  7. AlcyoneSerene

    NC naturally gets the best mechanic, piercing rounds, TR gets the worst, explosive ammo.

    I've tested them in PTR, piercing rounds work, and tons of scenarios where enemies body-block a kill, but explosive rounds sounds about as useless as the Jackal with its attachment.
  8. frozen north

    The mention of body blocking just made me realize something. You can no longer safely follow behind a MAX if your against the NC because of feature.

    Thank god I can choice not to take explosive rounds though, just as I can choice not to take that gun at all, cause I do not plan on using it on the live servers.
  9. Gushroom

    Yeah i can uderstand that, it is not good when faced against mulitple enemies ;(
    Thats why i'm playing HA with Chaingun and nightmare Implant rank 5 and adrenaline shield !!!!
    Not that viable, but super fun when you continue to spin your chaingun while invisible.
  10. Ragnarock

    Odds of you getting ''pierce-shot'' to death behind a max is kind of low though. I see that this can be very annoying, but isn't that the whole idea of using it anyways? To punish people for lining up?
  11. frozen north

    True that. Hopefully when I can get access to the PTS again, I can do a bit more work with the new rifles, since they all got some interesting changes last update.
  12. frozen north

    So there has one again been changes with these three.

    TR: Good news is that they removed the first shot recoil penalty from the weapon. This actually clears out the big weak-point of single fire barrel, which now makes it an even better pick then before, when it was already bordering on the single best attachment you could get this gun. Currently, heavy magazine is not on the PTS, but I feel it too will achieve near mandatory usage status.

    VS: Only changes from before is a minor buff/ fix to the interaction between safety override and manual calibration, and a slight nerf, in that the cooling cycle now takes longer to start, but honestly, with how useful manual calibration is, I don't see this affecting much. Overall, a net buff to the weapon.

    NC: Ok, so the new version of the grip... doesn't feel any different at all. I can see some people maybe finding a difference, but I sure could not. One thing that I will say, is based on pure feeling ( since I don't have the stats in front of me right now), its short reload ( when its not completely empty) feels shocking fast right now.

    Now, despite this... yeah they are still not great weapons. The TR one is definitely last place still, with VS and NC currently trading places for best weapon on offer. While the NC rifles piercing shots are still of questionable combat effectiveness in my book, it does have by far the best baseline performance of the three, which is a huge plus.
  13. Ragnarock

    I just hope it doesn't end up like the Promise or gladius.. a.k.a. underperforming.
  14. frozen north

    Well, based on how many promise LMG's I see, especially relative to the other MG's, I would say its a damn good weapon. Difference of opinion perhaps, but hey, lowest recoil for an LMG after seven shots is still lowest sustained recoil for an LMG.

    Well, all the new battle rifles kinda underperform right now, so don't hold your breath.
  15. Ragnarock

    I only feel bad because these new weapons are all looking amazing, but their stats are just telling me I should not use them.

    the Promise is not a bad weapon. It just doesn't have a place in the game, other than sitting in a hot corner and dumping down all the 150 bullets. It is a shame though. The gun has practically no recoil(even without a grip, its so easy to control), extremely high bullet velocity for any LMG with the SPRW ammo. I think it has the best in the game.

    With all the stats you would expect it to beat godsaw in long range effectiveness, right? Nope. It doesn't even come close to it, due to its low damage model + low accuracy , or the way you guys call it, it has a bad ''Cone of fire''.

    If I had a choice I would trade away the lack of recoil for better accuracy, I realize this weapon is designed for ''providing fire-support'', and it does exactly that. Again , the moment you learn how to control recoil, this weapon becomes useless.
  16. frozen north

    Honestly, these new guns ( the battle rifles) feel underwhelming to me when it comes to appearances. Its most noticeable with the TR, but the new LMG's and battle rifles are basically just the same 3D model used for the SMG's, with a few asset parts swapped, and the model being stretch in a few places.

    Twice with the same basic appearance is one thing, but three times is getting near repetitive territory.
  17. Rydenan

    It seems you have not used the Promise. What's the point of low recoil if your cone of fire is the size of a truck?

    Sure, iirc, the Promise has its CoF capped, but if you ever reach that cap, you're already doing something terribly wrong.
  18. Ragnarock

    Considering %90 of the NC guns look garbage, I appreciate these new series. They are much better looking guns. repetitive or not.
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  19. frozen north

    Given how quick that thing can consistently kill a person, I don't think the spread is hurting people too much.
  20. Campagne

    I think you're giving it too much credit. As it stands it's not an overly popular choice according to Dasanfall and its theoretical TTK isn't incredible. A good old Carv will kill faster.

    About the only thing going for it is the almost entirely irrelevant suppression capabilities.
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