New battle rifles on PTS. Thoughts?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by The Shady Engineer, May 8, 2018.

  1. I'm so dead

    Personally, I can't wait for Sabot rounds. This is the reason. Idiots that walk in front of you when you are trying to kill an enemy. Most enemies survive because of this. I keep firing in hope the person gets the hint next time.
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  2. frozen north

    Explosive rounds does not change the weapons ability to damage vehicles. This is because most vehicles are immune to small arms, and every vehicle except for the flash is immune to splash.

    In short, if you cant normally damage a vehicle with infantry weapons, this ammo wont help. Even against vehicles that are vulnerable, you would be better running the default ammo, with a possible exception of the flash.
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  3. frozen north

    I just wish the TR rifle wasn't also bugged right now to only allow barrel or rail attachments, and not allowing for both to be used at once.
  4. The Shady Engineer

    The barrel attachment doesn't do anything either. The weapon still fires in automatic with no recoil decrease.
  5. frozen north

    Yesterday had a mini PTS update that did fix that.

    Same mini update also made the VS CQC attachment actually switch the gun to full auto from the hip.
  6. Gustavo M

    Not really. I mean, it does make it semi-auto... but the vertical recoil has not been reduced.
  7. Klondor

    I want to try them, but for some reason i can't input any keyboard commands on the PTS, so i cant even move around to get anything done. Tried making new characters, reinstalling and verifying files.
  8. frozen north

    If you have discord, go into settings and disable the the overlay feature. Its has some weird interactions with the game. If that doesn't work, then I cant really help.
  9. Klondor

    I do have discord, i heard from a friend it caused issues with some games, didn't connect the dots. Thanks.
  10. OldMaster80

    To me this Dragoon seems a big bunch of crap. The AMR-66 is already rather unpopular, I have auraxiumed mine and it was a real pain. Why should I go around with a worse version? Because of a mild AOE effect?
  11. Gushroom

    the Nc one is super cool and really goood. i wish they made all piercing thou...... dissapointing that a cool mechanic like that only gets given to nc..... ;(
    VS one is the best.
    Tr one suuucks... it has a pointless auto mechanic when it is better at tap firing and ohh you can put an atatchment on it that removes the auto-firiing. It is an awkward gun it tries to be an fulll auto gun but is a semi-auto one
  12. Neo3602

    The auto fire seems a little point less, perhaps if it was an alternate firing mode that did less damage but shot faster and has a separate ammo count like the burst fire mode for the TR SMG then it might be more useful.
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  13. frozen north

    To my knowledge, there are few to no semi auto infantry weapons with lower fire caps then these battle rifles. Suffice it to say, they are at the bottom of the barrel of fire rates.

    As for full auto firerates ( or even burst firerate caps for that matter), the TR battle rifle sits far below normal ( normal minimum for auto and burst fire is typically 400rpm). Add in that its recoil does not fully settle between shots when fired full auto, and its kind of a tragedy of a weapon. I mean, sure it works, but theirs better options.

    This is actually a pretty good idea. If this thing was like that, I would potentially be inclined to get it when it goes live. Might make it a tad OP, but then again, this thing sucks right now anyways.

    This would also be sort of fitting, given that this weapons model is loosely based on the model used for the jackal. This also happened with the watchmen, and the same trend exists with each factions new additions. I mean, with the TR, all three have had rotating triple barrels, and side loading magazines with a small leaver to act as a mag release located just in front of the magazine.

    At least make it burst fire with a bunch of stat adjustments, so it acts like a multi class TRAP-M1. That I think would be really fun to have.
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  14. Nobalification

    time will say what those things are capable of but right now TR looks weird, useless and underpowered. Like Jackal. . . we can just hope we will get anything good.
  15. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I would have liked to see the TR one designed around full auto instead of the half-baked design we got, especially with that joke of a mag count. If you're going to give us faction flavor, go all the way with all 3 factions:

    Make the Dragoon 187/500/27 with the semi auto option changing that to 275/330/15
    Bishop seems to be fine where it's at, it suits the NC faction traits already
    Obelisk should get a fire rate bonus and drop the damage to 275.

    On top of this the NC piercing ammo should deal light vehicle damage, and the TR and VS should swap. The Explosive ammo is more beneficial to the VS combined with their heat mechanic and the TR would benefit more from the increased hip fire.

    Probably not balanced but just my 0.02
  16. Nobalification

    i don´t get it. Why NC got more ammo in mag? Like, TR missing half of their traits already in game and now we are losing mag size? Wrel? Can you somehow do it properly?
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  17. Ragnarock

    as a NC player I am very hyped for piercing bullets. Other than that fact it seems like the worst of all three.
    But again, if piercing bullets are good, this might be its saving grace. Sadly this is not a weapon you would like to use in CQB though, so I don't see much point to piercing bullets.

    Other than that the high magazine size is nice. I hate reloading.
  18. Rydenan

    NC's is certainly the coolest. I cannot wait to simply tear through the stupid ally who wanders in front of me during a life-or-death 1v1.

    However, perhaps unsurprisingly at this point, the VS variant is by far the best, from a pure effectiveness standpoint. Heat mechanic, low recoil, and a spray-n-pray mode for CQC make it by far the best choice for anyone who really wants to tryhard.
  19. frozen north

    Technically its the second best of the three. The VS one is undeniably the best, while the TR one is probably the worst in my book. It's full auto firing is actually more of a disadvantage then an advantage, considering the recoil, mag size, and fire rate.

    Then again, none of the NC attachments are actually any good either. Sabot rounds might break even, but honestly, I would have made the sabots work like modified HV ammo, that takes the long range aspect of high velocity ammo to the extreme. Not the extra piercing thing it currently is.
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  20. Gushroom

    Jackal with brx adapter is one of my most used loadouts, love that mode. You can stay behind a wall charge up then peak out adn if that does not kill him you can switch mode which is faster than switching to sidearm. I dont know why people dont use it. it is actually extremley good. and i wish they did something like that with the battleriffle