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  1. Demigan

    The anti-NC goggles are so strong, even proof right in the face of someone wearing those goggles is not enough. And this is a real problem to the game's detriment, as people will ask for nerfs and buffs based on biases rather than supported facts. For example the idea that Higby somehow favored the NC and that everything was done to keep the NC OP compared to the other two factions, even though the NC was at it's worst during Higby's time.

    Hey, how about we use stats on this one:

    Looking over the last year, Vanu has a small population disadvantage across all servers.
    Looking at last month, practically no difference.
    Looking at last week, a small population disadvantage.

    Where's the "far below the others" you talk about? Oh you mean to say that you use your own servers population health as a guid to all of PS2's servers?

    Which studies? The burden of proof is on you. I could say "NC has been underpopulated for years now, there have been studies you can go research" (weird sentencing btw), but that wouldn't prove a thing and if you can't find it (because I pulled it out of my rear end just now) then I can blame you for not looking hard enough! Yey!

    This is why the burden of proof is on you.

    God I wish people would open their eyes and find out that this kind of drivel you spout is absolute nonsense.

    Airhammer's only "advantage" was a marginal ability to defend itself in A2A combat, while the Banshee and PPA absolutely annihilated infantry squads.
    The difference between the stats of the Anchor and Orion for example were the fact that every single VS player got their hands on the Orion from day one, which dragged the stats down. You can see this with every single starter weapon in the game. Anchor was definitely good, but it wasn't a godmachine weapon that saved the faction or anything. Same for Cyclone.
    Alpha Damage? The Prowler always had that one.
    The Vanguard shield has always been it's only saving grace, it is behind in just about everything else compared to the other two tanks. This has actually been proven time and again already using this thing called "statistics".
    Shotguns: At launch every faction had access to shotguns. In fact a video like this: Shows a TR Infiltrator using a shotgun. I've never ever heard of shotguns being NC only and I couldn't find proof through various sites and update logs.

    The reason there's so little VS is because they were little sissies who loved having weapons that performed above the curve like the Orion. When this kind of thing was curbed to reduce the advantage of a specific weapon type which included the Orion, a large portion cried their eyes out on these forums about the "unfairness" and quit.
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  2. pnkdth

    The AH was so powerful it drove the ENTIRE air meta for awhile. During Server Smash it nearly outperformed the top LMGs in kills. Let that sink in for a moment. The farm was strong with the AH. It even made me look good.

    The Anchor was and still is amazing. Cyclone was beastly, still a very strong SMG. Cyclone HAs were pure cheese.

    The Vanguard is meh. Bland and stupid. Reliable and unexceptional. The other two allows for more rewards when mastering them.

    Focus on what's wrong with NC instead of downplaying good things NC have had/still has. Otherwise you'll just give the people who call you out for being a NC forumsider more fuel and less people will listen to what's needs attention.
  3. Campagne

    Well to be fair the Server Smash really doesn't reflect live gameplay very much, though I'll admit the Airhammer had some pretty amazing stats on OoD. :p

    But as for the Anchor and Cyclone, both are highly overrated. (I've aurax'd both for the record.) The Anchor also now exists in the very similar MAW --Which according to sees verry little use relative to the rest of the Vanu LMG arsenal.-- and the Cyclone's only nerf was to a slight increase in recoil. If it were really so incredible there still ought to be SMG heavies running about.

    Now don't think I'm just downplaying the NC's "strengths," just pointing out some common over-exaggerations regarding the NC's equipment. Both are good and the AH was OP for a time, but none of them are game-changers.

    And those whom call out others for playing NC aren't exactly beacons of wisdom and knowledge, so the conversation was doomed from the start as it always has been. :p
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  4. ridicOne

    MMmhmm, I can taste the bitterness. First off I never asked for buffs or nerfs, I said, "VS has far below population". I than proceeded to say what NC equipment has been good or is good because you believe NC have nothing. Having 30-50 less people is a large difference where the population stands as it is as total of today.

    You showed the infamous INFILTRATOR shotties from beta that never made launch...


    And does the API even work anymore? When did it start working properly again? last script update was 2016.
    The last update was 2016.
    And the daily player boards API is forsurely broken.

    The best part is the same ole crew is still kicking in full force ;) Nice to see you guys around!
  5. adamts01

    I'm honestly on the fence about it, and the reason is that I believe in healthy competition. Pretend you've got 10 NBA players vs 10 high school players. They have the same equipment, and arguably a fair shot at the game. But it would be a terrible game, to play and watch.

    Back to Planetside. I'm personally of the opinion that NC has the best equipment out there. The highest potential at least, with a more difficult learning curve. But, they attract fewer players, are often under-pop, and historically lose. So would it be fair to nerf VS? In my opinion, not really. But it would absolutely create a more competitive environment. And I believe that good competitive fights is the main thing this game is lacking.

    I might be wrong more often than I'm right, but I make it a point not to lie. What are you referring to?
  6. Demigan

    Oh yeah, the bitterness of people using warped logic to try and influence the game in their favor and destroy the game in the process.

    You use the same logic that other players use to ask for nerfs and buffs. You also keep mentioning that the VS is somehow underpowered and with it you suggest that something needs to be done against it, IE buff or nerf. And your VS has far below population argument already fell through.

    You are ridiculous. NC does have good equipment, ofcourse it does! And I never denied they didn't have good equipment. But they have less of the good equipment than the other factions and less of it where it counts.

    Yes, because that's the earliest reference to shotguns I could find, it was in beta, and everyone had shotguns. It wasn't about the infiltrator holding a shotgun, it was that all 3 factions could be holding a shotgun, so your whole "NC was supposed to be the only one with shotguns" argument seems null.

    One of the few weapons of the NC that works above par compared to the other two factions. Congratulations that will suddenly balance everything out! /S

    You can work with the last API's if necessary. Looking at long-term stats like the population you can see that the VS isn't really as underpopped as you make it out to be.
  7. ridicOne

    Your just a bottle of Joy and Happiness living in your own Imaginationland. It's fun to read :)
  8. Demigan

    Deflection and attempts at discredit! Oh how wonderfully unique your attempts are...
  9. Zak Preston

    I've never ever seen any single TR or VS heavies with SMGs, but I constantly see ones on NC side. Gladius and Cyclone are hands down cheaters' weapons and need to be brought in line with VS and TR SMGs. I'd kill my friend's kitten for a VS version of Gladius\Cyclone... our ES SMGs are a complete and utter trash...
  10. LordKrelas

    Gladius can't Hip-fire.
    Cyclone yes, that one has a high damage value.
    VS released with a head-shot-enlarging SMG ammo - which is why the actual weapon was crap, over-shadowed hard by it.
    The VS SMG's, also aren't that bad either.

    Why would VS pull an SMG, over an Orion, on a Heavy Assault? Even though, I do see them.
    NC? If you can't nail the head-shots, and don't want RNGesus, you can pick an SMG, which doesn't care.
    If you call it a cheater's weapon, to not have hip-fire on one, and have 200-damage per bullet on another...
    Shall we then discuss VS's weapons in general?
  11. Zak Preston

    I tried some of NC weaponry and now I feel cheated: gladius has quite a manageable recoil, same goes for NC carbines in general. Most of them felt quite better than Pulsar-C and it's atrocious horizontal recoil.

    These DBG... I bought NS7-PDW and feel so happy with it compared to Sirius and Eridani.
    Sirius is fine, Eridani has way too low mag size.

    Why would any HA pull SMG when he has CQC LMGs?
    Sure, go on.
  12. Lee Weldon

    I've just about auraxiumed my cyclone and while it is one of my better performing guns, I think that SMG's are just too situational, you're either in my range or your not. I bought GR-22 on the other hand the other day and I was going easy mode and cheesing just about everyone in these ranges + about 10-20 meters out. I think SMG infiltrators are just mostly outclassed when it comes to ambusher LA's and even a heavy with a shield any close range LMG.

    I think the close-mid range scout rifles and the SAS-R/Ghost/TR equiv are more in line with what people should be using and I don't think I would touch another SMG again to be real.
  13. LordKrelas

    You feel cheated.
    What guns did you try? Carbines? You try TR & VS Carbines? How about the NS?
    Which ones even - Each is tailored for specific ranges.

    ...If those two VS SMG's aren't ****, then there's an issue with claiming NC's are cheats.

    Try NC's CQC LMG's
    Now try VS's
    Very noticeable difference between NC LMG & NC SMG
    VS LMG's operate quite nicely up-close, and are decent past SMG ranges - Making no point in the SMG, unless you like the style.

    We have VS No-bullet-drop Sniper rifles, infinite ammo Directive Weapons, easily controlled moderate RPM weapons across the board, Near hit-scan AV, Long-range vehicle AV with rapid-fire capacity,
    And an SMG & LMG that enlarges the head of the enemy.
  14. JibbaJabba

    It would benefit that entire faction to change the HA default weapon to something else. Gauss SAW is a great gun, definitely holds the "flavor" of the faction well, and is well balanced against the other empire starting guns. But it SUCKS for new players.
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  15. JibbaJabba

    It's a pain being NC on Emerald.

    The constant unwarranted double teaming from VS and TR gets old. I know double teaming happens during alerts of course. There are also times when you login to a double team and aren't aware of what stupid thing your faction did to some other faction just prior. At times I'm sure there are good reasons for a particular double-team.

    As a whole though it seems if all other factors are equal.... attack the NC.

    This gets complicated by the fact that we only have a handful of good leaders. When they happen to all be on at the same time the results are beautiful. It's rare that they are though.

    Getting NC to actually pull Vanguards is like pulling teeth. Nobody wants to do it. I think this is the result of years of it being nerfed into the ground. This resistance to pulling tanks when appropriate to do so cripples NC in major battles multiple times a day.
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  16. Zak Preston

    I do. For years I played VS, thinking I had the most accurate weapons with less recoil and mo bullet drop. But when I logged in to my alt and found out that most NC weapons are relatively the same in handling as VS...

    Carbines, pistols, SMGs, assault rifles. I have no interest in LMGs. Sniper and scout rifles are 95% the same. NS weapons are cool indeed, but lack that ÖMFG damage.

    NC SMGs are head and shoulders above VS ones. I really would like to know what happened in devs' minds the moment when they tailored to Canis worse stats than to Sirius?

    Sorry, I don't play HA, so I don't really care about LMGs. I really don't get what benefit from better LMGs would get infiltrators or LAs, for example.

    Which are semi-auto and are kinda useless compare to BASRs.

    And you got built-in compensators or HVA without drawbacks. Ammo printer and engies'ammo packs make heat mechanics a pleasant bonus, not a killer feature.
    Most NC weapons have no horizontal recoil and quite moderate vertical one. They actually feel even easier to control than VS ones with horizontal recoil.
    Complete garbage: while you charge your weapon you are an easy target to snipers and the vehicle may find a cover. I'd trade it for your pure cheese guided missiles that have no counterplay any moment.
    The slowest MBT with highest skillcap and no OHK HESH. Vanguart is a T1 tank anyways.
    Canis is officially one of the worst SMGs of all. Unstable ammo is garbage and none sane would ever use it.

    Add the worst ES pistols that VS have and here we are. VS has one 167 dmg carbine and it has quite a nasty horizontal recoil, while NC has lots of these with quite manageable vertical recoil.
  17. pnkdth

    I see two people with different weapon preferences. Now since you've gotten back and forth your positions become more extreme.

    To remove and emotional baggage what I see here is;
    1. Vanguard is not doing what it should.
    2. NC MAX lacks flexibility.
    3. And for some reason the SAW is still the default despite it being questioned since beta.

    Server Smash/Lane Smash performance has always been strong for NC, however;
    1. Live is not organised and played in the same way or have the same meta.
    2. MBTs are being used on Live since you do not see mass redeployment as you do in Server Smash.
    3. Same is true for NC MAX units who are more dependant on support/mobility.
    4. Both TR/VS start out with solid close-mid range weapons whereas NC gets a default LMG which work for high skill players up close and mid to long range.

    In other words, NC do well when all their tools work together. This doesn't really happen on live. You can beat the deadest of horses that NC have terrible leadership but that's because needs more commitment from every single player than TR/VS. Least in my opinion this starts with the two obvious issues, the MAX and the Vanguard. The MAX should get slugs as fire mode (5 sec delay since that level of flexibility would be very strong if it was instant) and establish the Vanguard to work more with high alpha/velocity. By that I mean, their secondaries should not be shotguns but various rail/gauss weapons. Just as the Prowlers DPS and Magriders mobility puts players on edge it should hurt to just roll through open fields against the vanguard.

    Least this is how it looks from my perspective (of mostly a VS and NC player).
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  18. LordKrelas

    You do know NC weapons are dependent on accuracy, with low RPM right?
    If VS had the knockout performance on handling, and NC the worst.. You'd basically never die to NC.
    As NC weaponry need to land the hits - and need to be burst-fired.

    You have no interest in LMGs, yet ask why VS & TR don't bother often with SMG's over LMG's...
    And why NC uses SMG's often enough over LMG's, you fight some odd people.
    But that's also hilarious.
    Like use NC's LMG's, and why NC bothers to use their SMG's still will make a lot of sense.

    Well Considering the Canis' had to deal with the first version of Unstable Ammo on live, being a "Spray & head-shot on missing the target, head-shot on chest shots", and the Severe backlash from that... Can you imagine if the SMG itself had actually good stats, when it was holding Head-shot Hacks as an ammo attachment?
    Like, the Canis is crap, since it was designed seemingly around having the easiest & largest head-shotting zone in the game.
    So rather than ask why the Gun that released with the most absurd ammo has crap stats:
    Ask why the SMG had an Ammo that increased the head hitbox on the enemy - any gun with that, is can't be taken seriously with any decent stats -- Which ended up with a crap gun after they had to reduce the Head-enlarging ammo's effects.
    It released at the same time as TR's confused SMG, and NC's hip-fireless SMG.

    Considering you talked about why NC uses their SMG's over LMG's, and claimed Why VS & TR don't use them often (You said never) as Heavies..
    Would it not be bright, to have actually used LMG's?

    Semi-Auto Sniper rifle, one is the phase-shift with a bolt-action mode.
    As well, lack of bullet-drop, gives these things the easiest possible hitting of targets
    For the phaseshift, Devs themselves called it near hitscan.

    Ammo printer is 1 clip every 60 seconds.
    VS Infinite ammo, is switch the weapon, have the entire magazine back instantly.
    Stop firing, and regenerate ammo as well.
    That's severely different than Ammo Printer - which is a single clip every 60 seconds, that also must be reloaded.
    VS can skip the entire reloading time, with multiple tricks, and even have infinite ammo on sniper rifles..

    Have you tried NC's mainline weapons? Each needs proper bursting, to a severe degree.
    VS weapons have a predictable swing in full auto even..

    The original Lancer, and present Lancer are the longest ranged, most mobile & multi-purpose AV available.
    CAI whacked it pretty hard, but it still allows VS long-range AV fire, and the original could delete near any target it saw in groups.
    NC's is a missile that can shot down, out-repaired, and leaves the user static & vulnerable.

    Considering VS' has the tank most able to reach infantry, and the easiest time voiding infantry AV with strafing, with the grand sniper Saron AV weapon able to burst-fire, killing infantry damn quick by itself..
    You underestimate the glory of a Magrider.
    The Vanguard is best 1v1 - against a tank, the largest possible target.
    I've happily dueled a Vanguard with a bloody Archer & won.

    The Canis was poorly designed.
    The original UA, granted near every shot fired near an enemy to be a head-shot for enhanced damage, and had the shortest reload.
    And this **** went live - So the broken Ammo modification, made the weapon with **** stats, OP as ****.
    As every VS was happily spamming the crap.

    Worst Pistols?
    VS's pistols match NC's.
    Hell, the Spiker takes from NC's directive perks (the only NC directive perk), and has a superior AV mode, while sporting the firepower of NC's Desperado in burst-mode.

    Just looking at damage numbers, without even RPM, doesn't exactly help say anything.
    Given NC has slower RPM, and has the higher damage table, I'd ******* hope NC has more of the higher damage per bullet weapons.
  19. typnct

    as usual this player will complain that everything that his nation has is under powered with no valid arguments

    you can all ignore this comment and wait for a decent comment on the matter from a good nc player that actually can apreciate and use the weapons he has.
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  20. LordKrelas

    You do realize, in that very post, I state how **** the Canis is right?
    Did I even say under-powered? No. Not even implied.

    Ah yeah, as obvious that VS that has no love for their own gear, that I responded to, didn't do the same damn thing.
    My gods.
    I don'tAppreciate NC weaponry?
    I just replied to someone who called their own gear ****, who was VS.
    Mother of hell, I get it, you can't pilot a tank, So you now obsess over me, but seriously?