NC op!!!

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  1. raffa2

    Recently i've tried the vanguard with my tankman, i must say i'm impressed how bad you must be not to outperform every single vehicle in the game with it. Vanguard + Mjolnir + shield = easiest tank kills in my life, didn't even have to use our brains. We literally jumped on everything and killed everything, prowlers lightnings, sunderers, a mix of those at the same time.

    Coming from playing mostly prowler, having tried the vanguard, i must say prowlers are free kills for vanguards with half a brain cell working... literally free kills, and the prowler is the most underperforming tank in the hands of competent players.
    Hopefully the next prowler change will give prowlers a chance against vanguards that doesn't imply retreating and shooting, but at the same time i'm worried about Prowler vs Magrider becoming a massacre of maggies.
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  2. LordKrelas

    Pretty much - If the Vanguard attacks first, or charges, the Vanguard's ability if not on cooldown determines the fight.

    However, due to how the Ability works (Let alone how odd the changes to Prowler's ability is)
    This means you'll likely not counter the shield: And if you did, you basically just ended the vanguard against TR.
    As the shield is the Tank.
    Which is basically 1v1 murderously potent, but crap outside it, unless brutally effective with it.
    IE, it can't be balanced properly.
    Though the enemy that lets a Mjolnir get close is a moron.

    But seriously: Yeah, that's what I'm worried about.
    If the Prowler's revamp isn't crap, but decent, it's likely gonna be dangerous to Magriders.
    And if it counters Vanguards, it counters Magriders: And if it counters Vanguard shield, it counters NC's entire armor division.
  3. Atorum

    Yeah, not gonna happen, you have to realize that at the same time NC will get Paladin which means that you will be dead even faster from further range, so yeah, also, Harasser version is even better, yeah sniping Harassers.
  4. typnct

    the paladin is gonna be the same as the gatekeeper, attracting but for long range and that means - low dmg potential and the target will just get into cover quicker than you will be able to seriously damage it
    that is the long range weapons curse
    (trust me on this one)
  5. Malebranche

    I agree, Higby sucked. He made the NC OP, and TR too.
  6. 4EMODAN

    nс is still the strongest faction in the game. 2021
  7. Demigan

    Pathetic bias.

    Take the Vanguard. Its only real option to win a battle is to lure its opponents into a pure DPS battle where the Prowler and Magrider do not use their maneuverability to get an advantage (or just pop behind cover and wait out the shield).
    The pathetic chorus of NC OP claimers are basically asking a tank designed to only win if you dont do anything but shoot to lose in that situation as well.

    For reference, when I touched the Magrider it was a Chariot of the Gods. I even held back a decent 2/2 plus 1/2 Vanguard with it solo before my buddy could reach me and we repaired up to pick them off. The Prowler is basically a Lightning but sacrificing the small frame for a lot of extra damage and a wonderful 2-shot ability to make it easier to deal with infantry and dial in range on long-range targets. Its gloriously powerful if you do anything else than charge straight into the enemy line, and even then its plenty powerful.

    And thats the thing: we can debate subjective experiences all day but that does not make the NC OP. We can ofcourse look into things like the actual performance statistics but that is a hazard with you guys cherrypicking stats and simply not understanding them.

    I would love it if we changed the Vanguard so it had more niches than "tank it and pray your enemy is stupid enough to stop using any of their tank's traits" but with the toxic idiocy of people thinking that if you paint it blue and yellow it becomes OP thats not going to happen any time soon. Instead any "upgrade" to the Vanguard will be like the Numbnutz reactor: the other two tanks got auto-granted upgrades but NC got a self-nerf that you have to sacrifice a slot for. Hell even the Paladin they complain about in this thread was going to be a weaker Halberd that had most of its reload time turned into a charge-up time instead, basically forcing you to reload the moment you wanted to fire. In the meantime the VS and TR would get far better weapons*, they were never added from the PTS though.

    * the VS and TR weapons were almost copy-pastes from ideas I proposed before, only the VS weapon was actually meant for the NC and it was surprisingly balanced in how it functioned and its damage output. The TR version was essentially a mixture of the Gatekeeper and Vulcan with slightly homing missiles, they botched the range and damage values which made it hell OP.
  8. FLHuk

    VS forum defence force working overtime?
  9. 4EMODAN

    Vanguard if it arrives then you will die 100%
    easy to hide from prowler fire
    what's the point in provler artillery if there is an NS-R3 Swarm and an NS Annihilator hitting the target at 350 meters?
  10. Demigan

    If the Vanguard arrivea you will not die 100% easy.
    The Prowler is more than an artillery tank, its also a powerful brawler at shorter ranges.
    If you can only use the Prowler as artillery tank and die to Swarms and Annihilators the problem is with you. Btw swarms and annihilators have 300m lockon range on tanks but there is a dynamic render going on that extends the render range of anyone holding AV weapons. At 350m you could kill the swarm/annihilator but they could not hit you.

    Try the Vanguard out for a month and also try to use the Prowler like a Lightning tank, assuming you know how to drive one. You'd be surprised about how wrong you are.
  11. 4EMODAN

    let's fight one on one in an open field, I'm on a Vanguard without skills and you are on a tank without skills. I tested tanks, the avant-garde always wins in the field at close range, it cannot be twisted behind the back and driven to do nothing. You see my nickname, come in and fight.
  12. FLHuk

    What an odd way to fight a tank.

    Do you slap the driver with a glove first?
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  13. Demigan

    A perfect example of the lengths you have to go to in order to make the Vanguard win. "Remove everything and just make it a blank slate DPS battle". Although unless we start nose-to-nose I think I can beat you with a Lightning, Prowler and Magrider given how important the shield is for Vanguards.

    Just look at how ridiculous your scenario is. You might find such a battle in northern indar if you go waaay around enemy positions in order to flank them, but even then both players will try to find some terrain to get an advantage. A small ditch, a rock, a large enough spire to hide behind. Having some cover for repairs is vital. If you get low on health you can repair up and have the advantage should your enemy try to move up rather than repair themselves.

    A pure DPS battle like you propose is unrealistic in PS2, and even then you ignore how it could go. With +/- 800m render range for vehicles even on a flat plane the Prowler would be at a massive advantage over the Vanguard. Its two shots make ranging in for hits easier and the auto-granted deployment for higher velocity helps. A Prowler with equal skills should always defeat a Vanguard when starting at these unless they have 100% accuracy all the time.