NC op!!!

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  1. Jbeasty

    So true lol.

    You logon and NC has two full fledged fronts almost all the time, while TR/VS might have a little "scuffle" going on that front. NC population is a big factor in this, but not enough to warrant the behavior I see every time during high pop hours. VS seems to have more really good clans as well, so people like me (who play alone or in small groups) avoid them like the plague. I'll bet TR is more guilty of that than NC.
  2. Beerbeerbeer

    My anecdotal empire toughness rating (AKA good players) is based on the sounds of head shots received. How much and, more importantly, how consistent in a single burst or engagement.

    TR and VS have a lot of OK headhunters. Not great players, but these people aim for the head enough that they will get lucky and drop you fast. They also have a decent mix of great players who are both consistent in aim AND actually have a brain on their head and play smart.

    NC is just devoid of these players. I mean they utterly lack in this department; it’s a black hole of great players. That’s why it’s easy and benign to farm them. The risk of getting stomped is small.
  3. Twin Suns

    Spot on.

    Being a noob at this game but not FPS's, I've learned one thing, headshots...headshots....headshots.

    Having just gotten picked up by an outfit with NewCo. I see a lot of those NewCo vets in that outfit just spray, pray and rage. They ask me why my medic seems to mostly survive frontline fights while they go down.

    I explained about how as a noob I can see the bloom effect on my guns. I explain as best I could how small controlled burst helps with accuracy or how proper footwork will help alleviate some of the bloom and recoil and use it to you're advantage. To no avail though. In the heat of the moment it all goes out the window. Back they go to spray and raging.

    Well I didn't check who is running ps2 on the playstation, but there your fps drop in big fights down to 12+-4, usually u run with less than 60 fps.
    So you get a lot of this fps/RPM stuff. Like how should you face a double damage output gun with the half of your RPM?
    NC does the most tk, bcuz if you stap in one's fireline they need to land two shots, you're nearly gone thanks dude!
    NC has on ceres only noobs who never played a shooter before and killers with 40% acc and 50%hsr on the saw. Just to mention this.
    The gd-22s has nearly no recoil, you can spray it. Dmg output decent 167? Oh and the mag it's 50, you're right much smaller than the Orion, which does less damage.
    I play all fractions main vs and for the last month I did a easy 3.13 kd with NC and 2.45 vs with a lot of air gameplay. Also a not to mention 2.18 with tr but only 83 kills. So yes NC seems ****.

    What I like it the most of this topic is the graphic about tank guns with kd above br 100+, not so much difference, may tell tr does more ganging, on ceres it's true. No factor two. So nope tanks don't differ much on paper.

    How is NC farming and smurf fraction supposed to win an alert? Not okay. There you go reason for poor outcome. I trolled the best NC outfit on ceres that much, they started to capture bases instead of only defending, just to piss me off.

    TR isn't that good, but many they usually gang you up and they have a plan to win, I guess they lead the alerts on ceres.

    And then there is vs, lowest pop by far, usual around 27%. No really good players, best I have seen is 3,5? When NC and tr come with 10+. So they do the only thing possible: ghost cap.

    Their guns lack of oumph, in cqc no bullet drop is no sale argument as there is none for anyone. On long range the first shot multiplier is too high and the recoil not great to compensate, I'm bad with 20-30%acc I know.

    So NC is too attractive for new players, then tr and last is the spandex fraction of course you have there more motivated players.

    BTW if everyone jumps to the easiest fraction, no one will face them and it will end to a puppy don't attack the master behavior. That's why I don't jump onto NC. Keep that in mind when lieing NC weapons are not op.
    They are for sure on the console!
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  5. Atorum

    Imagine my shock.
    Worse thing is, people are dumb enough to think that devs are unbiased, for real, they really think that...
  6. Fishpoke

    So jumped on NC yesterday and ran a vanguard for a while... it is heaven compared to the other tanks. It has bad reverse speed, that's like the vanguards major flaw... the standard heat cannon kills infantry pretty easily, much easier to hit targets with the faster projectile speed and I only need to pop off 1 shot before getting back behind cover and the smaller hitbox / profile is nice.

    I'm not sure why the prowler has less HP than the vanguard when the vanguard has a shield and reduced damage from frontal attacks and the vanguard has a much slimmer hitbox / profile???

    The vanguard feels like the king of tanks right now. Magrider has a chance if you are exchanging blows from across huge distances, thats about it. The blast radius on HEAT alone feels like vehicle weapons used to... (splash damage used to be a thing) I almost found myself having fun instead of frustrated to hell by having to run to repair every time I poke my head out from behind a rock or wonder how infantry could take no damage from the tank shell that landed 3 feet to the left of them.

    No point talking about ESF until flak is fixed. Just don't pull air right now.

    Their weapons work like expected, the standard heavy SAW has an obnoxious reload time... because...??? You could give their weapons better accuracy, less RoF (except SAW... that just needs it's reload time fixed, it shoots at the right speed if not a tad too slow)

    NC MAX AV weapon reload time is also super sluggish feeling.
  7. FLHuk

    Everyone always bashes the NC for poor organisation.

    Since 2012 NC as a faction have been using the Vanguard first and foremost to make the performance stats look terrible....

    So please delete your post Fishpoke ;)
  8. Commander Tychus

    I see the NC are still getting bashed for being OP.

    That suits me just fine because we still kick ***, even when we still get nerfed.
  9. Ragnarock

    looks like someone got dinked pretty hard with the godsaw.
  10. LaughingDead

    Like how all other factions make their tanks look terrible since 2012 too. Sound logic is not sound at ******* all.
  11. FLHuk

    .... aka /sarc aka that thing that just went over your head at the speed of a sideways Vanguard on a slope.
  12. Demigan

    Yeah! They were so biased that the NC was completely screwed for the first year(s) against things like the old Prowler, Saron, ZOE, PPA, Vulcan, Harassers (early Harassers with Vulcan and Saron were vastly superior), better starter weapons for starters (lets face it, the game is about the average player and what he/she uses, a weapon that is only more powerful when used with high skill is useless for the lionshare of the players), early Gatekeeper...

    This has also been proven already. The Vanguard is NOT the MBT King as even the Magrider get practically the same MBT kills per life (talking about 0,0 something numbers here), the NC has historically lost most alerts&continent caps ESPECIALLY AT THE EARLY DAYS OF THE GAME, the NC scores higher with NS weapons and copy-paste weapons like shotguns or lightning canons than the other two empires so the "all NC are newbs" argument is dead and gone...

    Really, it shocks me that there's people like you who have the gall to think NC was in any way privileged over the other two factions. How? Where? What proves this dream that the NC got more attention than the other two factions? The fact that Higby symbolized NC while the TR and VS got their own dev faces so people had someone to identify with?
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  13. ridicOne

    The NC googles are so strong on some of you guys, it's causing detriment to the livelihood of the game. Do you see how one of the factions overall population is far below the others and yet there is no cause for concern? Blaming it on aesthetic's when there have been studies done that you can go research, which basically talk about the value of aesthetic's in a game. If the time comes and the only faction left with all its weak *** equipment is the only realization it comes to. maybe at that point some of you will open your eyes.

    You act as if the Airhammer, Anchor, Cyclone, Alpha Damage AP/Halberd Vangaurd with Shield, Shotguns (which only NC had at one time) had ludicrous TTK that it infuriated the other factions, didn't even exist. You use Alerts/Continent Locks as a way to judge balance in a game when the only way to actually judge balance is in a controlled setting.

    And yet you can't realize why there's little to no VS players around these forums anymore trying to justify anything. Your oblivious to the obvious is so far gone, you might get what you wish for.
  14. adamts01

    What good is a controlled setting if it doesn't relate to how things actually play out? Be it teamwork, actual OP equipment, cosmetics just sucking.... you name it, the outcome is that NC historically and across every server is under-performing. Yes, the faction seems to do well in server smashes, but who really cares if that doesn't translate to the game 99.99% of us play?

    I say buff/nerf the factions till things equal out on live. If guys leave TR or VS for fancy new toys, then we'll just know who the ******* are.
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  15. Xebov

    Completely agree with you. I might add this:
    Higby was a notorious solo player (he said it himselfe in his streams). The result was that team play was valued alot less and we got into the state where kills are most important for everything and developement moved towards single players.
  16. typnct

    no... the nc didnt get any nerfs in the last updates... none
    you had some buffs though(idc about what people say here about the nc, but at least dont lie about stuff)
  17. ridicOne

    *Sorry, I blame my phone...
  18. ridicOne

    The problem here is your trying to distinguish the difference between fair and equal. Your willing to sacrifice fair to have an equal balance. Which in turn makes a faction pay for the outcome of such.

    In a 3 faction game going back to my RF Online days because it's the only other 3 faction Mmo I can think of and it's pretty much died and been revived so many times because of the way your viewing the way fair and equal works.

    So there is a past game to pull some knowledge from and I bet you haven't even heard of that game.
  19. typnct

    i actually dont care
    i just read what he said and noticed a lie and mentioned it

    i know the devs wont read these replies to each other and wont change anything based on "just thoughts"
    so i wont enter the its unbalanced blala conv :D
    i just came here to read ;)
  20. ridicOne

    ^ o7 ^