[NC] Fight Club Recruitment Spam

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Neonin, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Lardman

    Your good lady has bollocks ?
  2. Chromedome

    and we're back
  3. Chromedome

  4. Chromedome

  5. Lardman

    We're not really recruiting because the boss is away :)
  6. Chromedome

    Holiday over, come join the rebel NC, down with the empire, and away with you purple cylon thingies (or fish heads for the more discerning) .... giggle
  7. Chromedome

  8. Chromedome

    still recruiting
  9. Lardman

    Lardy n Chroyme squad. prepare to be bemused.
  10. Chromedome

  11. Chromedome

    RIP Planetside 1
  12. Chromedome

    Hello there, we have a space for you
  13. Chromedome

    here we go again
  14. Chromedome

  15. Chromedome

    gotta catch them all
  16. Chromedome

    pokemon that is, not STDs
  17. Chromedome

    its getting rather hard to pick up new members aint it
  18. Chromedome

    bring on a new continent
  19. Chromedome

  20. Zapperdood

    I think i might have applied for the outfit in-game.... be awesome if you guys accepted me <3