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  1. Neonin


    Who We Are
    A collective of staggeringly-drunk legends, that's who! We're not the Messiah, but we might be very naughty boys/girls/sheep... Actually we're a group of players who enjoy getting together and performing joint ops in team-based games while having a laugh. We're pretty casual, fun-loving, and always up for a bit of a giggle, but we like to think we get the job done at the same time. Most of us have jobs, families, hobbies, ant farms, and plasma-ball addictions, so we understand that gaming time can be fleeting. If you can't make organised event nights, no problem! Just expect a round of "Where were you last night you damned traitor?! PERSECUTE THE UNBELIEVER!" next time you do get on...

    What We Do
    Fight Club was formed on the European server Werner back in 2003, not long after Planetside opened its doors to the public. Since then we've done everything you can think of in the original Planetside, from rolling tank columns to MAX crashes to airchav, but our specialism has always been in highly co-ordinated hotdrops. Happily taking over a continent only to find a base generator down, run back, but get slaughtered trying to go into the gen room? There's a good chance that was us, especially on our Monday night "Are You looking At My Pint?!" event nights. The one thing we always do is have fun, because if you're not enjoying yourself then you're not doing it right! Our playstyle is casual, semi-serious, and we don't like fish'eds or TRouts.

    Who We Look For
    YOU! Well, maybe. If you haven't run screaming like a little girl yet and think you manage to meet the requirements below, we'd be interested to hear from you:
    • Have a pulse (Zombies accepted but must be chained for the safety of other team members).
    • 18+: We've tried having younger members and it just doesn't work for us.
    • Enjoy teamwork.
    • Able to play in the evenings sometimes, even if you are a dirty colonial. GMT evenings that is. ZULU TIME FTW.
    • Have no problems using TeamSpeak sometimes. We have our own private server excusively for FC members. Doesn't matter if you can only listen in as long as you can hear orders/banter/brunes terrible jokes.
    • Find the idea of screaming "ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY PINT?!" while firing randomly at anything that moves until you run out of ammo or pass out from loss of air appealing.
    What We Can Offer
    A relaxed gaming atmosphere with a bunch of nutters, TS3 access, ability to join us in other games we play (PS1, World of Tanks, EVE Online, etc), abuse, intimidation, horror, drunken ramblings, crazy Europeans who don't know what poppadoms are and haven't tried Guinness, and brune. No please, take him. Please?

    Joining Up
    Leave a message after the beep. BEEEEEEEP. Alternatively whack a PM to Lardman, any other person you see staggering around with the Fight Club tag in-game, or better yet wander over to our site, sign up on the forum, and post a hello in the "Introductions" section so we know who you are and to look out for you. No crazy application forms. No interview. Free spoons!*

    Fight Club Site

    *There is no spoon.

    Fight Club will not be held responsible for side-splitting, keyboard ruination, or any other form of personal injury resulting from our antics. If you choke to death on a beverage while listening to brune and FordPrefect argue, we will use your death as a cautionary tale and also laugh at you for being a little girl. Non-mandatory* trouser inspection to be conducted by KingAmbulance upon induction into the ranks. All your bourbons are belong to BuggerLugs. Any livestock you own becomes the property of Lucage. We used to be serious like you, then we took a Gauss Rifle to the knee. Fish'ed and TRout spies will be tied up and FARCON PAUNCHED repeatedly until their geek cred is ruined. We're a-firin' our lazors. All rights reserved, especially the right to remain silent and the right for DodgeIt to chop your head off. Trololololololololol.

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  2. Pig

    This is not a bump....

    This is not a bump...

    This is not a bump...
  3. Lardman

    Nope, no bumpaaage here, no, not at all.....
  4. rogers1701

    time for a hump.............

    sorry, i meant bump ;)
  5. PosTMortaL

    OMG, u still exist ?? Played with this outfit in PS1 lemme join forces again, it was fun with u guys !!!
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  6. Arphelior

    A shameless bump for Fight Club from WASP-inc! We've been working together very well so far, and we sincerely hope that it'll stay this way, or get even better :)
  7. GKsmoov

    A bump, for old times sake....
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  8. Sparks

    I just don't feel dirty enough yet to play NC with you again and you do some dirty stuff!

    +1 for a great outfit
  9. Lardman

    Are you referring to the mandatory trouser inspection from Mr KingAmbulance himself ? o_O
  10. Lucage

    Ninja bump *Shapow*
  11. Lardman

    We're still on the look out for like-mindeds :)
  12. Gharik

    i fight with the [FC] since a couple of days now..having fun so far! i recommend this outfit for ppl who seek for a good international outfit :) good players, funny guys.. look into it, check out the webpage...this outfit deserves it

    (im one of the outfit's medics and vanguard driver)

    for Freedom!
  13. Neonin

    These guys ruined my keyboard, my computer, my microphone, and my life.

    This outfit sucks, avoid at all costs. ;)
  14. Yago

    Hello FCers :)
    Had some fun with you guys on Werner back in the day with my NC alt "KingPrawn" .
    Thought I'd pop in and say hello :)
  15. Chug

    This outfit will make you a god-damned sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me.
  16. Lardman

    The spoon is a lie.
  17. Sparks

    He said it was one of the "optional" benefits, he lied to me :(.
  18. Neonin

    It's all covered in the Disclaimer, it's not our fault if you failed to read the small print... :p
  19. Meraun

    an bump for FC! you did a great Job holding our left flank on the Inter outfit OP yesterday!

    greetings from WASP
  20. AquaKiller