[NC] Fight Club Recruitment Spam

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Neonin, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Chromedome

    chipped it, ate it, now I am sooo fat :)
  2. Chromedome

  3. Lardman

    We are in awe at large enemy outfit tactics, then shortly we LOL. :cool:
  4. Chromedome

  5. Chromedome

    and onto another Monday pint night extravaganza we go
  6. Chromedome

    ok so you missed Monday, whats your excuse hmmmm. Well we do it all again next week, so be there .... right :)
  7. Chromedome

  8. Chromedome

    Don't look anywhere else, we want you :)
  9. Chromedome

  10. Fiendish

    Spam?! What Spam!? Join us. We may or may not provide some form of baked nourishment.
  11. Lardman

    oh yes, I forgot about this.
  12. Chromedome

    Never forget :)
  13. Chromedome

  14. Chromedome

  15. Chromedome

    Come on down
  16. Lardman

    mumble mumble
  17. Chromedome

    what could it be in your mouth Lardy ?
  18. Lardman

    your wife's labia :)
  19. Chromedome

    nope, try again
  20. Chromedome

    was it marbles ?