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  1. SgtScum


    I'm coming back to ps2 now that my real life is calming down and I can count on some semi reliable free time to play again.

    My question though is what are the most populated servers on average between the eu and us sites?

    I will mostly be able to play during the 11pm to 5am and 1pm to 6pm est times of day.

  2. Cl1mh4224rd

    I believe Miller is the highest population EU server. I have no idea how the others fare in comparison.

    Mattherson might be the highest population US East server. I'm not sure what the population on Waterson is like. SolTech and Jaeger also reach Medium during prime time, but they're not quite as populated at the other two.

    Connery is probably the highest population US West server.

    Unfortunately, you'll be missing a big chunk of US East prime time. Mattherson can hit Medfum as early as 4:00 PM, I think, and can stay there until 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM, though.
  3. Vapid

    Go for Connery, it's much more fun than Mattherson. The big Outfits are pretty cool and Evilpig is a squared away dude. Mattherson is full of tryhards and d**chebags. I promise you you'll have the most fun without the added annoyance of middle-aged bottom feeders trolling you like a 10 year old. If I hadn't already invested so much time and money into my main alt on Mattherson, I'd have already started on Connery.
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  4. Cuik

    Ah thats where Evilpig took the 666th.

    Devil Dogs been around since PS1...if i were to join an outfit, that would be it. Evilpig actually pitched the 666th to every one of my PS1 characters at some time or another. Thats dedication.
  5. SgtScum

    Thanks for the input guys.

    Already have two low level characters on miller and jaeger but will start a new one on connery as its fairly easy to get the requisite sundy ams and rocket esf with a bit of focused play.
  6. Negator

    Connery is a freshmen server full of mostly noobs, buddy. Every day i log in on my Connery character, see that 50% of the people around me arent in an outfit, and 75% of them arent even in a squad. So i invite them all and have my own platoon within minutes.

    On top of that, you get all the japanese players with terrible ping and no clue how to play FPSs.

    And finally, the 'outfits' that are there are professional zergers.

    Matherson has the most veteran outfits, ESPECIALLY if you are going VS. There is always good competition in the TR and NC to be had. Cheats are a constant across all servers, and the 'dbags and tryhards' will only be worse in a place like Connery.
  7. Negator

    Youre making a huge mistake lol. Focused play on Connery is rare.
  8. Sobieski14

    Go Mattherson.

    VS : Have large outfits like "AT and TAS"
    NC : Have large outfits like "SG and Goons"
    TR : Have large outfits like "TE and AoD"

    There are more, I just don't remember them at atm.
    * But these large clans keep the server alive, of which is great for everyone.

    I'll upload soon a vid of a large scale battle on Mattherson, something I've not seen since beta, tbh.
  9. Negator

    Direct quote from Vapid in a different thread
  10. BalogDerStout

    All I ask, is if you want to go TR or NC, please don't come to Connery.
  11. Commissar38

    Waterson is a pretty solid server IMO
  12. Dinglebuttz

    Nobody ever mentions SolTech D:

    We are pretty balanced it seems. Always big fights going on in Indar.
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  13. Vertabrae

    Mattherson is both good and bad. It has a large pop, and as posted above at least 2 large outfits per faction. Actually there are more than 2 per faction. So getting large battles is rarely an issue. Every single day you will find large scale battles. Not 2 squads vs 2 squads. I mean 2+ platoons vs 2+ platoons. I know we had 191 NC at TI Alloys yesterday, this at the same time we were having large fights at Rashnu and HVAR, plus several battles going at smaller bases along the borders.

    That being said, the server does have some drawbacks. We get our share of hackers. No idea if it's better or worse than any other server. I tend to think worse just because we do have a large pop, thus a higher number of targets for hackers to go after. That's just a feeling though and not fact in any way shape or form.

    We have a lot of TK'ing. Well at least TR and NC do. I play both on Mattherson and certain outfits have a....well lets just say if your in a spot they want, they TK you and take it. Seen more than a few who will veer far out of their way to run over a teammate just for giggles.

    The trash talking is EPIC. The three factions have no love for each other. Ok, maybe that isn't well put. Let me say this. Whatever faction you play, those who play the other factions are the lowest form of subatomic life ever and you must rub their nose in how sad, pathetic, and useless they are. All the while reminding them that their faction is hugely OP while your faction is totally UP. Again, doesn't matter what faction your in, these rules apply to all. You will once in a while come across some people who call for an end to the hate between factions. I usually tend to see NC players calling for this. The are extremely rare and can be ignored easily.
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  14. RedPsycho

    Server size as of planetside-universe goes

    1. Miller (Eu)
    2. Waterson (US East)
    3. Mattherson (US East)
  15. SgtScum

    Ok of all the excellent replys so far this is the one that convinced me to go to mattherson. :p
  16. ({x})Kyoji

    last I checked this was the case.

    Search 'Waterson' and you will find some interesting threads.
  17. SpcFarlen

    Of course im biased when i say Mattherson is a good server, but it really is. I have a TR alt on Connery and a VS alt on Soltech and the factions just dont seem very well balanced there. On Mattherson all three have great outfits that actually push the map (indarside). So at times you may feel like you are losing, then at others you feel like a complete bad *** getting huge tracks of land. But its from that eb and flow that i think its a good server.

    It means that no matter what faction you choose, or what outfit you go into (join Sturmgrenadier aka SG, we have candy) you wont feel like you arnet contributing.
  18. turtlestation

    Connery and Mattherson are both quite good. The bad sides are that Connery is a bit unbalanced with VS populations and whatnot, and Mattherson is full of immature and miserable players due to the toxic environment it has. I won't name any names but a certain TR outfit has created an atmosphere of trash talking and **** flinging when there really doesn't need to be. Connery has its share of trash talking, sure, but it never reaches the level of pure vitriol that Mattherson does.

    Miller is the most populated server, but I've only played there a few times. Seemed quite nice during EU primetime to see Esamir and Amerish populated.
  19. Harry Cox

    US West: Connery
    US East: Mattherson
    Asian/Oceanic Prime Time: Briggs
    EU: Miller
  20. QuantumMechanic

    Population-wise Miller is the only server that reaches "high" population every day - and it's been like that for months now.

    Most all of the other servers reach medium population during primetime, and are at low otherwise. Some servers are at low population 24/7.

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