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    I am 100% certain that changing the Render Quality to 1.007321 doesn't disable the EdgeAA.


    I am not saying there isn't a difference between RenderQuality=1.00000 and RenderQuality=1.07321 but you can clearly see the difference between EdgeAA being on and off when you could disable it during beta.
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  2. Blackoth

    I shall take a look into these tweek threads, but just for reference, Planetside 2 and Torchlight 2 are the first 2 games that i have had an issue with overly "white wash" on everything. Games like Skyrim, Mount and Blade, X3, Minecraft, Path of Exile, Serious Sam 3, Dead Island, World of Tanks, World in Conflict, ect ect all look fine. Clear and Crisp colors. Ive previously played with my monitor settings, and throughout the years ive traditionally had contrast as far down as it can go, and brightness around 30-50% depending on the monitor. Ive resigned to think its just the direction they wanted to go with the art. But i will find and check out those threads when i get home.

    This in no way makes the game annoying, but one thing that planetside 2 shines at (perhaps a little too brightly, HAHAHA) is graphics and sound immersion when everything is cranked to max. I just find it oddly off.
  3. BenYeeHua

    Thank for that, so at least we know, 1.07321 is disable the upscaling and start using the downscaling.:D
    And I am finding the picture of the EdgeAA in the beta long time, thank for this picture too.:)
  4. BenYeeHua

    Yup, the bloom in this game making it too bright for me, so I need to switch back to medium.;)
  5. St0mpy

    I got rid of the 'whitewash' by changing graphics quality to low. Its not ideal since id prefer to see the game as nice as possible but that whitewash is so annoying. I still run the textures at ultra and everything else at high and it looks both clear and sharp and decent fps too.
  6. Wai_Lee

    Thank you. Finally someone who uses the scientific method to show what graphical settings do/don't do. :)
  7. BenYeeHua

    Yup, just so bad I don't has a bigger resolution(more than 1080p), and large performance GPU to do that...
    And I don't know how EdgeAA disable look like.
  8. NotTheMomma

    Disable shadows, they're OP. ;)
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  9. BenYeeHua

    lol, at least we know the gun don't has shadow.:D
  10. Athanasius

    Demonstrating one reason I'd like to keep shadows on, but not if others can turn them off to better find me hiding shadows (because now I want to turn them off to also better find people attempting to hide in shadows).
  11. BenYeeHua

    Yup, if you enable shadows, you can see people under the sun.
    If you disable shadows, you can see people under the shadows, and also some FPS increase.
    Which one you want to choose?
  12. nitram1000

    This game is funny, I probably get killed more by BR1 players with a 5 yr old dual core system than I do by players with beast pc's due to the low gfx, no shadows, no foliage giving a crazy advantage.
  13. IshootRAW

    If your game is whitewashed or overly bright without contrast, two things to look at;

    1. In you useroptions.ini try setting your gamma=-.35 and adjust down or up from there, of you even touch the ingame brightness slider, it will reset this to 0
    2. Monitor Calibration, I am a professional photographer, I use a colorvision spyder tool to keep my monitors properly calibrated, your monitor profile may be the culprit, and no, monitors don't come calibrated and you can't do it with just software, though you can get close.

    More info and advice here -