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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. BenYeeHua

    Nope, it only works for enable, not disable.
    But I can also disable it, just I need to set as renderingquality=1.007321, which cause performance hit to my laptop graphic.:)
  2. Wai_Lee

    How did you find that out man? I know supersampling kicks in when you have the the rendering quality set over 100%, but how do you know the FXAA is disabled because of it?
  3. Eyeklops

    This is going to end up just like the foliage in PS1. Everybody will turn it off unless they are recording a movie. It's really sad that almost a decade later the option to turn foliage off is still on the table.

    The big advantage comes when cresting terrain. People with foliage off get a split second heads up, and in this game a split second is the difference between winning and loosing. Graphical elements, such as foliage, that can occlude an enemy should never have an "off" option in a competitive game. Please reconsider this. Lower the fidelity, density...whatever, but don't give an "off" switch.

    EDIT: BTW, I actually like the way foliage looks. For all the problems this game has, looking astounding is not one of them. With the right settings, PS2 blows BF3 (and every other game) away in the graphics department. Don't screw that up. Remove the foliage option from the .ini and force a minimum level of quality here.
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  4. BenYeeHua

    The character model on the character choose screen, you can see the blur completely remove after you set to renderquality=1.007321
  5. Wai_Lee

    I'm being slightly inquisitive now, but how the heck did you find out it should be "=1.007321", not let's say "=1.07322"?
  6. hugohein

    How do I turn the foliage off in useroptions.ini.

    cant find it :(
  7. Cl1mh4224rd

    As awesome as it looks, I'm sure it actually ends up being a disadvantage in more situations than an advantage. Remember, foliage doesn't render for a player beyond a certain distance. You may think you're cleverly hiding amongst the grass, but that enemy over there can still see you even if they have flora turned on, too, simply because the flora where you are at is beyond the rendering distance for them.

    There's a section called [Terrain]. In that section, there should be a variable called RenderFlora. Change its value to Off.
  8. BenYeeHua

    Elimination, find the range first.
    The MSI afterburner OSD don't display at 1.000000, but it display at 1.100000.
    So I just decrease it one by one, if the OSD don't display, then I increase it back, and decrease another decimal point.:D
    Like 1.070000 don't display it, but 1.08000 display it, so I decrease to 1.07900.
    And the value is 1.07321.;)
    I also ban by the server awhile for login too much time in 30 mins.:p
    I also inquisitive why the dev that writing the code wanna write as If >1.07320. then disable AA and downscaling it.:)
  9. Athanasius

    I'm curious as to what turning shadows off entirely would mean for trying to blend into them. Whenever I play Infiltrator I always try to be in shadow (be it by a tree, building, rock, whatever) so that I'm harder to spot from distance. If the 'no shadows' setting literally means everything is brightly lit then this is a huge gameplay change.

    Keep in mind such hiding isn't just for Infiltrators.
  10. BenYeeHua

    Don't worry, when the FPS increase, and only a few FPS drop with shadow enable, many people will enable it back.
  11. Blackoth

    Ive been playing for about 3 months, and I have to say the game is too white. I would love to be able to see the all the artwork without a glaze of white over every single part of the game. Is gamma what i should be looking to change? because it does not go any lower and i even tried to go a little farther in the ini file but i did not want to tinker too much with it since it was not helping much.

    Also side note, im not a fan of letting shadows be turned off. Graphic settings should never offer a playing advantage besides better frame rates. Shadows offer places to hide.
  12. BenYeeHua

    I feel it is too dark.:)
    Maybe you set the wrong setting on Gamma=0.000000 ?
  13. Athanasius

    Never mind, you can set ShadowQuality=0 in UserOptions.ini already for this effect. So I'm now using it to better see enemies and be less fooled into thinking I'm hiding. There's still darker shading on bits of rocks etc to hide against, but no shadows.

    I still think a certain minimum level of shadows should be forced on though for this gameplay aspect.
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  14. Blackoth

    yea ini file is currently at 0.000000, in hindsight i should have had some pictures ready before i posted, ill have to get some screen shots when i get home.
  15. BenYeeHua

    What you set for GraphicsQuality?
    GraphicsQuality=4/5 will enable/increase the bloom, which causing the light too bright.
    Or you also feel white on the UI too?
  16. Eyeklops

    Yup, enemies that are hiding in a shadow, but are really not because a system limitation doesn't render the shadow should be harder to see, somehow.
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  17. Loegi

    Sweet. I would've like an option for the AA though.
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  18. Kegsniper

    Remove the grass? But I hide in the grass every day! Why don't you just give infiltrators a giant sign saying "I'm here" or maybe a really loud cloaking noise? It's a conspiracy!
  19. BenYeeHua

    Read all the post, as a player that disable it, it still has the long grass showing.
    I always go to that grass and just shoot.:)
  20. NotTheMomma

    Difficult to say what the root cause is, but I have seen several ini's on the forums with the gamma reduced substantially. You might do a search for some of the big threads with UserOptions.ini changes.

    However, I should point out that virtually every monitor that a gamer would buy (reasonably fast, under $900, etc.) has default settings intended to make it "pop" when on display next to other monitors in a store. One of the things that they do is jack the brightness up way too high, even on models that focus on color accuracy targeted at graphic artists, photo editors, etc.

    In Windows 7, if you go to the Start menu, and type "calibrate" in the little search box at the bottom, at the top of the menu "Calibrate display color" will show up. This will take you into a wizard that's a little clunky and simplistic, but the first series of steps are brightness and contrast. You might take a look at this when the ambient lighting is the same as when you usually are playing and see if things are way off.