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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. BenYeeHua

    You can, just switch to High, then switch to medium.
    The bullet hole is waiting for you.:D
  2. L33T-T3CH

    Hay code forge, i was wondering if we could have some kinda statistic logging per machine that would keep track of things like frame rate are you CPU bound or GPU bound how many things were going on at the time of highest and lowest frame rate then based on the different log files over a course of given time with given settings (adjusting the settings sets the log file) prompt user if they would like to try some change in witch the devs believe would help reduce lag or increase frame rate.
  3. Bloodmyth

    Can you confirm if editing the ini file affects the shadows from hills and buildings?
  4. BenYeeHua

    If you means disable the shadows completely, yes.
    Only the flora don't disable completely.
  5. Bloodmyth

    Ahh we'll that me
    Ahh then I often think I'm more hidden than I probably am, that's a shame tbh.
  6. PsyStorm

    I have a suspicion that shadow affects the cover for infiltrators. If this is the case then players without shadows basically leave us few places to really utilize our cloak and possibly grants a huge advantage to low setting users. Would really appreciate someone to confirm this :)
  7. St0mpy

    Does foliage make a significant impact? Ive not noticed even a small change in fps.
  8. Inzababa

    how about ultra, do we get an ingame setting for it as well? :)
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  9. PresidentFreeman

    Sorry if this is off-topic but I didn't feel it'd be worth starting a new thread for; would using Dxtory to limit the framerate to a certain value (e.g constant 30) be detected as something bannable?

    With the current framerate fluctuations is would help take the edge off.

    I remember reading that some other graphics program was bannable if used and wanted to be sure.
  10. PsyStorm

    Not sure but I think it's mainly programs that alter game files other than Ini file. You can also limit your fps in the ini file.
  11. PresidentFreeman

    Oh of course, completely forgot about that frame limiting in the ini file. Thank you for reminding me.
  12. sladuog

    I still get some tearing when limited to 60 fps for some reason. Haven't tried it on 30 recently.
  13. cc2001

    So will it still look like the pictures I've shown below? I took these a while back turning off foliage in the useroptions.ini

    Seems like the stuff turned off could help hide people and even ATVs (with camo) as well as mines. If turning it off looks like the examples provided I strongly object. There should never be a game play advantage for turning down graphics.



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  14. BenYeeHua

    Yup, only vsync can prevent tearing.
    Remember, every rendering time per frame is difference.;)
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  15. Bloodmyth

    Thanks for posting those, I often use the long grass and a ditch to cover me which ill have to rethink now, and with shadows turned off there's definitely an advantage to low graphic settings, sadly.
  16. BenYeeHua

    Yes, and we can't know some aircraft just flying over us, and we dead for that.:p
    Except we has a good ear to locate the aircraft, which is very hard.
  17. sladuog

    I turned v-sync on and still had it I think. I need to test it with this patch's version but will be away from suitable hardware for a while.
  18. sladuog

    Those bits of foliage only appear in a relatively small area around you. You can, I think, see the limit of that render distance (which can be adjusted using UserOptions.ini changes IIRC) by comparing the grass around the tree to the right.

    Close up, it will indeed mask things like mines, but those do not have a large render distance anyway.
  19. BenYeeHua

    Yes, the best one is using the Graphic Card Control Panel to force Vsync.
  20. Wolvers

    Are these settings that can increase the minimum fps in big fights? This is what we need to know SOE. Don't you think it's about time you made a post about what settings to tune for those that are constantly CPU bound and getting awful minimum fps levels in big fights?