Lets End the Nerf Culture.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Villanuk, Nov 2, 2014.

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  1. Villanuk

    Just over a year ago these forums were toxic with Nerf calling, it more or less took over the forum content and many good ideas would get lost because of these threads, the vast majority of the nerf calling threads were ridiculous with a *** for tat mentality.

    Then it all went away, even to the point a thread was started on how nice the forums had become...

    Now one or two people with agenda's have started calling for nerfs again and its now becoming a toxic putrid topic again, maybe because the PPA got nerfed and they were upset. In retaliation the nerf calls are taking over the forums and good ideas are once again getting lost and we even now got threads to nerf the canister, says it all.

    So, its up to us to save this game. If we keep nerfing items in this game it will become nothing short of a joke and every faction here, has been left with a white elephant thanks to nerf calls. Dont get me wrong, some nerfs needed to happen, to all factions, but the hammer has been so hard at times, the end result is disappointing and once the nerf calls start the retaliation effect will snow ball on here and we are all going to lose out.

    If you think your faction is losing out, then call for BUFFS, lets buff the game not kill the game !!

    ( just putting my flame jacket on, waiting for the response )
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  2. BobSanders123

    Buff striker so it actually strikes.
    Buff vulcan to 1000 RPM and 800 round mag.
    Buff MSW-R with 0.75 ADS speed so it can actually be a mobile shock trooper weapon.
    Buff M18 needler to 845 RPM.
    Buff tank resistance values to single bricks of C4.
    Buff grenade launcher so it no longer fires potatoes.
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  3. Spoof

    Buff moon shots. Moon shots gave us Velcro, and microwave ovens...
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  4. Konstantinn

    Devs might not notice a problem if everyone is quiet about it. I agree with you, there are a lot of nerf threads, most of them are pretty ridiculous, so most of them get rightfully ignored. Other threads that pop up often enough and long enough get looked into. Sounds like devs do their own statistics and tracking and then act on it, but it's the threads that bring their attention to it a bit sooner rather than later.

    ZOE, PPA, 1shot kill phoenix, old old old striker, drop pod 1shot kills, C4 blowing up just about anything in 1 shot, HE tank rounds, lots of other things that needed to get hit with nerf bat and rightfully did, thanks to all the complaints in forums. Of course there were some casualties that arguably shouldn't have been nerfed, but complaining on forums has had more of a positive effect IMHO.

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease.
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  5. iller

    We're almost to the point where there's nothing really left protruding high enough.... a lot like yer deck when it gets old. A lot of nailheads are always sticking up. Yet, really; you're only catching your shoe on maybe 3 at this point. A few more will probably inch up a bit come spring thaw. But that's a ways down the road so there isn't a rush, we've got time to fill, but no reason to procrastinate either.
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  6. Cloakndagger

    It's very simple - The devs explain why the nerf something.

    The stats back it up.

    These calls to "end nerfs" are ridiculous. The devs are very transparent about why they do something. They don't just listen to every nerf call out there. They're not idiots. They realize people come here and cry day in and day out about everything.

    Again, the stats speak for themselves. The PPA needed nerfing. I'm NC and the Ravens need nerfing, and they will be, and we'll have a better game as a result.
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  7. _itg

    There are lots of people shouting "no more nerfs!" but the thing is, they're always against nerfs in the abstract, which is just a nonsensical way of looking at things, since the weapons are real and particular. The PPA needed a nerf not because it was better than the alternatives, but because it was bad for gameplay. It made the game less fun for everyone but a couple magrider gunners on a hill. If the Canister and Marauder had been buffed to match the PPA, the game would have been worse, not better.

    The larger problem, and I think this is what you're really getting at, is the idea of balance as a sort of metagame. People (rightly or not) believe they can gain an advantage for their faction by whining about the other factions' weapons, and whoever whines the hardest ends up with the strongest faction.
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  8. Goretzu

    There were a lot of nerf request because there was a lot of imbalance, the closer things got to balance (largely by nerfs) the less nerf issues were raises in the forum.

    Currently (or recently) the only things being asked for nerfs on are things that are/were overperforming (either in a direct 1 on 1 sense or in a factional mass use sense) - well mostly anyway there's always the odd grass is greener nerf caller who usually gets shot down pretty quickly.

    Unfortunatley no game can only buff, as you'd end up in a bizarre state of mudflation which would quickly wreck the game - nerfs are inevitable, they are part of MMO life (they are wrong sometimes, certainly, but then you've just got to try and get them repealed).
  9. Villanuk

    I do agree that some threads are valid but its getting stupid when something has been around from day one and now its OP all of a sudden.

    For Eg, .75 saga, if its that good ( debatable ) the just buff the other guns, not nerf the Orion. So buff thread not nerf thread.
  10. Alarox

    Both nerfs and buffs are necessary for a balanced game.

    Making a thread about either is fine as long as you can make a reasonable argument.
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  11. Villanuk

    But stats are not always correct, now before you think im mad, let me explain.

    Months ago someone was using stats and so i showed him the turrets from the base stats. The one faction had over a 30% better kill rate than the lower one, its the same turret but the stats showed a bizarre difference.

    I also did it with the engi's turrets and there was a huge difference ago, so while stats are there, they cannot always show the true picture.
  12. Villanuk

    I agree, but some nerf calls are based on bias and pettiness that's my point. Some nerfs are for something that has been around from day one and because a faction had there nerf, they want to nerf something that they feel threatened by. Indeed some times its justified, but nerf canister threads, thats how stupid its getting.
  13. tahn1000

    threads calling for nerfs are apparently are against the forum guidelines (listed under 'trolling') but that doesn't seem to stop anyone - for obvious reasons: it's effective.
  14. TriumphantJelly

    Thing is, the PPA was nerfed down to Canister/Maruder level, but performance within effective range for the PPA is better for the Canister it seems: The whole thing is a massive ladder, and trying to pull themselves up whenever they fall, people pull others off the rungs above.
    I don't support constant nerfs, by the way, and I think we should give the PPA time before judging whether it should be nerfed/buffed.

    Some things, however, need toning down, like the Banshees, and statistics show that Ravens/Pounders are too good at unintended roles: I would support a role readjustment on the Pounders to make them better at AV but worse at AI, and the Ravens... Well, they're kinda tricky. Too versatile? I'm not entirely sure.
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  15. Fellgnome

    Un-nerf everything that's been nerfed and see how much fun the game is.

    (Guess what, it would suck)

    There is no "nerf culture", all multiplayer games have players calling for nerfs on things that both need nerfs and things that don't. Devs are responsible for sifting through that mess and finding balance.
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  16. Villanuk

    You make a lot of sense in your post.

    The PPA like the striker needs time to see how it performs.

    The Raven, the only thing i would do is reduce it range. It good and effective but isnt that the point, things should be good?. If anything i would like to see the VS and TR maybe have something that would be as effective. I hardly die to the Raven, but they certainly are a pain in the back side, but i like the challenge against them. As a tank driver i dont fear them and i think good should not mean OP, they are not a game breaker, well for me.

    Banshee, well i dont fly that much, used it and i found it high risk high reward, but im no pilot, but at least you can counter a mossie with that, with a rocket but like i said, i didnt get on with it.

    Pounders, yes they are good against AI, but is good OP? They are slow and limited ammunition counters the benefit. One thing for sure, if the pounder got nerfed then our max would be completely pointless. We have very little to counter vehicles and against other maxes we would have zero chance. We have nothing against AI in the same way the other factions do and my point about nerfs is, if the pounders got nerfed you would need a whole lot of nerfs from the other factions, so why not buff the other factions to balance it out. Why take away something good ( and interesting like the Raven as well )when you can make somthing intresting for everyone?
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  17. CNR4806

    And yet the devs know no subtlety, resulting in the hilarious-from-Forumside but horrible-in-game situation where almost everything touched by the devs are either ridiculously overpowered or completely useless.
  18. Crator

    Tip: Ignore the threads that are obviously just post-nerf butt-hurt whining... They'll get over it and forget about it sooner or later...
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  19. NinjaKirby

    I've heard this is a good product for general deck maintenance, just thought I'd mention it since you seem to be struggling with your deck. I also cannot "un-hear" myself typing these words out now.
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  20. DatVanuMan

    People like you KNOW what is right for the game. If only 5% of Forumside was like you, nerfing would find no allies, only enemies.
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