Lasher & Jackhammer

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  1. Cryptek

    you have a chain gun :I
  2. Skadi

    It blows.
    Also i cant even call that chaingun, it has a drum and it isnt even underslung.
    For all im concerned its a Rotary Rifle.
  3. Cryptek

    If you compare it to the Jackhammer then you have no right to say that it blows :p

    as for why it's not under slung: They had to change it because you couldn't shoot over cover with it, they made the decision based on that, I'm as disappointed as the next about that of course.

    Finally: at least it's more of a chain gun, than those slow firing things strapped to the TR MAX, those things sound and act like the 1860s gatling gun :p
  4. McFatal

    Jackhammer could use some attention, the Lasher is actually good though.

    My cover is meaningless when I'm fighting a lasher :p
  5. Skadi

    Well the mercys spray bullets like theres no tomorrow so they act sorta like chainguns, and NO ONE uses the MCG with cover, i cant even see people thinking about using it with covor so theres no valid escuse not to undersling it, ontop of that all 3 of the empire weps are ****, in the intended range for the mcg your dead by time your done spinning up, the lasher is too situational and the jackhammer, well that is straight up horrid.
  6. Lucidius134

    Ageed. I got killed by the MCG a few times and was like "Damn that thing seems strong!" I ended up buying it pre-launch and ended up taking the carv over it in most situations because it was just frustrating to use. Fun to shoot ESF's with though!
  7. Cryptek

    I'm not saying I agree with their reason, I'm saying that was what they based their decision on, would be cool if you could unlock it as cosmetic at least <_<

    also Mercies fire as fast as normal cyclers (which is way slower than an LMG)... It's the onslaught that fires faster (and it's still slower than a LMG) :p

    It sounds and fires at the rate of a hand cranked Gatling gun from 1860s. Any sense of spraying bullets like there's no tomorrow comes from you dual wielding them.

    this is what TR heavy cyclers should look and sound like to be qualified as chain guns :p
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  8. videogamesaregames

    The lasher MCG and JH are all terrible. The lasher has its cool splash utility that's occasionally nice if you find a sunderer or something, but that's it.

    Range limited weapons are just bad when I can use a weapon that isn't range limited and still kill people before they have time to react. Why would I use a MCG/JH/Lasher when every LMG in the game kills in about 0.5 seconds and can engage people much further away?

    TTK is too fast to allow for the kind of weapon diversity we saw in planetside 1.
  9. Prince Planet

    This is how you play against a Lasher.

    He has you pinned behind a rock....

    Stand up... point and laugh at him whilst being tickled by the orbs

    Run a little left, run a little right and then shoot the Lasher user dead.
  10. tugernut

    the lasher is a beast against maxs
    other then that its pure garbage

    people keep saying its good for the assists and a suppression weapon , well ya for teamwork and no certs points!
  11. Emeraude

    Back in the original Planetside, my OTP of guns was the Lasher and the Lancer. This was because the Lasher was great for spraying an area, and the Lancer could do pinpoint hits- I was among the very first people to start sniping with the Lancer (which, by the way, I miss horribly as a weapon, both for being an anti-vehicular NON ROCKET weapon, and for being a great way to handle MAXes, which the original Lasher couldn't really do). These days when you pick up a Lasher you're occupying the slot you have for a ranged precision weapon, leaving your alternatives as pistol and rockets- not the best set of options here.

    The Lasher is a very functional weapon if you know what you're doing. Clearing hallways, keeping peoples' heads down, forcing the enemy to actually stay in the spawn point instead of peeking out the doors of the building, sweeping mines, positively melting MAX suits while you dance around them. However, it -does- have issues and they are damaging ones- which is why I say 'functional' and not 'good'. The travel time of the shots is intentional, so I'm not going to worry about that. However, the fact that anyone not using a sniper/scout rifle while running at you can kill you before you can kill them unless you have really good cover is crippling. From my perspective, most of this problem stems from the fact that the plasma shots it launches only explode when they directly hit something. This makes the cone of fire you generate an actual liability when facing a smaller number of targets. Even ensuring all the plasma detonates by firing at your target's feet doesn't help enough, though, so I'd say the damage needs a slight to moderate ramp-up against non-MAX infantry specifically. Providing a rocket-launcher alternative that can be used as a semi-precision weapon (like the Lancer) or sticking the Lasher in the spot usually used for an anti-vehicle weapon and allowing you to pair it with a regular Heavy Assault weapon would also help immensely, since you're no longer stuck with the options of 'This weapon that has a huge travel time', 'That weapon that has a huge travel time', and 'My silly little pistol'.

    I don't actually encounter people using the Jackhammer -EVER-, and I've only been shot with the MCG maybe three or four times in over 25 Battle Ranks, so I can't really offer anything there.
  12. Glowcat

    I'm glad that somebody else misses the lancer. The faction-unique antivehicle weapons were awesome each in their own way back in PS1. Now we all use the same dumb rocket launchers.
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  13. McFatal

    Yeah I know, going toe-to-toe against a lasher isn't too challenging. But when a lasher user flanks an unsuspecting blob of enemy's, well, he's gonna have some fun! The interesting thing is, when you get hit by the lasher you get a damage indicator that directs you towards he impact site of each orb, rather than the user firing them. Of coure, this is just a small delay before the player realizes there's huge green orbs flying in front of him, but still.
  14. Nayrx

    I thought the same thing. Theres not one of them that i would buy.
  15. JojoTheSlayer

    No one uses the JackHammer for obvious reasons.
    Its not the best shotgun and only HA can use it.

    If you want a "JackHammer" ala PS1 you would have got the Piston and if that isnt enough you can also use the Piston on all the classes. Ergo no one uses the Jackhammer.

    As NC I have seen several people using the Lasher. Its a decent spam / suppress weapon.
  16. TheEvilBlight

    I used to roll a "Long Range" character with a Bolt Driver and a Lancer in Rexo. It was fun, but dangerous since my two pistol slots had the medapp and armor-app, meaning I was defenseless...
  17. Deathcapt

    I thought that the ES HA weapons were going to go into the launcher slot, and be actually super powerful to make up for the lack of AV. So it would consume your LMG and your Launcher slot, to give you a really wicked weapon that was almost on par with MAX type damage output. Right now the common pool shotguns are better than the JAckhammer, there's literally no situation where the jackhammer is worth using, the burst fire isn't even faster than semi auto, it just saves you from clicking more often, if it had a really fast burst, maybe it would be worth it, but the automatic shotgun is better.
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  18. TheEvilBlight

    I suspect the devs got third-person jackhammered a little too often in PS1...
  19. evansra

  20. Dark-Odin

    The lasher is absolutely amazing, as with the shotgun you have to take into consideration it's limitations but I do actually run with this weapon on majority of my assaults/defences on bases/outposts infact I hardly ever pull the orion out. Underated gun and underestimated, fear it for it shall reign death upon you.