Lasher & Jackhammer

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  1. Intruder313

    And all 3 of the basic Shotguns are objectively better than the Jackhammer.

    I've trialed them and studied the data and cannot find anything to explain the Jackhammer. My best guess was that the damage was meant to be far higher than it is but it wrapped around the damage display readout and ended up lower than the basic Shotguns :)

    Still, it's more use than the Skyguard!
  2. Quor

    No it wouldn't :/

    The JH sucks, plain and simple. You're better off using anyone one of the three common pool shotguns over the JH because the common pools have the advantage of being useable by 4 out of 5 infantry classes and have much more customizability. The JH is currently a waste of time and resources for everyone but the enemy.
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  3. TheEvilBlight

    What'd they change in PS2 when it came to the Jackhammer? Range? No slugs? Low ammo?
  4. Xale

    Take sweeper. Nerf its ammo, nerf its damage, nerf its accuracy, remove slug option. Also think its fire rate is very slightly slower. Result is Jackhammer.

    It doesn't have a niche. It doesn't have any real advantages at all. Its just flat out inferior.
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  5. Quor

    All of the above.

    It has, certed, 10 shots max in the chamber, with 30 in reserve. It has worse damage per shot than the common pool shotguns, and lacks the customizing options the other shotties have (no slug ammo, no sights).

    If you want a shotgun you're better off with the Piston. Otherwise, stick with an LMG. If you want to be close-range combat then the GD-22S, Anchor or EM1 are your best bets, and won't leave you nearly as limited as if you were using a JH.
  6. Turiel =RL=

    What I don't understand is the concept behind all of these 3 weapons. So they introduce these so called legendary weapons, but make it

    a. look different
    b. totally pathetic

    What's the reasoning? I really don't get it! Do they want to make PS1 look lame or something?
  7. Inq

    As NC already have access to 3 shotguns as default and they all out perform the Jack Hammer; To make it unique I think it should have explosive shotgun rounds. So it acts like an AA-12 with HE shotgun rounds. AKA in RL

    and in as seen in hollywood

  8. Quor

    I'll be honest, I would love to be Terry Crews in game.
  9. Inq

    You could re-live that movie moment with your NC HA Jackhammer and 6 TR huddled round a capture point! :)
  10. TheEvilBlight

    Lasher looks as wonky as it did in PS1. Though the orbs are faster. It's probably the only one that improved from PS1 to PS2. The MCG looks whack.
  11. Teoke

    I'm using the Lasher as my go-to weapon now. It's really fun to use. Nothing is better to be able to hit people around corners. It really shines when you're getting spawncamped, you just fling your ticklyorbs near the corners of the spawnroom door to get those kills on the infantry who thought it was a good idea to stand right next to the door when there's MBT's aiming at the door.

    I also found another great use for it out of random chance. Its great for sweeping mines.

    My outfit and I were taking this biolab from the TR on Esamir, so as i'm walking to point B, i randomly flick a couple of orbs around corners to check for potential enemies. All of a sudden i got hitmarkers, i called it out over TS, and before i even finished speaking: *Boom* "+10 explosive kill "+10 explosive kill"

    'tis was the day when i saved the life of my squadmates.
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  12. Cryptek

    High explosive... automatic.. shotgun... IT'S A FREAKING BOLTER AND I LOVE IT!

    I am VS, I am tired of scattermaxes, but by Jove.. If we can give the NC Heavy assaults a bolter.. I'll gladly support it!
  13. Inq

    Well that was partly the idea, The "in your face" shotgun role is already taken by the Scatter Max, The NC don't need their HA's using the same tactic.

    With explosive rounds you would have a larger max range but you would also have a minimum range where you risk hurting yourself similar to the Lasher.
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  14. X3Killjaeden

    spesss mehreens! That would increase smurffactor by 1000 for any NC char.
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  15. nubery

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  16. nella

    Out of the three, I see more lashers than jackhammers and MCG. They're effective at REALLY close range and then certain situations like mentioned above. Should be even more useful with the addition of tunnels. Can't comment much on the MCG, but when it starts firing it takes down infantry quick. Could also be useful in tunnels.

    Jackhammer? It's a piece of trash and should be fixed ASAP.
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  17. Engine91

    My piston with extended clip has more killing power then my jackhammer (which has ben relegated to the sidelines and only used once.) I've seen the lasher used plenty in larger battles and the MCG after that in terms of usage (which is weird, i saw chainsguns everywhere in beta)

    The only other time i saw a jackhammer was a short period in an AMP station defense. Guy runs into a building to blast a medic that i had weakened with my Warden rifle I hear "boom boom boom" from the jackhammer but a short burst from teh medic follows after and i hear the scream of the HA...... sad really.... maybe the HA was just bad but still.... its supposed to be the biggest boomstick in terms of a shotgun but its smaller couterparts are far more powerful then it by a wide margin.

    To increase teh viability of the Jackhammer it needs a few things.

    More buckshot per blast. and enough it would blow the torso open of anyone infront of the user.
    and the ability to add explosive slug ammunition much like a bolter.

    balencing factor of the HE slugs would be at close quarters you could easily kill yourself or allies with it and medium ranges are best. plus teh explosives would not be powerful enough to hurt vehicles.
  18. Hordak

    From a NC point of View Jack Hammer is not very good and most people I talk to pick Piston because the JH falls short. It is very sad to see a Legacy type wep be so underrated-disliked.

    JH should have more options to cert into like the Piston, It's sad to see what they think of our old weps. It is clearly visable they don't want old items to be good/great.
  19. Glowcat

    Doing testing with the Lasher I've found that it requires 21 splash shots to kill somebody. This was only tested on myself, first on the floor below me and then against a wall to the same result. This is nowhere near the 75 damage listed in the spreadsheet which would be killing me in 13.3 (14) shots, but I seem to require 50% more than that. This puts the actual damage for splashes closer to 48.
  20. Skadi

    Only if TR get a Havok Bolter