Lasher & Jackhammer

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  1. Saool

    I think all the empire specific special weapons need a bit of a buff. The Jackhammer if nothing else. I would also like to see them classified as heavy weapons and assigned to slot 3 (tool slot). Thus you have a choice of weapon to take: rocket launcher or empire specific heavy weapon. You would then have the flexibility to run with a LMG/Shot gun and switch out when the right circumstances arose for your heavy gun.
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  2. HiTeHa

    I do not think JackHammer / MCG / Lasher need buffs at all. You can not compare them to LMGs or other weapons. Only you need a skills to use them ... and you will not get skills in 30 min trial...
  3. Arcanum

    Why does this community have to be full of game worshippers? In their minds it can't be there was a mistake and the Jackhammer is a broken weapon or that there is little point to the other weapons, it has to be the players' fault for not "getting" the game.
  4. Neopopulas

    I long for the day of the Lancer. The lock-on AV stuff is fine (if a little weak, distance is a HUGE thing with how slow they are), i have both of them after all. but i would love a non-lock on AV weapon that could actually HIT something.

    Plus, its a badass shoulder-mounted laser.. I want a badass shoulder-mounted laser.. I want to hammer tanks from the hilltops, as cool as those long plasma trails are, a blast of light through the sky and the boom of a tank.. I miss that.
  5. Ghoest

    Look the most clueless player in all of PS2

    Why would anyone EVER choose a jackhammer over a Piston?
  6. TheMercator

    Just tested the Jackhammer if it's really as useless as anyone says. And yes it is. The description says, that it´s famous for its incredible stopping power. So I went to fight, thinking as an weapon comparable to SPAS-12 in BF3 or L4D2. My first Target was an Light Assault, standig with his back to me. Two shots he was dead, next enemy, again a Light Assault capturing a terminal. Begun shooting on him, at the moment he recognized me-range max 5m- I died with an empty mag. Heavy Assault jumped nearly on me, killed by his LMG after hitting him at least three times. buffing the JH should be the highest priority of all balancing.
  7. MGP

  8. Arcanum

    They should give the jackhammer a minor concussion or pushback effect. I mean concussion effect as in the same thing the concussion grenades do. If that isn't game breaking of course.

    MCG should have more ammo.
  9. MooK

    Jackhammer should be a rotating triple barrel threat. It would have the capability of firing at the pace of an auto, but remains semi-automatic. Its alternative fire would be all three barrels firing (top barrel firing first, second barrels firing a half a second afterward; giving decent opponents the chance to put up a shield,) with a slight cooldown (barrels would have to fully rotate to rearm.) It needs to be able to do enough damage, with enough spread, to take down anyone within three shots, at three yards. As it stands now, even with added range, it will remain pathetic.
  10. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    They should combine the two weapons to create the Lackhammer.