LA Jump Jet Certs 100% Broken + Video Documentation

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by kersk, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. kersk

    There are a few threads in the Light Assault forum talking about how the Jump Jet ability cert upgrades are not working correctly, so I decided to record a video of me gradually dumping 800 certs into it as I ranked it up from level 2 to max level 6. After unlocking each level I demonstrate the difference in height reached and the full recharge rate.

    As you can see there is only a very small improvement between levels 2 and 3, and then an apparent *decrease* at levels 4 and 5, and then finally level 6 showing a noticeable improvement. In all cases, each unlocked level falls seriously short of what the tooltip claims. The video isn't perfect, but I think it clearly shows that the cert upgrades for this ability are bugged.

    Note: I decided to be "paranoid" by changing classes to infiltrator and back to LA after each level unlock to ensure that I equipped the latest Jump Jet ability on my character. Apologies that the video is a bit long since I fumbled around a bit with this after the first unlock. The fact that we do finally see an improvement at level 6 shows that it was updating the loadout correctly. This step was probably not needed but I wanted to be sure since I only had 1 shot at making this video.

    In addition to all of this, another bug seems to be that the height you can reach with Jump Jets appears to vary even within the same rank depending on some external factor, possibly due to client framerate or server load. A number of people have posted about this. Here is a previous video I recorded showing me reach the platform with only rank 2 Jump Jets, which I was unable to reproduce in this latest video until I unlocked rank 6 Jump Jets. Not sure what's going on with this yet. I'll try to do more testing later.

    Finally, I also wanted to mention the most serious Jump Jet bug where the entire ability can completely stop functioning altogether until you actually log out of the game and then log back in. This is a really nasty bug since it forces me to completely leave the game just to fix it. I'm not sure what causes it yet, but it seems to be related to dying as another class after using the special ability of that class and then switching back to LA when respawning. I seem to run into this the most as Heavy Assault, although I think I've seen this while switching from other classes as well.

    I hope this post helps bring some attention to these issues. Thanks!
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  2. RF404

    Excellent documentation. Now let's just hope that the devs are aware of it.
  3. KoSGunny

    As someone who's certed to level 5, i've also noticed this. There is no increase, and it's a waste of certs. This needs fixed. If the tooltip says xx% increase in fuel, then I should be able to get that much higher when flying straight up, that much farther when flying forward, etc.

    This needs fixed. It's robbed many of their certs.
  4. kersk

    Well, at least if you save up for level 6, you'll see *some* improvement for your cert investment.
  5. Monnor

    I allready got a decrase by upgrading from 2 to 3. So i can fly less high then before now....
  6. Dezrik

    Bump for good justice. But this should also be posted in the technical support forum so someone from soe will actually read this.
  7. Opapanax

    Bump for the LA homies..
  8. AccelPrime

    Bump for this to get fixed.

    Broken jump jets = broken Light Assault.
  9. Coconut

    I don't really play the LA class so actually just want to give you full credit on time and effort put in to document this.

    Good work.
  10. Suien Reizo

    After buying rank 5, I seriously felt like I somehow just wasted my certs.
  11. Leron

    +1 JJ 5 here sadly
  12. Aelloon

    It seems like the Flash racer chassis:
    no chassis max speed is 74 or 75 kph on a straight road, with racer chassis it's 78 kph.
  13. Ico

    I've noticed that this seems to be a bug with fuel consumption. Most of the time I will let my jumpack fully recharge before flying, however sometimes the moment I activate the jetpack it instantly consumes 3 fuel bars then continues as normal, on other occasions it won't do this - but either way it seriously cripples my flight time!
  14. Golden_Dem0n

    Thank god I'm not paranoid... ty for the proof, hope they fix this (as many other things, doh! :( )
  15. Noburu

    My issue isnt that its broken, its that SOE are just ignoring us all. A simple Red post saying we are aware and working on it would be comforting.
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  16. Rohan

    Bumping for justice!
  17. Kracin

    bump. i wont be buying the rest of my JJ certs until it sfixed, this is ********.. how the **** do you release something that people are expected to spend money on without spending a week testing certs to ensure they do what they are supposed to?
  18. Alexii

    Nah meng. The only thing that gets done fast and furious is forum cleanup/ thread lock. Game fixing is actual hard work. So no. No fix for u =( Its not just JP IMO. There are other abilities that have a feel of diminishing return borderlining on uselessness. =(
  19. Kracin

    like the ammo certs for max burster.... says 50% ammo added per magazine.... and bam, you get 5, FIVE extra.

    you think those ****** monkeys at SOE had time to check that? naw, they were busy running a podcast show collecting advertisement money and being doucenozzles instead of spending their time testing their game before launch
  20. Zymael

    Bump bump, annoying bug

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