Jump Jets Comparison Level 3-6

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Paqu, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. altonyc

    I couldn't tell from the video, but does the recharge speed change at least?

    And if it's a bug, it could be related to the fixing of the spontaneously not-working JJ.
  2. Paqu

    Iam not sure. If it does the difference is very small.
  3. Geomancer

    I just tested Level Two JJ and they got me to exactly the same place as the video showed.
  4. Paqu

    Yup, that was my conclusion as well when I took level 3. Didn't see any difference to level 2.
    But since I took the level 3 quite some time ago I couldn't do a comparison from level 2 all the way up to level 6.
  5. Trenyt

    Level 6 does take me about 2 ft over the lip of the warp gate air pad and I can successfully land on it. Rank's 2-5 got me to the exact same position adjacent the lip of the air pad with my head peaking just over.
  6. K3STR3L

    Me and a few friends tested this as well. We had a level 2, 3 and level 5 LA and can confirm there is no difference from level 2 and 5. I am surprised at such unprofessional behavior from SOE though. Surely they know about this issue so why has nothing been said about it on these official forums by an SOE representative? Is it that hard to say "hey guys we have no clue how to fix this yet but we are working on it" I would rather that than the coward option of hiding and pretending it isn't a issue at all.
  7. Wolfwood82

    They aren't going to comment on any bug unless it becomes a game breaking and possible exploit. This isn't game breaking or an exploit.

    As for why they haven't fixed it... Might be because of the up coming "revamp". If they plan on changing the entire JJ system around then what would be the point of wasting resources on it now?
  8. Umrtvovacz

    I have foolishly bought lvl 4 Jump Jets. When the option to buy item to refund my certs, I will use it immediately and take all the certs from totally useless upgrades to JJ and put it into C4. I will keep only lvl 2 JJ, there is no difference between lvl 2 and 4, it's wasted certs.
  9. K3STR3L

    Why would they only comment on game breaking exploits which could be abused by people and not on something so simple and straight forward as a "sorry we mucked up" comment?

    Because we the public are wasting our resources on stuff that doesn't work. You may be happy the way SOE runs things and that is fine. But some of us don't just roll over and accept the BS that is apparent with SOE and its lack of communication on such bugs/glitches.
    All I ask is that they let us know about such bugs before we waste our money/certs on such things. Is that too much to ask, a simple line that would take minutes to write.
    I have also wasted certs on the medical kits and if I had of known before hand I would of also never bought them too.

    I have spent 500+ certs so far on stuff that doesn't work, you may say it isn't game breaking but it is for me. I could of spent them certs on something useful that actually worked as intended rather than waste my time grinding for stuff I cant even use.

    All I ask for is a quick bit of communication from the devs, is that such a big deal? Considering we are spending real money and time into this game.

    Maybe you and SOE need to realise that common courtesy goes a long way.
  10. biterwylie

    Wow ok so I can confirm Jetpacks are still FUBAR!

    I got my level 6 (500certs) Jetpacks today and was very chuffed when I was able to jump onto the warpgate landing pads. Ok Brother I said, come let us test my mighty jetpack L6 V's your L3. :eek: He proceeded to land on the pad next to me :mad:

    Ok he says, let me make a new L1 character. He comes back :rolleyes: he only lands on the pad next to be again :eek: Although seems unable to repeat his first sucess again.

    So they are still screwed L6 does not give 40% more than L1. Maybe 10% more at a guess.

    If they do a cert reset token I will defo be using it to spend this elsewhere. Waste.
  11. Wolfwood82

    Ok genius, you go dig through the mountains of data they receive daily and comment on every single individual bug that they get. Then program your announcements in such a way as to notify everyone. This likely means applying sticky notes directly to the certs because not everyone (you included apparently) is smart enough to go check the forums to see if something is broken or not if they were really worried about it.

    They know that many members of this community (the forums) know about the JJ bug. Commenting on it would be redundant and pointless at this point. Most of us smart enough to have graduated KINDERGARTEN would know that the DEVs know about this bug as well.

    If your so damn brilliant about what needs to be done, why isn't your *** parked in the oval office right now? Or even in the SOE PS2 office? Are you at the very least a brilliant scientist?

    It's not game breaking, therefore is not a major threat to the player base enjoyment of the game. It barely impacts one class, that's it. I've known about the bug and I still invest certs into it, I'm less then 200 away from picking up lvl6. I'll be ready when the certs are fixed, and I don't care much if they aren't.

    Patience is a virtue, since the 6 or so people working on the game can't spare the time to comment on every little glitch in the system, you'll just have to swallow your arrogance and be patient. Or stop playing the game. Either way I'm done talking about it.
  12. DiedTrying

    I've noticed a difference at every level (I dont have level 6 yet though).

    No idea why there is a discrepancy.
  13. biterwylie

    I thought that too until I tested it. Start a new character and you will see that there is no noticeable difference.

    I don't pretend to have any idea what the hell is going on though. As the above said, I will wait until they fix it or have a cert reset, whichever comes first I guess.
  14. DiedTrying

    I tested from lvl 4 to lvl 5.

    Lvl 4, my head could almost touch landing pad

    Lvl 5, I could almost get on top of pad.
  15. K3STR3L

    All I see is pointless insults towards me. I don't respond to childish digs, good day sir and good riddance.
  16. Wolfwood82

    Awesome. Let it be known that I have shut a troll up! How many left Jinkins? 5 million? Crap.

    I honestly don't care. These forums are slowly driving me nuts with the sheer scale of ignorance and lunacy. Really, it doesn't take rocket science to realize that the DEVs are a wee bit over worked and probably under paid. I'm freaking happy the miracle of PS2 actually came true to begin with, and people like you are ******** because of a minor bug. Worse, you're ******** because they didn't "mention it" somewhere. As if they were responsible for such things. That's PR work, not directly associated with game development. They have better things to do then write out a list of all known issues, some of which you probably had no clue were issues. Unbelievable.
  17. K3STR3L

    Once again all I see is insults by a angry child who has no clue what the hell he is on about. It is easy enough to let people know and also easy enough to do. I wont explain it to you as life is too short and wasting anymore of my precious time on a kid who cant even make a post without swearing or insulting people is pointless. I have better things to do than educate you on such things.
    I shall let you carry on making a fool of yourself, carry on swearing and putting people down just because you are too young and dumb to understand how things work or can be achieved.

    The fact of the matter is it is people like you who ruin forums, with your foul mouthed stupidity and angry child mentality.
  18. haniblecter

    Apparently you don't have better things to do Mr. Typy McParagraphton.
  19. JohnnyMaverik

    There are similar issue with the heavy shields, upgrades don't actually upgrade anything, level 1 is the same as level 2, level 3 is the same as level 5.
  20. Zeekez

    I'm not sure how this happened to you, I did a guide so I did a lvl 1 vs lvl 6 test [I didn't bother with 2-5]
    lvl 1 gives you roughly a 3 second burn and takes 13 seconds to fully recharge
    lvl 6 gives you close to twice that with a 5-5.5 second burn and it only takes 10 seconds to recharge to full.

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