Join the biggest, the best and the most active: Auraxis Scavengers

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mrrobinator, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Lakora

    I just got to ask... If you're the biggest n the best... How come I've never heard of you? I'm serious tho, I didn't even know it was an outfit until just now. I always thought it was the name of the TR rocket pods or something like that... Heck even Goons got a better reputation, might be cause of confusion between Goon n Goon from Eve.

    Anyway, gratz on 800 zergers cause honestly if that's even remotely true... This is just the definition of a zergfit.

    For TR with even half a brain I'd suggest looking at BRTD or Goon for that matter.
  2. Dotz0r

    Going into outfit pub platoons and spam inviting non-outfitted members is a sure way to prove "people want to join us". Most of your zerg are probably fourth factioners / alts. To say you always have two platoons up, i am surprised at the amount of SCEV who join other outfit pubbie platoons because they are not aware they got assimilated by the SCEV borg. You cannot just brand a cow and call it your own.

    Anyways, lets stop bumping their thread - there are dozens more well deserving OUTFITS which deserve top spots.
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  3. Justicia

    I posted this before, but [SCEV] reminds me a little of the early days of [DIG]. Back in the first couple of months of the game, [DIG], under Dignity, used to mass invite anyone without an outfit. The organisation was poor, and open platoons were run by a couple of people using in-game tools only. Now, [SCEV] seems to be a similar case. A young leader (although Dignity was not as young as Robin), mass invites, poor organisation in general. Unfortunately, this is a year later in the game, meaning that the evolution of outfits shows that this way or running an outfit is not optimal.

    I understand how promoting yourself based on the number of members might look like something to be proud of. I know [DIG] definitely did. However, numbers mean nothing if there is no additional teamwork and organisation. That is where the game starts.

    I hope [SCEV] can turn it around and start to develop their outfit for the better. It is definitely possible to create something from an outfit of numbers, I speak from experience with [DIG] and [DIGT]. It does take a lot of work, let that not be misunderstood. But if you are willing, go for it.

    Finally, I'd suggest you to improve your external relations. The attitude of [SCEV] at the moment is not fruitful to the community. I'm also intrigued by your 'Amerish air immunity'. I have never heard of any VS outfit that would agree to such a deal, at least not any TVA outfit.

    In any case, I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, hopefully in a more organised manner. For any potential recruits, know what you are joining.
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  4. Bvenged

    Same for NC & NCTO. No known "ceasefires" with WASP at least, therefore no air immunity on Amerish.
  5. LordMondando

    Like I said there's a good place in the game for 'youth' outfits, which is a niche scev arguably allready fills and could fill a lot better.

    Youth outfits who act like total tools however, there is no place for.

    Problem is given scev's 'officer corp' has an issue with maturity. I don't see Scev every successfully reforming their behavior in a productive manner.
  6. ValorousBob

    Thanks man, I haven't laughed this hard in ages!

    EDIT: Just realized this part of the post is Robin talking about himself in third person.


    Although the thing about loving and hating him at the same time is surprisingly accurate.

    If Robin get's permabanned I'm quitting Planetside.
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  7. Mrrobinator

    What are these dirty peasants speaking about
    The supergod robin has not had a last warning yet.
    Go back 2 your farms and provide the glorious SCEV army with supplies
    Tactical genius and supergod ~robinhuijbregts
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  8. Kronic

    This dude ain't even trying anymore.
  9. d3adline

    Frankly, he could as well stand on the top of a mountain with his pants down showing us his **** yelling "I'm trolling you guyz!"

    At least, that's what I hope he is trying to do for both his own sake and the future of our society.
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  10. blampoet

    technically, the peasants are the masses of barely guided rif*-raf that burns everything it's pointed at... kinda like a zerg.
    so instead you might want to make threats against the aristocracy explaining to them what happens when they talk down to peasants...

    might want to tone that down... those likes you are getting... they're not laughing WITH you...

    yeah... tone it WAY down.

    btw... dont worry about this thread EVER leaving the top 3...
    one of the funniest things i've read in a while.
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  11. Company007

    Dear, Robin.

    I fell bad for players under your command. I have found a video that 90% of your members can relate to when you're Alert leading...

    Just replace "Houston" with warpgate or some other unrelated are like biolab farm or unconnected base. Also replace "This country" with this server. Thank you.

    Now please do a favor to all of auraxis and disassemble Scev. Make it easy like all other Zergfitpieceof****s by kicking everyone and then hitting leave outfit.
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  12. Nexium

    How do I get in on this Amerish Immunity? I'm fed up getting shot down by SCEV's aces.
  13. Company007

    What are these "Aces" you speak of. When i play on my NC and VS alts as a terrible pilot i can destroy most SCEV aircraft without going below 15% health.
  14. blampoet

    that's exactly the joke...
    some people simply dont know how to push sarcasm through forum messages (i am one of them... but this message has no sarcasm... lost of irony though)
  15. blampoet

    what? that's it?
    nothing more the anti-robin league has to say? maybe about the stealth tanks?

    and you robin... i'm sure you can piss them off a little more...
  16. d3adline

    What's there to say? Sneaky 60t tanks are sneaky...
  17. huller

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  18. variablez

    I was wondering but what measurement do Scev consider themselves to be the best?
  19. d3adline

    ~70% of their ~800 "outfit" "members" joined in the last 4 weeks. That's got to set some kind of record.
  20. pulse