Join the biggest, the best and the most active: Auraxis Scavengers

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mrrobinator, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Mrrobinator

    We are auraxis scavengers also known as SCEV
    We are the biggest
    We are the best

    Auraxis scavengers was made in august 2013.
    We have 800 active members ( no one is offline for more then 2 months)
    We will accpt ANYONE, age, level, race, gender, k.d EVERYONE
    Most outfits hate us, but we dont care cause we have over 2 platoons at the same time
    When we attack it is always with at least 48+

    Special ops: Stealth sniping, Stealth tanks, and more.
    Warpgate camping: drop a platoon infront hostile warpate with AA and farm hundreds of certs.
    Massive tactical teamplay: we work with over 70 people spread over multiple platoons at the same time.
    Have fun: galaxy wrestling, races and random stuff.
    A great leader: robinhuijbregts1, great sense of humor, ur gonna love and hate this guy at the same time.
    Own teamspeak server: free unlimited acces 2 our teamspeak server.
    Amerish immumity: we have deals with vanu and nc, meaning our air force is significantly less attackes on amerish.
    100% activity.

    2 join us:
    Leader: robinhuijbregts1, fighter9692, d3amonengineer.
    Platoon name: SCEV open platoon
    Or type your in game name below.

    If you want 2 hate us please mail with the subject hate.
    If you want 2 join us please maile with the subject: join.

    Thanks for reading this
    We will see you in our mighty SCEV army
  2. Bvenged

    I'd like to point out that this outfit is a TR outfit, because they didn't.

    While they are one of the biggest, they have a poor reputation on Miller and you have to ask yourself "why?".

    If you're someone who doesn't have a care in the world when playing Planetside 2, feel free to join them. Otherwise, there's better choices on TR Miller. I don't mean to be insulting to SCEV, I'm sure they have ... fun, but most other outfits on TR do so much more with so much less.
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  3. huller

    if you let SCEV shoot fish in a barrel they'd manage to miss. As big an ego as TE and nothing even remotely resembling the same competence, managing to surpass even complete uselesness due to complete incompetence. Their leader has openly admitted to stat padding (with the words "everyone does it, I just needed this one thing"), has ordered TK's on other outfit leaders purely for dissagreeing with his borderline unreasonable /orders and is currently on his last warning from the GM's before a premaban.

    And then there is this

    The TR have to put up with this on a daily basis.
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  4. MGP

    If i post what i think about SCEV as a whole and Robinhugebreasts1 in particular on this forums, i'll get banned. And i don't want that.
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  5. d3adline

    To use the words of General George S. Patton, slightly twisted but spot on.

    I would rather have a NC/VS platoon in front of me than a SCEV one behind me...
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  6. huller

    And to put it in the words of our glorious Field Marshal Buzzcut:
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  7. -Zlodey-

    Well, if "best" in feeding enemies with TONS of easy EXP - thats true:

    Main problem of SCEV - its leader.
  8. Nexium

    If I was TR I would join SCEV, these guys are wicked sick.
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  9. Handsi

    If I was hitting rock bottom after binge smoking meth for a week, I would join SCEV as the last nail in the coffin.
  10. LordMondando

    If you want to get into the MLG scene the scev-tactical division is worth a look.
  11. LordMondando

    Yes, that is what your doing.

    Hundreds of certs, thousands even, im sure.

    Its allways fun to drop a gal full of a maxes on though.
  12. Mastachief

    Truefacts. I know the last time my Scat max appeared in their midst it was owned so hard.......... no wait.... no..... that's wrong. Unorganised br1 newbies pose more of a threat.
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  13. Ac3s

    Been in SCEV for like a week when I came back to playing PS2 after a 6 month break, needless to say I had their teamspeak muted most of the time, lots of teens with uninteresting and annoying words flying about, also be prepared to listen to little boys with bad voices singing songs.
    Their leader Robin is like a grasshopper with tactics, he calls for tactic A and then demands people respawn and do a tactic B while half of the platoon is still trying to get to the destination for tactic A.
    True they have their occasional good moment, but for me personally I wanted a bit more mature people around to game with.
  14. Bvenged


    Please take consideration before joining SCEV.
    SCEV, please take this into consideration your own reputation and try to do something about it.
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  15. D3amonEngineer

    Haters keep hating but we don't care, between this arguing is people who wish 2 join us. What I think is most of them are just jealous because a 16 year old can organize his own outfit with 800 members. You all might think we are bad, but if we were really that bad why do 800 people still stay with us with growing numbers each daywe barely have any people leaving our outfit just look at the statistics and 90% of the people that did get out of the outfit were A: kicked for not listening B: kicked for being not active. We have 2 or more FULL open platoons at the same time thats over 90 people deciding 2 listen 2 scavengers/robin.

    For people who never joined us: you have no right 2 speak, you were never with us, for people who were with us: clearly you were not long enough with us. The other 10% is people who did not like us. and about the cert farm next time we do it, start recording before you strike back, so people see that we kill up to 10 people/vehicles before 1 of us dies.

    With next warpgate camp there will be video on how much we fought back and killed the enemy(during and before they started killing us). Stay tune
  16. Ulysees

    To be fair guys if this is their recruitment thread we should leave well enough alone. God knows I am more than happy for people to join SCEV so keep up the good work.
  17. Alge

    Sending mass-invites to every TR member that doesn't have a tag? Is that a skill nowadays?

    I don't just think you are bad, I've seen you guys in action. I would rather join North Korean army and say Kim-Jong is fat than join you.

    It sometimes takes few days to see that you guys are not the sharpest pen in the box...for a blind people.

    "Squad cohesion" and "listening" are two things your platoon thought was for lunch today.

    We have. We really have right to speak. You are ruining the gaming experience for all of us. Even our enemies are filing complaints that their mouse hands are sore because of farming you guys.

    Einstein just called and asked who changed the basic rules of mathematics. I answered and said that everything is still fine, you just forgot one zero before the percent sign.

    I'm an atheist but God please help now! No more videos about SKEW, my eyes are still recovering from that last surgery I had to take after watching their previous video.
  18. LordMondando

    Ok, look, just because people should actually know what they are getting themselves into.

    Prehaps this could be considered a personal attack, I consider it an me upholding my countries laws under the Trade description act 1972 and Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. Because you ain't describing your service or product accurately, you be misselling, son.

    With that proviso, lets dance shall we?

    That is such a tired trope at this point. What the **** does it even mean? Hell in my mind whenever I see this 'hatzors gannae hatzors' my mind pretty much snaps to the words 'childish' and 'asinine'. So good start as always.

    Plus in this case there really is a causal link between the presence of smoke and fire. Namely, you bring this upon yourselves.

    Where do you think 'we are the best' like statements are going to get you, when you plainly are not. Numerous outfits demostrably, perform far better in far harder situations with far less resources.

    Indeed, if you guys would just show some bloody humility and willingness to learn none of this would happen on a regular basis.

    As it stands your millers longest running joke. In that sense you do bring people together I guess.

    Yes 'organise'.

    Also 16?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN!!!!

    Because for some reason people like being in tagfits. I have never seen more than 10 scev in one place.

    Anything I could see that would indicate organisation or tatical competancy. A flanking manuver, a probe, a phased withdrawl (i.e you go away when the situation is untenable and come back at someone another way), a gal drop on target. Anything, things other outfits do on a regular basis, that indicates by the sheer movement of people on the map they are an organised force being given direction by someone with basic competency in the game mechanics and applicable tactics.... I have never seen. We have a phrase in english, 'the silence is deafening' here it is downright skull splitting. I also play the game to the point where I just barely have a functional real life. So its not that I don't have the required experience, or don't see scev tags much.

    Whats sad is you hoover up people who are new to the game and know no better, and their first introduction to the game is a organisation rivalling people fleeing a crowded threater on fire in terms of organisation (essentially a mob of people going to something). Ant colonies and sub-Saharan African militias are significantly more organised than anything i've ever seen scev do.

    For the long term 'SCEVERS' ..Prehaps this is a consequence of the fact that most outfits worth their salt have a minimum age requirement of 18. But heyho. It's a rule that makes a lot of sense.

    So maybe there's a niche for scev as a 'youth' outfit. Not enough of that. But for the love of god, please stop with the cocky ****. It's not hate thats poured upon you, its ridicule as you look ridiculous.

    Also the fact you have BRTD really pissed off and at you (and I know the officer corp of BRTD, they are ******* lovely) really speaks to the really discordant and disruptive... hell childish nature with which SCEV presents itself to the rest of the TR.

    Hell, Even when you do this ridiculous camp at the edge of the map (that your so proud of), vaguely near the warpgate ****. It's mostly randoms.

    So yeah, sign up. Get involved. Sounds like a hoot! It's certainly a hoot to fight.

    Please make it an NC warpgate, its always funny when you do that.

    I worry for the day however, when NC and VS outfits fully realise that we are essentially beating up children.
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  19. BaptistsK90

    To get this much attention they have to be doing something right, and Ulysees is right this is SCEV's recruitment thread, although by the title of this thread I'd say it's a Troll.
  20. Mrrobinator

    Great turn.up tons of mail many new members
    The forum
    Thanks for all your comments guys.
    Every comment i read make my smile bigger thank you.
    Keep it up guys

    Greetings ~Tactical genius and supergod ~robinhuijbregts1
    May your intelligence one day approach my superior intelligence.
    Written on android phone