Is there a reason to take territory anymore with the new resource system?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zukhov, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. Ash87

    I'm confused, there was a point before?
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  2. UberBonisseur

    You forgot (v), the influence system.

    The long lost Influence gameplay

    Remember, Influence ?
    The more surrounding territories you have, the faster the base is captured ?
    Turns out it is not exploited at all

    Back in beta, Facilities had multiple control points, some of them located OUTSIDE the facility.
    Unfortunately, those where placed in the satellites, far away from the actual base which left attackers no choice.
    It was an interesting concept. By controlling a great majority of surrounding territories, you could slowly but steadily capture the sieged base. You would lock defenders in until the capture process ended, but you also had to hold those adjacent territories for this plan to work.
    Now that Facilities have either a single control point or all of their control points inside (except maybe Saurva on Indar), you can't use this system anymore. It still works on most Tower outposts, but not on the biggest bases of the game.
    It's a great loss for the strategic aspect.

    Hate it as much as you like, but there was an functional siege mechanic in the Hex system.
    We're at the lowest point of PS2's depth.
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  3. Wecomeinpeace

    @Influence: The old system can be seen "in action" in this old vid from TB:

    I allways liked the old system, it was a tad confusing but original and fights weren't over in 3 minutes (5 in big bases?). It also ment attackers would try to circle the defenders and cut them off, which allways made for good flanking gameplay.
  4. Rift23

    Nope. PS2 is officially 24/7 conquest Battlefield.
  5. RobotNinja

    Um...have you been playing lately? That's exactly why they just hotfixed and raised the MAX cost so it now costs the same for a MAX as a MBT, Lib or Galaxy. Of course, SOE completely misses the point once again. The problem isn't just MAXes. The entire map is blarging with infinite tank zergs too now. But SOE has conveniently ignored that. The problem is the resource rate, not the resource costs for anything. This doesn't fix the problem. This just directly nerfs MAXes.
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  6. acksbox


    The game play has been on a downward slope since the the game was released.
  7. Xasapis

    Why am I having so much more fun with the current system though? Why it is now tons more fun to fight in a continent that is mostly controlled and occupied by the enemy empires? With the old system you had 90% of VS on Indar, 90% of TR on Ameris and 90% of NC on Esamir, doing their thing ghostcapping everything. With the changes it's actually fun to fight the ghostcappers, even if you are not part of an organised squad.

    I suppose it could be because the old system was all backwards. In my opinion, the closer you are to the warpgate, the more resources you should get, not the opposite like it was. Now that the resources come at at least a steady pace, it is infiitely more fun to figth against overwhelming numerical odds.
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  8. _itg

    Come on, you can't tell me you preferred ghost-capping continents because all the defenders logged off because they couldn't get any resources to fight back with.
  9. Midnightmare

    Since a MAX without a good pocket engi is just a bigger target for a good HA ? :p

    But yea Logistics would be nice but kinda tricky in a game were "humans" have no logistics.
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  10. DxAdder

    Hossin is worth locking but for the rest its just where to efficiently farm for certs.
  11. Astriania

    Continent locking already fixed that though. When you have 2 continents open, there has to be a proper fight on at least one of them, and if you ghostcap your way to a continent lock then you reset the territory on another so you can start again from a fair map.
  12. UberBonisseur

    Hold on a minute, we never said the old system was good, it had its fair share of problems, particularly:

    -Ghost capping
    -Resource snowballing

    But little to nothing has been done to fix those problems in the first place. Absolutely NO change was made to the Hex system between release and lattice to make ghost capping less prevalent. Basic stuff like forcing at least ONE person to stay on the control point for the duration of the capture, or even stopping the capture at 0% influence (both of which worked in beta).

    Moreover, you need to compare continents; Indar had 70 bases (not counting satellites). 70. Esamir had 35, just a half. There was a massive difference whether you played on Indar or Esamir. And keep in mind that, back in the day, it was impossible to see if a base was being captured and how much time remaining without manually hovering your cursor on the territory. Spotting ghostcappers was also a tedious task for UI reasons.

    As for the resource system, territories on Indar granted an income of 2 to 3 resources, while facilities gave you 30 resources each. Territory on Indar had very little value, which other continents had solved this problem through a better repartition of resource income.

    The Hex system definitely needed improvement, but it had potential.
    Yet, a year and a half after Lattice has been released, we're at the level 0 of strategic depth.
  13. Thardus

    Yep. Bragging rights.
  14. Crayv

    Is there a reason to win a match of TF2 or any other shooter for that matter? After you win a match it just flashes "you won" on your screen and then resets the map or loads a new map.

    Why is that people seem to have this weird expectation for this game to have some sort of permanent reward for capturing something when the fact that it is also absent from every other FPS out there? You get certs for capping a base, you can even get your outfit displayed as the ones that capped it until someone else takes it from your faction. Then when you get a cont. bonus you get a massive reduction on its related cost. What more do you want? An increase to damage and/or health?
  15. zukhov

    I get your point Crayv, but the difference between PS2 and other FPS is the persistence and scale. At the moment the only thing you need to do in PS2 is find a decent fight, nothing else going on on the map particularly matters. You can own only one hex on an entire continent and you will not be affected in any way whatsoever. The new resource system has completely taken away the strategic aspect of the game, its get nothing to do with rewards etc.
  16. VonStalin

    in this game there is only one territory worth taking - tech plants, because of MBT. Other territories has no reason if they are not helping to capture tech plant.
  17. BusterMcKnuckles

    No reason at all, hell...I don't even leave the VR training zone anymore.
  18. starlinvf

    *Rings the prize bell*

    This is pretty much it. There is no long term incentive to defend a base, because you take it back within a couple hours (zerg flow allowing). Resources never really mattered because you were already steaming rolling or being steam rolled by the other team to lead to such a situation.... the resources themselves were NOT small victories, and rarely a hindrance until you were close to being gated (when you needed them the most).
  19. irewolf

    They changed because of the incoming intercontinental lattice. There are a whole bunch of things coming that will change the game a lot. For example, once you can theoretically kick an empire off a continent and turn it in to a two way fight, bases cannot be so easy and quick to cap, but, that's just one example. Like I said, there are a lot of incoming changes and things will keep changing. It's a good thing, in the end, once it is all balanced and if enough players have been patient enough, we should end up with a deep and engrossing game.

    TL: DR These changes are for bigger changes later. Changes that will make the game deeper and more strategic.
  20. TheMish

    You know that comment was made before they increased the cost of Maxes right?

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