Is there a reason to take territory anymore with the new resource system?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zukhov, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. zukhov

    With the new resource system giving everyone constant resources even if cut off from the warp gate and only owning one hex on a continent it seems like there is very little reason to bother with territory control anymore.

    Apart from maybe trying to get your faction a tec plant there really doesn't seem to be any strategic objectives left. On the tactical level, not much point destroying an enemy tank zerg, they will just spawn another one. Even ifyour empire is getting warp gated, who cares? You lose nothing.

    Is there a reason why (presumably) only part of the new resource system got put in rather than the whole system in one go? Because they have wiped out quite aspect of the game for the foreseeable future.
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  2. Maelthra

    Sure there's a reason to take territory. That reason is: What else are you going to do?
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  3. TheMish

    I think this is just the first part. Because this one makes it significantly easier to keep spawning things.

    To be honest, I'm surprised there aren't hordes of Maxes now, barely changed. Even with no cooldowns.

    Maybe if some more logistical difficulties were added, it would be better. Like maybe AI convoys sending resources to bases that can be destroyed, and those resources are the ones that you can use to spawn things.

    I don't know, but I seriously doubt this system is complete, I think it's a start.
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  4. Tommyp2006

    Other than to move the fights around, not really. I guess if you really want that continent lock bonus that bad, but not much else otherwise.
  5. zukhov

    Why bother changing it until the entire system was ready? Was the current system causing new player heads to explode? Would adding a new system all at once be too confusing for us?

    logistics were massively simplified with the reinforcements needed/spawn point additions and now they are made completely redundant because you don't even have to worry about a warp gate link.

    Why is the strategic aspect of PS2 being eroded so much? In its current state, outside of an alert there is hardly any reason for me to care about whats happening on the map.
  6. TheBand1t

    To win the war
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  7. HadesR

    Yeah ..

    To move the TDM to another map
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  8. Obstruction

    capturing territory triggers an alert that is winnable for points, winning that alert gets a continent bonus. those alone are reasons to take and retain territory.

    as for casuals, they'll just hop in and go with the ebb and flow like always. they don't care to push territory but they'll go with you and do the killing if you can get your group to push for it.

    in a way, there's more opportunity for high-level tactical playstyles than ever. just think of it as a MOBA where filthy casuals are the creeps in the lanes, and your 12 man ultimate neckbeard squads are the hero characters doing work. retain what you take and get to 75%, get either an hour of bonuses and good fights, or they don't show up and get an easy domination at 85% with a lock bonus for the next hour or more. use that bonus to storm indar with cheap whatever.

    it's almost as if, with vehicle spam balanced against vehicle spam there's actually, finally, a metagame developing.

    as for the developers, their reasons are their own. but they are definitely taking data during this time, about how many vehicles get pulled and what people do with this much income. so what happens now, will most likely influence the final version of the system when it's all in place.

    and then another thing to think about is that they have limits to how big they want patches to be, which is nice of them.
  9. SenEvason

    Resources weren't much of a reason to take territory before. Just fight in one of the many territories that gave that resource and you had plenty to work with in very little time. The only thing worth playing for before now was the tech plants. Nothing else had strategic value. Not much has changed.
  10. zukhov

    I disagree, before you could cut off an enemy advance or warp gate them and they would be forced to respond in order to get more resources. Now they can spit out a constant stream of vehicle/air spam without another thought.
  11. Gammit

    Really, just to cap the entire continent. So from owning one hex to owning virtually all the hexes, there is currently no point.
  12. Prudentia

    You have to cap territory to force the defenders into a base that is easier to farm
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  13. lothbrook

    I think its funny people think there was a reason to take territory before, sure the Amp stations, Tech plants and Biolabs were good to take because of all the resources they gave, but i'll be damned if i'm going to give two ***** about the 5 resources i get every 5 minutes for taking Base #1249823, that will inevitably be taken back as soon as my faction focuses somewhere else, lol.

    This game has been and always will be about the farm, why do you think a full platoon will sit holding down a base against another platoon thats 4 hexes cut off from the rest of their factions territory, lol.
  14. Leftconsin

    Biolabs and Tech Plants still have their passive bonus. Unfortunately the Amp Station passive bonus is relatively awful.
  15. Pootisman

    Which never happens since the resource consolidation update. I havent seen a single continent lock since they removed the old alerts. The new alert system doesnt work at all. In my 12h playtime since the update i have seen 1 alert triggered and it ended in a draw.
  16. OldMaster80

    This is just the first pay of the revamp. Imho it was a big mistake to split it into different patches because right now all they achieved was increasing vehicles and mac spam to a level never seen before. It sucks and they must fix it before players get used to spwning vrhicles at will.
  17. The Funk

    Territory is worthless now. What little meta there was around it is gone.

    I miss alerts and continent capping.

    The game is full of unfinished projects pushed to live, don't hold your breath for more than this.
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  18. Astriania


    Taking territory was worth it for
    (i) resources (you really needed at least 1 major facility of each type and it was worth retaking e.g. Freyr to get it)
    (ii) enemy resource denial (cutting off a big slice of territory reduced their resource income considerably)
    (iii) alerts (territory control, obviously, and pushing to a facility)
    (iv) passive bonuses, but really only the tech plant is worth it

    Resource revamp killed (i) and (ii). Alert revamp killed (iii). And (iv) is marginal at best.
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  19. Jalek

    If you faction controls Esamir your vehicles cost 50% less resources?
    Isn't that what there're a dozen other threads complaining about, how fast vehicles can be respawned?
  20. zukhov

    No, Esamir helps for sure but even a just a mildly competent pilot/tanker/max can stay alive long enough to respawn any vehicle of their choice after death no matter how much territory they control or which continent they hold.