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  1. Oheck

    Well, not true. The IRNV scope doesn't share the same "wobble" mechanics as the other scopes. It does in fact stay locked steady when jumping, which should be changed to match the movement of other scopes when jumping.

    You can't compare this scope to 2x, 4x etc however because the recoil is magnified the higher the magnification. The IRNV has the same slight magnification as just using iron sights. So when comparing the 'feel' of it you really should have no scope attached.
  2. Stew360

    Your video as proove nothing because you cant even get the point

    No ones as ever said it give different stats or change the RAW data of the guns themself ;)

    No ones as said thats in here

    Ive talk about VIRTUALLY changes the accuracy and weapons handleling and It remains true

    Youve deleate my first comments on your youtube video where i was explaining thats because you try to avoid the TRUTH

    but the truth is and remain thats the INRV scope in its current states do not share the same handleling mechanics as others sigths , it can be exploits in many ways

    And it mess up the overall balance of the game

    PS: no ones as ever harrass you ive take a screen shot of the comments ive leave on your chanel ;)
  3. Xizwhoa

    Holy balls no wonder he thought you were harassing him...

    Until the VS is visible at night, this scope should remain as is/as shown. It's also the only scope that doesn't zoom in your entire screen, and has a huge loss of peripheral vision. Its strength and weakness make it the most well rounded scope. Also, if you bunny hop... **** you.
  4. {joer

    So because to you it "feels" different, they need to nerf it and its a cheat scope?

    You sir win "the prize".

  5. Loegi

    It's exactly the same as the other overlay scopes. That the other overlay scopes aren't that useful in CQC is irrelevant. It's still exactly the same. So it is true.
  6. JohnnyMaverik

    Then how come I can do what he did in that vid and get headshots?

    He does it several times in this video, stays accurate while doing it and over all, that is not the SAW I have tried to play with on my NC alt:

  7. HyperMatrix

    I'm not sure what you mean at your question that you're wondering why someone doing controlled burst shots has better accuracy than a video showing someone unloading a whole clip without stopping? Looking up the stats for the player in that video, he has lower than the average 10% headshot ratio. So I don't see anything special or out of the ordinary at all. Looks like you don't understand the reason why people use IRNV...high contrast = better visibility = easier tracking/shooting. That's in exchange for limited viewing distance. What exactly is your complaint?
  8. Stew360

    Another great exemple mate great exemple
  9. Stew360

    Whats he mean ? he mean thats buzzcut is using this (( cheated scope )) who virtually increase the accuracy and simply negate or anilated the current sigth and weapons handleling parametres

    it change everything about your guns and how you think they are suposed to react

    the guys who as posted the video understand whats mean (( virtually increase accuracy )) because the gauss saw as a pretty huge recoils and weapons handleling handicaps while used with any others scopes including ironsigths
  10. HyperMatrix

    So I want to be fully clear here....from my understanding, this is your complaint:

  11. JohnnyMaverik

    I'm referring to both recoil and ability to fire when bunny hopping, even with controlled bursts and an advanced forward grip the SAW should show more kick than that... basically no kick and I've tried it out on some of my guns, same deal, stick it on a Flare, the Flare becomes worth a damn, I don't even have to control recoil that much. As for bunny hopping, maybe it's just the advantage of being able to see where your bullets are going, but he does it and I've done it (and I'm not even that good at the game) and I can pull accurate shots when bunny hopping, the bullets do not fly all over like they do when using other scopes, or at least they certainly don't seem to.

    My issue is it definitely changes something, perhaps nothing to do with the hard weapon stats, but something to do with the visual feedback which in this game is very important. A good example is I hardly notice flinch when using that scope, no matter what gun I'm using.

    Before somebody says "but that can't be because ridiculous design oversight"... yea, as much as I like this game, there have been examples of many ridiculous design oversights, would not surprise me if it turns out it is in fact changing something to do with the way the gun handles. Certainly from my experience it changes the way the guns handle.
  12. Intruder313

    Bunnyhopping needs to be made impossibe, not just firing while bunnyhopping but bunnyhopping itself.
    The scope is fine - it lets you see Cloakers and Vanu at night (otherwise they are almost invisible, another freaking advantage they have) but knackers your ability to shoot beyond short range.
    It does it's job.
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  13. r3su

    Good, so have I.
    (^This was flagged as spam by either another user or by YouTube.)
    (^I asked you to stop after this one, stating that I would consider the rest harassment. you deleted this comment after.)
    (^After that like I had warned I, for the first time at any point during your commenting, removed all of your comments.)
    Many others including myself have agreed with you both on the video(s) and in this thread that it provides an unfair advantage because it allows people to bypass scope sway and flinch mechanics, providing a platform to exploit bunny-hopping. If you would please take a moment to read our comments or listen to our videos before commenting, or if you still disagree doing it politely, we'll be more willing to have a constructive conversation rather than dealing with you pointlessly bashing our contributions to the thread.
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  14. {joer

    Could you tell us where in this 11 minute video you are getting these head shots? I'm not watching 11 minutes of random gameplay.
  15. Travesty

    I posted asking about bunny hopping on Dec 2. Now, I get it. Night Vision scope.

    Fix the bug, stop exploiting it. And yes, exploiting a jumping while using the scope is cheating.
  16. HyperMatrix

    Take a second to review the multiple video counters posted showing that there is no difference at all in actual bullet spread. The only difference is in the visuals. ie. you see a more stable image and can track your target better, however the cone of fire and accuracy penalty and end result of the bullet spread is identical between IRNV and 1x Reflex/other scopes.

    To be clear, I hate bunny hoppers. Hell I think they should make it so you can't fire a weapon while you're jumping. To me, strafing and crouching to increase accuracy and to become a smaller target works as a better counter to jumpers.
  17. r3su

    Maybe a stamina system would be a good idea? Another bar that governs sprinting and jumping, but with some extra stamina penalties on the latter. By this I mean having a visually represented finite amount of stamina, which could also provide more options for potential CERT trees related to it.
  18. JohnnyMaverik

    1. Around 2:50 but he does it several times over the course of the video.

    2. He doesn't pull many headshots but I have using it myself and bunny hopping. However he displays an ability to remain accurate while jumping up and down that you cannot while using other scopes, and his bullets certainly don't seem to be flying all over the place like you would see doing it with other scopes. To be fair you can't really see you're bullets while doing it so that's just based on what I've experienced. It could just be an visual feedback thing, they should still look into it since in this game visual feedback is very important (Flinch, explosions setting on earthquakes etc...)

    3. This isn't me it's BuzzCutPsycho (same guy that used it to show the bunny hopping technique in the OP)
  19. XRaDiiX

    Wow that is game breaking they should nerf IR/NV i always felt it was too powerful but might abuse it now that i know it stabilizes during bunny hopping and jet packing which i do all the time.
  20. Stew360

    This explain the point and it isnt biased it show how cheated i feel this scope is while using it and how cheap it is

    The INRV do not change RAW data it (( virtually )) buff the accuracy because the scope itself do not share the same mechanics as others sigths, the visual feedbackof the inrv make it virtually more accurate
    This INRV sigth change everything in the weapons handleling , this scope dont have the same limitation as others scope and it as to be ajusted and change the roles of thats scope was basically to have a nigth vision , but rigth now it is exploited to simply buff accuracy (( virtually ))

    This is the point thats your video and others do not show i think it was misleading peoples and deviate the facts about it , the INRV is basically a cheated scope in its current states and it as to change