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  1. Vorpal

    Bunny hopping in this game is far far too effective. I know the NS scope *feels* like all my bullets are going right where I am aiming while bunny hopping.

    Frankly I would just disable all shooting entirely while jumping. Kill bunny hopping dead.

    I suppose LA could have an exemption. Lord knows the class needs some help.
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  2. HyperMatrix

    Funny you should say that. I just made a video. Uploading to youtube as we speak. Will post when it's uploaded.
  3. HyperMatrix

    For CQC IRNV is actually bad. It's the only time I wish I had reflex sight. It blocks so much of your vision that if your target goes out of your scope area, you have no idea what you're doing. The problem is that because of the high-contrast/clear visibility of IRNV along with the unintrusive crosshairs, it is the ideal scope for medium range fights, and still fairly effective close up.
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  4. HyperMatrix

    While it's hard to test accuracy while you're trying to hover with jetpacks, I tried my best. I used the 1x reflex and the irnv. And did a few runs. I don't see any significant difference outside of what may be minor increase in accuracy due to better visibility from the high contrast irnv. Take a look for yourself:

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  5. Phyr

  6. FnkyTwn

    Thats great for NC with your bigass open scopes, but Vanu tends to get little tiny circle scopes and that would suuuuuck.
    So they should reduce the size of the NC/TR scopes to be more inline with the VS and then its all evened out. :)
  7. kill

    The reason I use the IRNV a lot of the time is because the NC red dot site is AWFUL because the red dot is so huge. I would much rather have a IRNV type crosshair and 1x zoom.
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  8. Stew360

    It dont make the guns stats itself more accurate

    It simply Bypass many guns mechanics thats are aplied to ironsigths and sigths in generals

    Its basically a Weapons handleling cheat Not a stats booster
  9. Stew360

    The bypass solutions of the abusers SPAM the ( Q ) key and shoot at doritos in the black fogs , Red on black is pretty easy to see ... just saying
  10. Stew360

    Its a handleling Issue a Scopes mechanics NOT A STATS BASE accuracy bufff let make it clear here

    its whats you see and whats you feel thats is altered but , the facts is thats it remain more easy i could say Over easy to abuse and also bypass some limitations thats others scopes give you in orther to be balance this scope as to share the same mechanics

    The black out in the back ground isnt a true handicap thats can compensate because it is easy to negate all the effect of the (( black out fog )) by spamming the Q key and shoot at doritos on a black font
  11. Linedan

    The times where it's given me the most trouble (as an engineer, mostly, facing off against hopping HAs) have been outdoors, in daytime, at 20-40m. I get the drop on the HA and open up, HA turns, shields, and proceeds to Pepe Le Pew his way toward me firing the entire way and bang I'm dead because my shots quit registering as hits (whether through hitbox weirdness, my own bad aim, or both). At knife-fight range, I imagine somebody jumping doesn't need the sight so much, it's down to just spray and pray while mashing spacebar.

    I use the IR/NV at night only; I actually don't like using it in the daytime because it feels like there's an extra split-second delay in getting the gun up to ADS position when compared to a simple reflex or iron sight, and it ruins what little situational awareness I have. Now at night, it's invaluable, then again that's what it's designed for.
  12. Stew360

    No ones as complain here about its real effectiveness the tread begin with thats ;)

    the problems is that this scope as bypass on the weapons handleling mechanics

    Solutions 1 : Rebalance and modified the current INRV or
    Solutions 2 : make all scopes sharing the INRV parametres ( not the nigth vision ones ) this same (( easymode )) bypass in term of weapons handleling and recoils feel
  13. r3su

    Here's the video I promised earlier, just in case some people STILL don't get that there's no stat buff when using the HS/NV.
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  14. HyperMatrix

    Haha I like how the thread suddenly goes dead when we post our videos. Nice work btw.
  15. Tasogie

    it only matters to those who dont like diversity, I will say again, jumping up an down like a fool gets you dead, period. you have no situational awareness looking through the NVG, you cant shoot, fly,aim,snap to targets, respond in time to anything. This is a fact. There really is nothing els can be said. The COD fanatics will demand diversity be removed, an the real players will say not to. In end its down to who crys loudest to soe for their attention.
  16. Stew360

    LOL looking at the inrv scope dont break anything in your situational awareness and basically i ask to have a Inrv thats is similar to the nc square 4x scope so youll get your precious situational awareness back and youll have the nigth vision trough the scope itself

    And youll have to share the same weapons and sigth mechanics as the others sigth i mean boncing while jumping accuracy and recoils of the actual weapons etc..etc.. ;)
  17. {joer

    No, it doesn't.

    Watch the video.

  18. Stew360

    The video isnt representative of anything thats is the current problem

    The INRV virtually buff the weapons by providing a weapons handleling Bypass , anyones who use it will imediatly feel how easy it is to use and how effective it make your weapons especially to make accurate headshot and so on ;)

    the INRV do not share the others scopes mechanics only the weapons remain with the sames deffault stats , the INRV bypass the weapons handleling wich as a human factor atached to it but it is real one ;)
  19. {joer

    UGH..... here is another video.

    It will be up in about 40 mins, I'm going to bed.
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  20. Compass

    I tested the HSNV vs the 3.4x Dot Scope on my TRAC-5 S. Same recoil climb and accuracy. And certainly not perfect recoil while jumping.