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  1. SocratesEverywhere

    Sorry, SMG Infiltrators are not easy-mode. By way of comparison, Medic is much easier. It takes a lot of awareness and skill to play Infiltrator well. I'm learning a bit about it now myself. I don't think people should have to meet anyone else's standards regarding class choice.

    Why do people say things like, "I see high BR players pulling Infiltrator to take advantage of latency?" Why can't they just be doing it because they enjoy the class? Any high BR player who doesn't play Heavy or Engi is committing treason? That's silly.
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  2. Unclematos7

    Those "large concentrations" are mostly low BRs you can easily sneak up on with a SMG and farm.
  3. VSDerp

    im a smg infil. and long range. i love doing both.
  4. Campagne

    It's kinda the point of an infiltrator to not be seen.
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  5. The Shermanator

    For the same reason they took shotguns off of infiltrators in beta, SMGs on infiltrators is over the top.

    I'm all for infiltrators having more to do than snipe, but I think that should have come in the way of specialist pistols, more devices, so on and so forth. The semi-automatic scout rifle (ie Battlerifle 2.0) and automatic scout rifle were and still are more than enough close range firepower.

    I just think it's a little weird how they're planning to give the NC a shotgun pistol, which the NC infils will no doubt happily take to, when they made it a point to take shotguns off them in beta.
  6. UmbraUrsa

    Auto scout rifles ftw!!!! Smg's somewhat cheesemode.
  7. LuNaTIcFrEAk

    I am doing it lately because I ran out of LMG Auraxiums a long time ago, its just something different to work towards. I find my HA is easier for kill whoring, its a struggle not to use it.
  8. Regpuppy

    No doubt it's something to get use to doing. But I felt the same way about focusing on heavy after coming from almost 300 hours of playing LA awhile back. (I kept wanting to panic fly and parachute with the jetpack I didn't have.)

    I'm just commenting on how it's cheap from the other side of the SMG, knowing how the lag compensation in this game works. If you're aggressive and use corners/cover, you'll see a slow moving enemy before he sees you.(the lag compensation is the same reason you die behind corners) Add cloak to this and you have a decent headstart when it comes to reaction time. Often enough, you'll have started firing before you're uncloaked on his screen. This is mostly why shotguns were so hilariously broken on infiltrator early on and why we'll never see shotguns on infils.
  9. Nocturn0l

    Well this increase might have to do with the changes to cloak on low settings,

    before the changes i was mainly playing HA and had no problems tracking down infiltrators that i became aware by the cloaking sound etc. and kill them before they ambush anyone,

    now it's nearly impossible, even if they are 5 meters infront of me there is only a 30% chance i notice them!

    The only way to avoid getting ambushed by infiltrators now is joining the pack and spamming recon darts everywhere you go, so there you go
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  10. Jachim


    Nerfs for all.
  11. wolfva

    Well, let's be honest here. If you were SEEING the Infiltrators then they wouldn't be very good infs, would they? <LOL>
  12. wolfva

    You know the inf I love the most? The enemy inf who's on a hill by himself spotting targets. I'll be on my perch making headshots when I hear someone spotting multiple enemies. Check the friendly. So, I sneak around the guy and sure enough! An enemy inf just...spotting people. Knife him and I'm on my way. I have gotten so many kills that way it's rediculous. I got a double kill the other day; pair of HAs doing that. Unfortunately I didn't see the LA that came up behind ME....<sigh>.

    A lot of new players pick inf for whatever reason. The bad ones pretty quickly give up on the class because it IS a hard one to play. I have a bit of respect for the SMG infs; it takes balls to sneak into an enemy base and take people down. Me? I prefer to drop a few mines then snipe them from the hill side. Not the hill top, I ain't a noob <LOL>.
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  13. RobotNinja

    HA is the most popular class Planetside-wide hands down.
  14. Lamat

    Most infiltrators are just easy kills, like snacks between bigger meals. Then there is the rare type who knows the ins and outs of the class and how to move stealthly even without the cloak.
  15. Zazen

    It depends on the faction on Waterson.

    Vanu play HA like it's going out of style, Infil is their 2nd favorite. It's rare to see Vanu play support classes.
    TR Are about even split between HA & Infil as most favored. TR have a fair # of medics usually, support Engies are low.
    NC play medic like mad, followed by HA. NC seem to have the least amount of Infil's generally & few support Engies.

    All in all Engies that aren't just Engies to tend their vehicle are fairly rare unless it's a situation where they can farm vehicles with their AV mana turret.
  16. Divinorium

    Money. It will sell, alot, after a week or 2 they nerf it.

    It even make looks like you are new here.
  17. Liquid23

    don't need an SMG... throw on some Giraffe camo and zig-zag through the enemy front line stabbing people, it's fun as hell... and I still don't know why but it works 9 out of 10 times
  18. The Shermanator

    Not sure what you're trying to say here, but I assure you that I am not 'new.' And I am well aware of the release > sell > nerf patterns that Sony tends to follow.
  19. Divinorium

    "your post made look like you are new here". If you know the pattern why you are surprised?

    PS: remember when they said weapons you could buy were sidegrades? i want know what's the relation of Marauder X fury if not of a flat upgrade.
  20. Sen7rygun

    I normally don't play a lot of Infiltrator (check my stats) and when I do its normally for a squad support DMR role, but recently I've started playing more SMG CQC Infil just to see what the hoohaa is all about. I'll get to my recent play time as a CQC Infil in a moment, but I'll first make my obser vations of CQC Infils from the perspective of my main classes (engy, HA, medic).

    I don't die very often to CQC Infils, I play as part of a well organised squad, we're always watching each other's backs and tactical positioning is something we practice and employ. Infiltrators are squishy, I hear them coming, see the shimmer and in 90% of my CQC infil encounters I'm shooting well before they are. From the perspective of the role I usually play, there is no issue with CQC infils. They're just meat for the grinder/free exp.

    When I play my infil as a CQC dedicated PITA however, my KDR shoots up from the usual 1.5 to 2.5 to around the 6 or 7 mark. Thats a huge difference in combat efficiency. I'm not necessarily out scoring my regular engineering role due to repairs, ammo etc but when it comes to filling bad guys (because the TR are the glorious heroic master race) full of lead, the Infil is a clear winner.

    Why is this? When I'm playing Infiltrator they don't bother me. To some extent I'd rather be fighting against the weedy stick men because I know they don't have 2000hp and a missile launcher. The key difference I've noticed is the targets I pick when I'm playing as an Infil. I'm not engaging large packs of enemies, or maxes, or attempting to breach rooms on lockdown. The closest I come to a full on engagement is to throw an EMP grenade into a crowded space then pick off a few unshielded bodies before I disappear back into the background or get spotted and chased down by someone who's paying attention to whats going on around them.

    When I play a CQC Infil, I'm a lone wolf whose hunting other lone wolves. As soon as I encounter organised opposition I'm dead, but when I'm stalking lone stragglers or using the chaos of a large nearby fire fight to disguise the sound of my (absurdly loud) cloaking device and flanking wide around into enemy turf and they're all looking in the other direction I start racking up the body count.

    I think more than anything this highlights the fact that PS2 is a team game. Your survival depends heavily on what your team is doing for you as well as what you're doing for your team. Keeping your eyes peeled for things moving on the side lines is just as important as whats going down in front of you and no one has eyes in the back of their head.

    Are the people who primarily complain about the "OP" nature of CQC infils lone wolfers who are sick of getting picked off the side lines? Are they team players who got nailed in the middle of their squad in a crowded room because they got taken by surprise thinking the other 11 to 47 people with them had their back or were guarding the area?

    I agree with the general consensus that its easy pile up bodies playing CQC Infil but at the same time I rarely have trouble taking them down. See the issue? Is it really a case of "SMG Infil OP NERF NAO!", or is it more of a case of the average player just not understanding that threats don't always come from front and center of the enemy spawn point with a glowing "Here I am!" shield and a big dorito?