Infiltrators are very weak.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Malael, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Malael

    First, let me say that I am a veteran FPSer. I respect the need for balance in all aspects of a game.

    The infiltrator class is very, very difficult to play well compared to every other class. The guns are very weak and certainly need rebalancing. I'm constantly finding myself out gunned in situations that make zero sense; like getting the jump on a light assault, landing my first bolt shot in the neck then getting dropped in less than 3 sec by seemingly hip fire from ~300m. This is happening regularly with the bolts - if you don't place that shot in the head, you might as well hang it up, because hitting a moving target with the bullet physics and latency in this game is a crap shoot no matter how good you are. I picked up a semi-auto rifle and find it to be equally terrible: two head shots required for kill is understandable with a semi-auto; however, 1 head shot and 2 body shots should certainly take a target down... which it does not unless your target is already damaged; oh, and its 4-5 without a headshot. In the time that it takes to squeeze of 5 shots with the semi-auto rifles you're already dead. I have also played with the full auto rifle and find it to be a well balanced gun for the class.

    I realize the game is still very new and there is fixing to be done, but I wanted to make my opinion known. There won't be a worthy role for the reconesque class if there isn't buffs given to it.
  2. Skeith

    as much as i hate to say this

    the infiltrator is supposed to lose any straight 1v1 fight

    that's why you have your cloak

    and since the cloak is relatively easy to spot you always have to get your target by surprise by flanking them.

    try emp greandes with your auto rifle and you can send a lot of foes into a panic spree

    besides that snipe hate it or love it it's the only good thing that an infitlrator can do right now

    find a comfortable rock 2000 miles behind the enemy lines grab your 12Xscope on your bolt action and go duck hunting.
  3. Lenwe_T.

    That's exactly what I thought when first playing infiltrators. I'm a good sniper and love this pistol (It can replace an assault rifle when you are in danger), but I did not get a single kill with the auto-sniper.

    I started playing light assault, baught the 100certs-sniper and tried again:

    The auto-sniper is really ****** (OPINION), but this bolt-action rifle is just cool. I bought an x12 scope, a forward grip and instantly got over 10 kills.

    Before you judge the infiltrator class, try another sniper but I agree: It's hard to start with, even for someone who regularly plays as a sniper.

  4. Krytical

    Do not bother with the Semi-Automatic rifles/snipers, they are totally useless. Grab the SR-7/V10/LA80 and aim for headshots from 500 meters away. It's the only viable way to play infiltrator at the moment.

    Here's a list of 100 players with the top Rank/Kills:

    I went through the list last night and found a total of THREE players who had infiltrator as the most played class, out of 100 players. That should tell you the state of infiltrators at the moment.
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  5. Helwyr

    As Snipers they're not bad at all, close up the weapons and cloak option are rather lacking. It would be big improvement to just have decent pistol options, as VS the Beamer is just awful. The knife seems very unreliable, can have a still target right in front of you and it still misses sometimes. Oh and the Scout Rifles are rather lackluster as well.
  6. Apina

    I wouldnt say we are weak. Ive KDR like 3, its decent in my opinion. Dont go solo, make sure theres lots of infantry in front of you and you can do all the fun stuff. Also some "maps" theres amazing sniper opportuinities. If you can blend yourself in big infantry group, you can kill stuff faster than anyone.
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  7. zimmit_Vanu_Helios

    bro, learn to play. you might be a veteran FPSer but planetside is a cult. adapt to the playstyle.
    ******thats how all the other infiltrators failing.
    ---you gatta be straight ninja as infiltrator to be baller.

    -- i have Zero problem owning fools on my infiltrator and thats All i play..just yesterday i hit the heavy assault button but switched right back.
    -- sniping is easy. just dont try to snipe people that are running because its really hard to get em, get the people standing still, which is a Lot of people lol.
    --you're not meant to go and cap the base. stay outside. find the enemies sunderer and report the location to your squad (etc..)
    --honestly i go on like 20-30 kill streaks before even dieing and its because i sit back and snipe. and no it doesnt take me 2 hours to get those kills, more like 20 minutes.
    -- be a ninja.. did i say that already?
    -- get the laser scope for the manticore pistol.
    -- use the XM98.
    -- um...what else....
    -- learn that theres no bullet drop just bullet velocity. [ secret to sniping moving targets ;) ]
    -- do i sound like an ******* yet?
    what i do agree with is how underpowered some of our guns are. atleast as vanu infiltrator. it sucks but literally you have this thing called stealth and it Fu**s with people so hard its funny.
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  8. Bejita231

    you realize they got that score from siting in HE tanks and turtling right? obviously a spray and pray class is going to outkill a sniper in a close quarters meat grinder defense, just because sniper doesnt get as many kills as spray and pray assualt doesnt mean its weak

    you are basically whining you dont get to have everything on a sniper including the kitchen sink, stop one second and realize, you are a support class first not a combat class that is why you can hack and cloak
  9. Neoxide

    I often find myself getting a 3 shot headstart on players with my pistol however it must take 6 or 7 shots with the pistol to kill a person.. I rarely kill someone with a pistol in 1 clip unless I'm lucky enough to get straight headshots which is difficult to do at close range. The enemy usually turns around and blasts me with their assault rifle that kills me in 3-4 shots.

    Not to mention long ranged assault rifle precision can be better than many sniper rifles are. Can't line up a shot with a heavy spraying bullets that seem to have perfect accuracy regardless of distance. Also takes 2 headshots with the default VS rifle. Can't wait to get my V10 then I can just stay wayyy far back and pick people off, that's all infiltrator is good for.
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  10. Thanatar

    your best bet in cqc is to sneak up on someone, knive them and then put some bullets with your pistol into them. vanish, reprepare and repeat.
    for sniping i would always use the sr7 / la80 k/ v10
  11. Keelin

    The only thing the infiltrator is really weak at right now is infiltrating.
    As it is you're better off doing that with a light assault.
  12. ZenTao

    I am pretty sure the semi-auto sniper rifle (NC) got nerfed between beta and release ...
  13. Paulus

    Weak? i wouldn't know about that, when i had a go with infil, i got my first 8 kill streak of the game. I also found it very funny to hack terminals inside the base we were attacking. I found as long as you don't think you're some kind of ninja with 2 shot skillz and can run around handing out death on a plate, Infil is a very capable class. Snipe the defenders, spot the armour, keep the Ping bolt flashing to aid your comrades, and make a nusence of yourself inside the base by hacking stuff so your mates don't have to go back to the AMS to re-arm/ change spec. Can't kill stuff in CQC? thats fine, leave that to your HA and Max friends, be part of a unit, not a do-it-all lonewolf.
  14. Aktarus

    Really ? cloaking support your team ?
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  15. Dcrd

    To the op: You seem to be bad. All you need to kill some light assault is scope-shift-three clicks in a row with maximum speed. Watch your recoil. It'd death in less then 1 second. With bolt acion you need to get one bolt in and then proceed to kill with a pistol. If some LA can outsnipe you at long range you have a serious aiming trouble, or you don't even try to strafe.

    No he's not.

    Headshots from 500 meters away. Stationary targets only. I can do it with semi auto just as well not limiting myself into long range only, having little trouble hitting moving targets.
  16. Daejin

    The whole point of an Infiltrator is to be weak as **** in combat. However, our utility if supposed to make us a serious issue to the enemy, requiring them to pay attention to us.

    ... In time, we'll get the tools we were promised. They jus' need to get around to polishing them up and fixing them properly.

    By the way, can I get in on some kind of "Patch Preview Beta" team? I've been able to destroy the current way the game is played with my exploitive nature. I can figure out how, why and what needs to be fixed!
  17. Aktarus


    there is no infiltration at all when you camp 300 meter + out of a caping zone.
  18. Daejin

    Except I actually infiltrate. I also earn more points than everyone else because of the objectives I complete and the ammount of inftantry I kill doing them. Not to mention when I happen to hack a turret and single handedly destroy 10 tanks defending the main entry point to the base.
  19. Mansen

    You'd be surprised how much **** an infiltrator can mess up in an enemy base.
  20. Aktarus

    im BR 20 and play 90% infilt and 10% LA im fully certed as an infiltrated as i did it in ps1 wich mean i bought the stalker rifle even if he's underpowered and fully upgraded it the night and thermal scope , the X4 one , bought the rebel pistol and upgraded it with laser sight for more accuracy, got 2 betty mines etc etc everything usefull for infiltration ... and tbh we are useless in this job even certed for this playstyle any average HA or LA can easily take you down, what you try to do as infil , you could do it better as a LA.

    dude seriously im not one of your 16 yo friend who believe this kind of BS ... 10 tanks lol ... and 25 ESF with the AA turret too maybe ?

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