Infiltrators are very weak.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Malael, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Dcrd

    My post was about the fact that bolt action requires perfect ping and perfect aim to be useful for moving targets, and stationary targets can be killed with semi auto just as well.
  2. RobotNinja

    Right...but you said you could hit stationary targets at 500m. Unless there has been some new, radical change I'm not aware of infantry draw distance is only 300m. How are you hitting players at 500m? <_<
  3. Guy Montag

    I would like to see infiltrators be able to cert into C4. I think it's kind of silly that every class EXCEPT them has anti-vehicle capabilities.
  4. shinjorai

    The inf is very weak but also can be pretty powerful if you take your time and plan out your attacks.Their strength is of a different type altogether. I love infiltrator I play vanu and our weapons are so weak they pretty much shoot puppies and rainbows and i was able to do this in the video. This was from beta with whatever that sniper rifle we had was forever with the terrible triangular take forever ADS 6x scope. Terrible for CQB but i managed to do alright. Like i say i know im not great but i still have fun with it and you can cause some serious damage quick in certain sittuations. Like somebody else said its very sittuational.

    I think the point of infiltrator isnt to beat your head against the wall but to turn the enemys strengths into weaknesses, to distract and divide.So when it comes right down to it, good or bad it has nothing to even do with the weapons themselves. I guess what im getting at is their strength isnt in their martial ability but in their tactical options you dont get with the other classes.

    All that aside though the NYX scout rifle is great, if youre VS and you havent picked it up yet check it out. Favorite weapon in the game atm. That and the vx67.
  5. Dcrd

    Don't take it out of context. I've quoted a guy, who said about 500m. "If you can do it from 500m with bolt action - I can do it from 500m with semi auto". You can remove the "500m" part entirely.
  6. Wrek

    i suggest certign atrleast 2 times in nanoweave armor, 'tis really cheap.
  7. Echra

    The only time I can hit targets at 400m~ is when there aren't many things on screen. Most of the time it will just be 300m~ yes.
  8. Fafnir

    And makes literally no difference.
  9. Wrek

    but is a good start
  10. Bags

    Infil is very easy to play.
  11. Paulus

    If you're looking for things to kill stuff that involve not shooting them, you can cert Claymores. Put them in choak points and you can REALLY do some damage
  12. Malael

    I stopped reading your post at this. But thank you for the effort.

    I've been continuing to play the Infiltrator with very frustrating results. When I've had enough, I swap to a combat medic or light assault and manage a ~4:1 kdr without breaking a sweat... Maybe when the game is optimized and 40+ fps is attainable in populated areas the class will have more use; however, so will every other class.

    The only worthwhile way to play the infiltrator is to hack turrets, but that's very limited...

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