Infiltrators are very weak.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Malael, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Fafnir

    Record and post a video then, because I can't think of any "messing up" I did as infiltrator. Killing few guys in a row doesn't count.
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  2. Mansen

    1. Hack a turret and hit the enemy tanks in the back where they are the weakest (this also removes one turret from their arsenal)
    2. Hack a vehicle terminal and spawn something smack in the middle of their base (very hit and miss but a great way to get spawning up and running if your squad dropped onto an enemy tower/outpost and your beacons are down)
    3. Plant mines in corridors that are often used (This is pure speculation on my part - I'm ashamed to admit that I never got around to trying out the mines or C4 much)

    Now of course these are all timing and luck based - can't really plan around human chaos. And the fact that the cloak is underwhelming except on Low quality settings doesn't help the class either. But the possibilities are certainly there. You're not a one man army, and you never will be. Not in the same way that a combat medic or engineer can be - but you have more choices in the ways of HOW you want to approach the enemy.
  3. deusex2

    If you meant to ask did you sounded like a person who didn't knew a thing he was talking about, under those censor stars, then yes-that was exactly how you sounded, especially when you suggested to use Manticore or even worse-spend precious cert points for one of Manticore attachments.
  4. Executioner Smough

    It's gonna feel so good once Infiltrator gets a buff, and we can say "I remember when infiltrator was hard."
  5. WetPatch

    I love chasing them in my Magrider with Night Vision on, just toy with them for a bit. Block them, herd them like frightened little sheep.

    Them Kablamoo, lamb chops for tea.
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  6. Krytical

    That's exactly the problem. In its current state, infiltrators are so bad at support that you're better of playing it as a sniper and just dropping people from 500 meters away. The sad part is they're not even good as anti-infantry since like you said (and as seen in the top 100 players list), other classes are better at straight up killing.

    Medics AoE healing and rezzing everyone are a support class. Engineers dropping ammo packs and repairing heavies/vehicles are a support class. Heavy Assault taking out tanks/sunderers and deterring air strikes is support. Infiltrators sneaking around to hack terminals/turrets is crap in comparison. Well, at least infiltrators are good at killing infantry/vehicles/air, right? Wrong.
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  7. Dcrd

    Go for the crown, hack a terminal - plant 2 mines, hack again, plant more mines, repeat. Hack vehicle terminal, get sunderer, hide it, deploy. Get to the comehow hidden spot - deploy a beacon. Kill enemies, hack turrets, use turrets to destroy enemys' vehicles and infantry, while doing all this baiting enemies for yourself leaving less of them on the front. The problem is, in beta you had a shotgun to do it all, now you only have sniper rifles.
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  8. Toshogu

    "Do not bother with the Semi-Automatic rifles/snipers, they are totally useless. Grab the SR-7/V10/LA80 and aim for headshots from 500 meters away. It's the only viable way to play infiltrator at the moment. "
    How are you seeing past 300 meters?
  9. Elky

    Anyone who says infiltrator is bad, should not play an infiltrator, it's a very complex class to play correctly. Also to the person saying the semi-auto rifles are useless, should also play another class. I rarely if EVER lose a 1v1 to anything Heavy and down, WITH the semi-auto rifle. Get a compensator, a laser sight, and stealth in close then blindfire. There is no gun in the game that can outdamage the semi-auto scout rifle in close combat, especially if you aim for the head. You should always get the jump on people if playing properly. I use a 6x scope, and I can snipe Heavies in 2 headshots from decently far away. The gun's only weakness is medium range, where blindfiring isn't as effective, but you're too close for a 6x zoom. Those situations are mostly avoidable however because of your cloak, you determine when the fight is to take place. The gun has wicked vertical recoil, so without a compensator and a laser sight, it's not very practical for close combat fighting. But with those attachments, a nade, and a proximity mine, you are nearly invincible in close and long range combat-- you just have to play it correctly.
  10. hsal9


    Pubbies zerging outpost you are defending at night? Grab an infi and flank them, number of kills you get is only limited by your ammo capacity. All done with handgun + knife combo, got around 15 killstreak till I literally got bored and went engi to plant some tankmines.

    Main problem with the class IMO is lack of gun options other than snipers which are pretty much useless in 90% of cases.
  11. Aktarus

    some people knows what they are talking about here , and even if i dont share their PoV i respect them , but you, even if you usurpate a PGM name your statement are still total BS. give me your server name i'll come with a BR1 LA or HA to ruin your face again and again and again till you start to understand what we are talking about here and whats wrong with the infil.

    seriously tell me what is your server name filled with HA that never use their shields,and LA that never fly and where everyone is blind looks like i could have a ratio of 25 on it im wasting my time with my little 2 on mine where players got all 2 fonctionnal eyes and hands.
  12. RobotNinja

    Really? You guys can kill enemies 200m outside the Infantry Render distance? That is impressive.
  13. Elky

    I digress: If you're bad at this game, do not play inf or use a Nyx.
  14. TheMadCatter

    if he's the same person i'm thinking of, he's vanu on jaeger. he's very well known on our server for instantly killing people really close with one of the scout weapons. i've never seen him, but i've seen quite a few threads of people asking about his weapon/certs and how he pulls off killing people up close as an infiltrator.
  15. Aktarus

    how can you claim that anyone here is bad when you dont even know the names of the guns you are talking about and using and when you tell to peoples that they have to use the worst possible scope for a semi-auto gun if you want to infiltrate and CqC .

    you seems to be already short of arguments.
  16. Skythor

    Do you use a female model, have a skull helm, and use some form of jungle camo?
  17. Elky

  18. Pantokrator

    I make it a point of mine to always target infiltrators first when in an infantry firefight. I hate them with a passion, but then I basically always hate the sniping class in most 1st-person online shooters.
  19. Skythor

    Nah, i know who he is now i just couldnt remember his name. Almost everyone on terran knows who he is, only good inf vanu has on that server tbh.
  20. Skythor

    Im a medic on terran named Theflo, if you remember me. Saw u a lot yesterday at broken arch.

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