I think This Is A Game First Not sure.

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  1. Vetto

    Wow... I could not see myself doing that with the minigun... grats man.
  2. Bape

    Please read what you just quoted i said "No one is talking about balance here" im quoting the TR dude that is trying to say the JH is the best so i just told him and yes I know he said in a old thread he rather use a ****** gun and get good with it rather getting good with a good gun to see it later nerfed that why he has so many kills with it.
  3. Liquid23

    yes and then right before you made comments about which stat is more important and after made statements that the Jackhammer sucked compared to other shotguns... those are balance issues... therefor you were talking about balance... and so was he
  4. Bape

    Read what the OP wrote and hes the one that put the stats up.
  5. Jaes

    When running ARA ops with PG, all I ever saw from Monroe in the kill feed was the JH icon. My God man, I haven't even broken 1600 kills with any single gun in my arsenal, let alone 20k! :eek:
  6. Alarox

    Very nice, I'm extremely impressed. It would be interesting to find out what % of Jackhammer kills you have out of all those on Connery.


    Anyway, any tips for using the Jackhammer? I've trialed it and have tested it in the VR training area. The main tactic I've seen is to just get close and try to get 3 quick, accurate shots. Is there anything more to it than that?
  7. Hosp

    Munroe is officially taking a break from the game now due to IRL issues. (My guess he'll be back for Lattice). Dunno if he's still paying attention to these forums. I will contact him and see if he'll share some tips. My guess, however, would be that all his cursing(c-word) and wall punching(ADAD Macros) would be; just get in close and be accurate.

    A few of us have uncanny situational awareness. We go into an area already expecting targets to be in certain locations, and often times will survive when zerglings around us are getting picked off left and right. So a good portion of skills utilized in his getting 20k kills, are skills that can apply to any weapon. :eek:

    One final thing to note about the situational awareness...he's often leading when he's online. Which means he's not focusing purely on himself when he is. If he weren't leading our squads, he probably would've gotten these kills a maybe 4 days to a week of game time sooner.
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  8. Ghstmarauder

    When you hear him laughing as he plays, terrible things are happening.
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  9. KastianJJ

    This is most likely his laugh...
  10. VSDerp

    i get killed by that weapon so many times. just wanna break my keyboard.
  11. DaninTexas

    My new goal......
  12. MuNrOe

    Listen to this whilst playing helps allot and play aggressively.

    Play like your backed into a corner its where this gun really shines let the enemy come to you. You would be surprised how many times I I would kill someone online and within 2 seconds there mate is coming to hunt you down. This is what you want because it means they engage you on your terms.

    An example walk out and you see an enemy out of your range. Get their attentions then run to cover pretend like you havent seen them but make sure they see you. More often than not they will take the exact same path you took to try and get the jump on you. Using flash radar or timing predict when they will come around that corner and lay waste to them.

    Another tip on this gun is dont stop shooting until they are dead then move to cover and reload asap. Due to the games poor hit registration it can take on average 6-8 shots to kill an enemy so just shooting them 3 times like you do in the VR is absolute ********. (I often found myself unloading 10 shots + pistol rounds to kill certain ADAD individuals abusing flaws in the netcode). Just keep shooting untill they are dead as soon as you have killed the individual move from that position to somewhere that can get back to that position. So many times in combat the person you just killed will show up on the map and the enemy will move to that position to try and find you. You can jump these individuals also.

    The advantage of using this weapon is it forces you to close the gap between the enemy and yourself so more often than not you will surround yourself with enemy looking down the barrel at people on a hill with little to no situational awareness of whats in close. If you can close that gap you have already won half the battle.

    Just play like your using a spear and your enemy has a gun. You have to spear them before they can shoot you.


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  13. bodmans

    im not saying it is bad(ITS FRIGGIN AWESOME), but the lasher has a higher skill ceiling due to the non instakill. its more that just point and click. i plan on getting it, i trialed it a few times
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  14. MrK

    It's funny how PS2 devs try to get AWAY from PS1 legacy as much as they can.
    In PS1, Sweeper saving grace was its tighter CoF, and it was made hard to use by its lack of magazine capacity (until late game changes)
    JH had tons of kill per mag, but large spread.

    PS2 devs decided to go full 180°, and did the opposite... strange
  15. Goretzu

    The Jackhammer definately needs more ammo as default and extended.

    After that it needs some sort of other buff, be it changing alt-fire to PS1 triple shot, atl-fire slug fire mode or just a base damage buff.

    It also needs the PS1 Jackhammer sound.
  16. Hosp

    That was quite the unique and unmistakable sound.
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  17. Frotang

    Guys please, this wasn't meant to be about balance at all, this was just me creeping on Munroe's stats super hard and being in awe of how much impact one player's individual weapon stats could have on the cumulative user stats of a weapon. I decided it needed some recognition so I posted these pics along with the quote to our PG facebook page. There is no way you can possibly compare the three Heavy specific weapons for balance, they are just too different, instead just be amazed at the pure commitment and determination shown in order for a player to achieve such an amazing feat, it's truly remarkable.

    Also, the part about him leading platoon almost all the time he is online is correct, many times he'd be glued to his map planning the next move or babysitting his flash making sure the rest of the squad kept our precious radar, or /suiciding well before the battle has ended in order to quickly provide the squad a new spawn location once the battle did end. He would almost certainly have achieved this much faster had he just been a normal soldier and not a leader.
  18. HellasVagabond

    I don't know if i should be happy or sad when i see such threads.
  19. Goretzu

    Yeah, I'm amazed the didn't just copy and paste it. :confused:
  20. MuNrOe

    After a 6-7 Month Break from the game I returned. Another Milestone Reached
    Next step 40k then all the way on to 100k
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