I think This Is A Game First Not sure.

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  1. MuNrOe

    Finally after many days of punching my wall ,abusing my monitor and the devs over the poor performance of this weapon I have finally done it.
    I think this is a game first for a single weapon. Congratulations Hondadude (VANU) for being number 20thousand. Now I think its time for a well needed break from the daily grind that is PS2.

    If anyone has 20k kills with a weapon that is not a vech weapon please feel free to jump in and rain on my parade. After much experience with this weapon my overall criticism of it is. It needs more ammo in the barrel.

    PS Wisenhunt and Arc Where is my Cake ?

    To all those of you that have been on the receiving end of this weapon I am sorry but I set out to achieve this since day 1. Being a planetside 1 vet the JH had to keep its former glory and I thought this aught to be the best way for it to do so. To say that it lacks its PS1 battlefield impression is an understatement.

    The weapon as a whole is a decent weapon and situational. It however lacks that ability to mow down multiple opponents due to ammo (unlike most other HA specific weapons). So many many many reloads and running between engagements.

    To those of you (vanu) who I killed allot at the bio lab today I am sorry I don't usually play that aggressively but I needed to get that 20k kill. I am also sorry but im not hacking.

    If you want to know how to fix it devs, Change Triple shot to a 1 second long timed fire that in 1 blast delivers 3 shots and instagibs anything infront of it (Much like the lancer load up but with shotgun rounds). Also change the Max ammo to a standard 10 with 15 extended.

    I would also like to see this weapon have 3 Barrels like its original just to make it look meaty.

    Cheers guys see you all online.

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  2. HazyW

    Oh for a second I thought you had killed someone with a xyphos anti-personnel turret. That would be a first.
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  3. Beartornado

    I completely agree with you on ammo capacity. We already have high dps and 1hko shotguns, rather than make the Jackhammer a clone of those I think its niche needs to be very high ammo capacity.

    I'd honestly like to see a 12 round default with a 20 round extended mag.
  4. PGxSazBot

  5. FoeAngel

    Gratz man

    Jackhammer owns face, i dont care what anyone says about it. Only thing I wish for it is 12 rounds, 16 extended.
    Close to finishing Auraxiam with all lmgs, I will be going back to my jackhammer as a primary until they come out with more

    Let the Jackhammers roar
  6. bodmans

    wow, gratz. my total amount of kills wont even be that high... nope, i have yet to break 2,500:p

    but for real, THAT is a shotgun. try doing the same with a friggin lasher(and come back crying)
  7. Accuser

    You spent nearly 578 hours using the Jackhammer.
    You deserve a masochism award, if nothing else.
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  8. gigastar

    Two people in my outfit are working on Auraxium for the Lasher, myself included.
  9. Jeslis

    I play the babysitting sunderer engi too much to get auraxium metals... sigh...
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  10. EvilPhd

    :eek::eek: Time with weapon > 24 DAYS:eek::eek:
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  11. Ghstmarauder

    Munroe doesn't sleep, he only waits.
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  12. LonelyTerran

    And people say the jackhammer is garbage
  13. Hosp

    Only 2 speeds. Walk and Kill.
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  14. Sebyos

    The turd master !

    Lol on a more serious note this is quite good, congratulations for the achievement.

    I also thank you for giving me a nice goal, I feel like I could master a weapon rather than get a few medals on weapons I don't even like. Maybe I could aim for 10 000 with my lovely Equinox.
  15. Zorro

    The OP said so. What makes it bad is that it underperforms compared to every other shotgun, and lacks the uniqueness and room-clearing abilities the other special heavy weapons have. Personally, I wish it emitted a ton of heavy-hitting pellets over a 120-degree arc, allowing it to hit multiple enemies at once.
  16. Sturmwaffles

    It's a shotgun...how bad can it be?
  17. MuNrOe

    I always felt that the games achievements were too easy. The PS1 achievements had kills in the hundreds of thousands. Really gave people something to work towards instead of the instant gratification that PS2 gives out awards for basically anything. What was nice also was that you could wear these awards on your character.

    A nice idea would be if people could name their gun(put a name on it) at say 100k kills with the weapon. Also the ability to wear these badges on your character should be something they look at implementing.

    The jackhammer is garbage compared to the other options its the poor mans shotgun. It really needs that ammo boost that people have been asking for. I guarentee if you had one of the other high ranking players using the MCG or Lasher for the same period of time they would have had this well before me. This was just something I had to do in a hope that the devs would listen to my ideas on how to bring back the glory of this weapon (and other empire specific weapons) that actually meant something on the battlefield like they did in PS1.

    The chaingun was a beast in PS1 and the lasher used in teams made entering hallways instant death even for max's. These weapons are what really separated the empires. Teams of Jackhammer users triple shooting their way down a staircase to clear it out point blank under heavy enemy fire.

    I would really like to see this stuff come back but im afraid people will cry pay to win nerf ect ect, but seriously if these things only cost 1000 certs how hard is it.

    In all honesty the time to kill is too fast in this game and allot of it comes down to headshots (lead weapon dev is a CS player). They need to make headshots do less damage TBH and all round nerf every weapon a tiny bit so you can have decent firefights without getting instagibbed around every corner unless there is concentrated fire from a few infantry not from 1 dude hiding behind a box.

    Just take the dancing in PS1 and fun duels people had there. In this game that would be near impossible unless you were only using quick knife. Even that "quick knife" is stupid make people pull the knife out like they did in the original.
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  18. P0INTMAN

    having been on comms with this guy since he started this, i can pretty much say that there was much cursing, and much yelling of '********!'. But now when he talks about balance, you all can know he knows what he is talking about.

    Grats man.
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  19. infinite loop

    It is garbage. Munroe is just a beast, and obviously thrives while using an inferior weapon.
  20. Tasp

    If this means Munroe's gonna start using other infantry weapons I feel bad for the other factions....
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